Top 10 Best Bike Panniers to Keep Your Stuff Secure While Riding

It can be challenging to find the right equipment for long-distance touring. You require a container to store all of your critical necessities. Finding the perfect carrier that can contain your belongings and fasten your bike is crucial.

When it comes to rural travel, panniers are ideal. You won’t run out of storage space while transporting and storing your necessities. Normally, they mount either in front of or behind your wheels. Bike panniers can be tightly bolted to the bike frame.

Best Bike Panniers 2023

Finding the ideal bike pannier might be difficult due to the wide variety available. Before making a purchase, take durability, storage capacity, and adaptability into account.

Versatility gives you a variety of uses for a bag so that you can get the most out of it. Today’s bag panniers are typically convertible into a carrying bag or a shoulder bag. You can alter it to become a daily bag in addition to a touring bag.

Additionally, consider how sturdy your pannier bag is. The bag will be able to last for a long period if it is durable. It is in line with the overall quality of the equipment and the manufacturing materials.

When shopping for the ideal pannier, storage capacity is equally crucial. You must take the pannier bag’s entire storage capacity into account. It means that you can organize, secure, and keep your necessities while traveling.

Whatever brand you choose, make sure the bottom has either a solid plastic fin or a Velcro loop – these fit behind your rack and keep it from swinging around while you’re riding. If you’re only going to use one pannier, put it on the right side of your rack. If your fully loaded bike falls over, the bag will protect your expensive and fragile rear gears.

Panniers can be purchased individually or in pairs. If you only need to carry a few items, you can get by with just one. If you want to try bike touring, you’ll be surprised at how much you can pack into a pair.

Read on to learn more about the best bike panniers to buy :

BV Bicycle Bag Panniers

Key Features

  • Offers Large Storage Capacity
  • Affordable
  • Versatile
  • Can Resist Abrasion and Tear


This BV bag pannier is our top recommendation for an affordable bike pannier with functional features. You can enjoy a 26-liter large storage capacity, simple bag design, and highly versatile product for a reasonable price. It is available in two colors: solid black and grey.

This bicycle pannier bag is constructed of 600D polyester and 1000D Cordura fabric. The military-grade material used is long-lasting and resistant to abrasion and tearing. You can be confident that the product will stand the test of time. With the heavy-duty material used, you can certainly maximize the bag’s usability.

Furthermore, this bag is extremely versatile because it has a hand-carrying strap. You can use this bag as a handbag even when you are not on the road. It is the ideal product for use as a commuter bag or an everyday work bag. The pannier can hold all your necessities, such as books, water bottles, and extra clothing. Because the bag cannot hold its shape well, you must organize your belongings carefully.

Attaching the pannier bag to your bag is also simple. It features detachable and adjustable bungee hooks for securing the hold to your bag. The bungee hook on the back keeps the attachment stable and solid while you’re driving. It will keep the bag from swaying side to side as you travel through rough terrain.

Ibera IB-BA9-PAIR Bike Panniers

Key Features

  • Lightweight and Flexible
  • Quick-Release Attachment System
  • 3-Point Secure Connection
  • Multiple Compartment System


These bike panniers are made of lightweight and flexible 1680D nylon. The nylon also ensures that the bag’s overall structure can provide both durability and toughness. This item comes in pairs, allowing you to attach it to both sides of the frame.

The design is only available in solid black, with a mid-lining and logo on the front. Buckle straps can be found on both sides of the bag. To keep the main compartment secure, the straps serve as the main enclosure of the best touring panniers. The structure is strong and has a distinct triangular shape. You are confident that the bag’s 15L carrying capacity will allow you to keep your essentials well-organized.

The attachment system is impressive because it incorporates a smart-quick release clip-on system. Using the clip-on feature, you can easily mount the bag. It’s a simple attach-detach activity that will only take a few minutes of your time. This feature is dependable for bikers who are constantly on the move. It also has a three-point secure connection to keep the bag from swaying side to side as you move.

best bike panniers

Roswheel Bicycle Pannier

Key Features

  • Offers Plenty of Storage
  • Durable
  • Waterproof
  • Comes in Angled Bag Design


This Roswheel cycling pannier is an excellent option for cyclists searching for a touring backpack with lots of storage compartments. The bag is available in two colors: solid black and army green. It is made of 1000D reinforced polyester with PU coating to ensure the bag’s longevity. Additionally, you can rely on this pannier bag to be waterproof in any cycling environment.

It has a straightforward, simplistic design with the brand’s emblem printed in white. Additionally, it has an angled backpack design that gives you adequate space to cycle. Especially when you are concentrating on negotiating the road, you are confident that the luggage won’t come in your way. Additionally, the design can prevent heel striking.

The three compartments of the bag provide enough space for your belongings. With two side cube bags and a sizable detachable top compartment, it is a three-in-one pannier bag. When you are traveling for a few days, the top bag is perfect for backup storage space. With this pannier bag, there will never be a problem with running out of storage space.

ROCKBROS Bike Pannier

Key Features

  • Durable
  • Fully Waterproof
  • Offers Large Storage Capacity
  • Comes with a Three-Point Attachment System


This ROCKBROS bike pannier is a terrific option if you’re looking for a high-quality item created by a reputable company. Black and yellow are the only two solid colors offered by the item. The color options offered by this bag allow you to be either loud or quiet.

For outdoor activities, especially in areas where it rains frequently, this pannier bag is excellent. Due to its high-density 840D nylon material and premium TPU film, it is completely waterproof. Your belongings will be totally protected from moisture or severe rain with this product. It is simple to clean because you can simply wipe the dirt off the bag’s surface. You won’t have any trouble keeping the bag.

