Top 10 Best Bathroom Mirrors to Buy in 2022

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There are mirror options that can completely change your space, whether you’re remodeling an old bathroom or wish to replace your builder-grade finishes. The right bathroom mirror can split the room to create a fresh design, making the bathroom appear larger and adding storage.

Designer Mirrors are useful for doing things like putting on clothes, flossing, applying makeup, and just much anything else that involves looking in the mirror. Of course, they are required to take the ideal selfie. According to interior designers and other cool people, mirrors may also make a small place appear larger, which is why many people use them just for décor.

Best Bathroom Mirrors

Mirrors can be used in a variety of ways for interior design. It enhances the actual nature of home decor in a variety of interiors. Numerous persons we spoke to said that every room in their house contained a mirror.

The bathroom is a functional space that must meet certain requirements in order to work, but that doesn’t mean it can’t also look wonderful. The Japandi trend, which combines Scandi and Japanese design elements, is predicted to continue growing in popularity in 2022.

The natural bathroom is still in style, and there will be lots of circular mirrors—which are practically ubiquitous right now—as well as those that include the rapidly rising popularity of LED lighting and have a natural form or shape. The top 10 bathroom mirrors below are listed to provide ideas for this year’s bathroom remodel.

Pottery Barn Lindern Rectangular Mirror

Key Features

  • Rectangle Shape
  • Cleat Mount Type
  • Vertical Orientation
  • Versatile


Our best choice is this rectangular alternative from Pottery Barn since it features a slim frame, sleek lines, and unlimited versatility. It is available in two sizes, and three finishes, including traditional chrome, stylish matte black, and vintage-inspired tumbled brass, to meet various bathroom layouts and design themes.

Even though the Linden can only be hung vertically, two of them could be hung side by side in a bathroom with double vanities. Since the design is so subtle, it goes nicely with many different types of decor, particularly rustic or modern. However, if you require storage, you should search elsewhere.

This mirror has a high-strength MDF (medium-density fiberboard) backing and is constructed of steel and highly reflecting glass. It requires a cleat-style attachment and includes all the required hardware. Cleaning it is also simple. To get rid of dirt, fingerprints, and other stains, just wipe them down with a soft, wet sponge or cloth.

Other items from the Linden collection, including a faucet, towel bar, shelf, or sconce, can be used to complete your bathroom decor.

Amazon Basics Rectangular Wall Mirror

Key Features

  • Rectangular Shape
  • Sawtooth Brackets Mount Type
  • Vertical or Horizontal Orientation
  • 5 Pounds Weight


Look no further than Amazon’s selection of rectangle mirrors if you’re trying to decorate your bathroom on a tight budget. Three different sizes and frame designs are available for the Amazon Basics Rectangular Wall Mirror, including variants with wide, ornamental, and peaked trims. Six different frame colors are available, so you can choose something that complements your style. We also adore that you can further personalize your room by hanging these mirrors vertically or horizontally.

The frame is composed of plastic; that much is true. Although it might not feel as luxurious as options made of wood or metal, it will look that way. In addition, the lightweight plastic frame makes hanging it simpler. It comes with all the hanging gear and installs quickly. Another drawback is that there is a tiny gap between the mirror and the frame, which allows for the accumulation of dust, hair, and other debris over time. But using a damp cloth to wash it off and clean it is simple.

best bathroom mirrors 2022

Rejuvenation Bentwood Rounded Rectangle Mirror

Key Features

  • Rectangular Shape
  • Keyhole Mount Type
  • Vertical or Horizontal Orientation
  • 22 Pounds Weight


Consider the Rejuvenation Bentwood Mirror if it fits in your price range. Although it has a traditional rectangular design, the rounded corners give it a contemporary feel. With the accompanying keyhole mounts, this item may be hung either vertically or horizontally and is available in two sizes that fit well in medium and large bathrooms. It installs quickly, but you’ll need a stud finder to ensure it’s aligned with the studs in your wall.