The luggage is ideal for lengthy trips. You can take all your necessities on the road with you because of its enormous 27-liter storage capacity. Your clothing, food packs, a bike repair kit, and a few additional items can fit inside. Simply place your items inside and secure the bag with a strong buckle closure.

This pannier bag is very easy to mount on your bicycle. It has a three-point attachment setup with two adjustable buckles. Just be cautious when using the buckles because they are made of less durable plastic. The bag may be adjusted to fit the bike rack.

best bike panniers

Burley Pannier Set

Key Features

  • Waterproof
  • Durable Material
  • Sleek Design
  • Versatile


With its dependable all-around performance and low price, the Burley Pannier Set represents excellent value. This model performs well in the majority of our testing metrics, ranking alongside other top performers at higher prices. It kept all our contents dry during our waterproofing test, it held up well during our durability tests, and we liked the small but mighty external access pocket.

The bags are only compatible with 10-millimeter bar racks, which is one potential disadvantage of the simple mounting design. While we were generally impressed with the ease of use and installation, we did encounter some issues when mounting this model. This may irritate those who are frequently in a hurry and use this bag for commuting. Aside from that, we liked the Burley bags because of their fun and sleek design, as well as their high-performance durability and waterproofness on all roads and in all weather conditions. The Burley set provided excellent performance and value for a pair of spacious panniers at a reasonable price.

Ortileb Back Roller Classic

Key Features

  • Large Storage Volume
  • Excellent Waterproofing
  • Simple, Secure Attachment System
  • Durable


The Ortlieb Back Roller Classic sets the standard for touring-style bike panniers with its high-quality construction, large storage capacity, and excellent weatherproofing. Its mounting system is simple to set up and includes several adjustable features to accommodate a wide range of bike rack sizes and configurations. It stays snug and secure while riding, and mounting and dismounting the bag from the rack is simple. The roll-top design allows easy access to your gear while maintaining a tight seal that keeps your load secure and well-protected from the elements.

The Back Roller Classic can carry all of your gear in any riding situation, but with its large single storage compartment, thick-coated polyester fabric, and dependable weatherproof design, it’s best suited for long-distance touring. If you want something that’s easier to carry, has a better organization for your laptop, books, or small electronics, and has a less utilitarian appearance, you might prefer one of the backpacks, urban or commuting style panniers.

best bike panniers 2023

Ankel Bug Pannier Backpack

Key Features

  • Several Pockets and Sleeves
  • Solid Mounting System
  • Large Overall Volume
  • Offers Great Storage


When it comes to hauling and organizing all of your gear on the daily commute to work or school, there is no better option than the Arkel Bug Pannier Backpack. The Bug Pack has one of the most storage volumes in a single bag in our entire lineup, as well as several internal and external pockets and sleeves for easy organization and access to your gear. It has a heavy-duty aluminum mounting system that is simple to use right away and comfortable backpack straps that can be easily stowed when not in use.

The Bug Pannier Backpack is one of the most expensive models in our lineup, and its base price does not include the optional laptop sleeve or waterproof rain cover. We rated this product with the addition of those two useful features, which would increase the costs, even more, lowering its overall value and cost-effectiveness. Aside from the price, the Bug Pack comes with everything we’d want in a commuting pannier.

Thule Shield Pannier Bag

Key Features

  • Huge Storage Volume
  • Durable and Waterproof Material
  • Simple and Classy Design
  • Easy to Use


The exceptional durability, weather protection, and enormous 50-liter combined storage volume for the pair make the Thule Shield pannier set stand out. (The Shield is available in sets of two in 13-, 17-, or 25-liter capacities. The two 25-liter packs were put to the test.) This pannier set boasts an upgraded mounting mechanism that is simple and secure, a user-friendly roll-top closure, and added features like included shoulder straps and reflective accents. Your belongings stowed inside will be safe because the tough 420-D nylon material has an IPX4 waterproof grade.

This design’s one small flaw, which is shared by most touring panniers, is the lack of several organized compartments and features. However, we think this is a reasonable trade-off for the enormous total storage volume and exceptional weather protection. The weather protection may be jeopardized by adding features like pockets and zippers, which would also increase weight and decrease storage space for larger objects. Overall, this pannier set is remarkable and well-made, making it perfect for bike touring in any weather.

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Final Words

Finding the best bike panniers can be difficult, particularly if you’ve never used one before. Depending on your primary cycling style, you will most likely have specific needs and expectations from a pannier. Whether you use it to commute, go shopping, or go camping, you will undoubtedly want to select a model with plenty of storage and organization, quality construction, and useful features. We hope our expert research helps you choose the best pannier for your next two-wheeled adventure.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is it Better to Have Panniers on the Front or Back?

Front panniers reduce clearance because they sit lower to the ground; I’ve found that the higher-sitting rear bags are much easier to squeeze between cars. You use your steering to balance from left to right at slow speeds. Your steering is light with your weight up the back, making it easier to balance your bike.

What Should I Look for in a Bike Pannier?

You should think about how much storage space you require, the type of carry system you want for the bag, and how simple or challenging it will be to mount or remove a fully laden bag from your bike if you’re shopping for a pannier for general urban or town use.

Do You Need Two Pannier Bags?

For bike touring, two panniers at the back of your bike are usually preferable. When you need to transport more than what is normally necessary for your everyday trip. The single-pannier layout better serves the commuter. If all you need to bring is a laptop, a change of clothes, and a packed lunch, for example.

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