The Bentwood offers a slim wood frame made of your choice of white oak, black ash, or walnut and strong brass construction. Additionally, it is made to be used in areas that are susceptible to moisture, so you won’t have to worry about shower steam and sink splashes harming the frame. Due to this, using it outdoors is a fantastic choice.

Greyleigh Needville Modern & Contemporary Accent Mirror

Key Features

  • Circle Shape
  • Bracket Mount Type
  • 6 to 40 Pounds Weight
  • Warranty Available


The circular mirror option from Grayleigh is our favorite because it’s a great way to decorate a bathroom subtly. Since all the hanging gear is included, hanging it is quite simple because you don’t need to level any square corners. Additionally, it comes in 10 sizes with diameters ranging from 18 to 48 inches, so you can pick one that fits your bathroom’s size, no matter how big or tiny.

Intentional distressing on the slender metal frame gives it a look that is vintage-inspired. Furthermore, it comes in six finishes to match the rest of your design. Although this mirror’s price is fair, remember that larger sizes cost more. In order to secure your purchase, you also have the choice of acquiring a five-year warranty.

Joss & Main McGraw Oval Metal Wall Mirror

Key Features

  • Oval Shape
  • Bracket Mount Type
  • Vertical or Horizontal Orientation
  • 16 Pounds Weight


You can choose from a matte black or tarnished gold iron frame for the McGraw Metal Wall Mirror. Our preferred oval choice is made by Joss & Main. We appreciate how the deep-set glass and banded perimeter produce a three-dimensional look. However, this impact gathers more dirt, hair, and debris on the frame compared to other options. We advise washing it down frequently with a moist cloth to fix this.

The one size of this mirror should fit in the majority of bathrooms. Additionally, you can hang it vertically or horizontally and set two side by side over two vanities. It is simple to install and comes with all the necessary hanging hardware. You can purchase a guarantee to safeguard your purchase, just like with the other choices on our list.

best bathroom mirrors in 2022

Glass Warehouse Arched Stainless Steel Wall Mirror

Key Features

  • Norman Window Shape
  • Brackets Mount Type
  • Vertical Orientation
  • 17 to 23 Pounds Weight


Try this arched mirror from Glass Warehouse if you wish to deviate from typical shapes. This design, which is also known as a Norman window, features a semi-circle on top and a squared-off bottom. There are three sizes with slightly varied proportions available. Even though it could be too big for a tiny bathroom, double vanities look amazing when it’s used in pairs. Four frame finishes are also available: white, black, satin brass, and light pink.

The MDF backing and the stainless steel frame are both made to withstand dampness. This makes it an especially versatile choice, enabling you to use it outside as well. To safeguard your purchase, you can also choose to buy a warranty.

Uttermost Alexo 28” Square Wall Mirror

Key Features

  • Square Shape
  • D-ring and J-hook Mount Type
  • 12 Pounds Weight
  • Easy to Hang


We recommend the Uttermost Alexo Wall Mirror if you seek a square mirror. We adore it for its robustness and clean, versatile appearance that works well with many different types of design. The angular lines and slim frame give off a sophisticated appearance. The square silhouette, meanwhile, is distinctive enough to draw attention without compromising timelessness or adaptability.

Unfortunately, there is only one size available. However, the mid-size design is ideal for the majority of bathroom vanities, and if you need extra coverage for a bigger bathroom, you can hang two side by side. It comes with all the hanging gear you need to install and is simple to hang.

There are three different frame options for the Uttermost Alexo Wall Mirror: brushed silver, gold, or matte black.

best bathroom mirrors

NeuType Oversized Modern Rectangular Metal Framed Bathroom Vanity Mirror

Key Features

  • Rectangular Shape
  • Floating Mount Type
  • Horizontal or Vertical Orientation
  • 30 to 52 Pounds


Searching for a large-looking glass to hang over a pair of vanities? The NeuType Oversized Bathroom Mirror is worth a look. Each of the five sizes of the rectangle shape can hang either vertically or horizontally. The majority of sizes will fit over double sinks when placed horizontally, but if you prefer a taller appearance, you could acquire two and hang them vertically. Because of its adaptability, you can use the mirror in your bedroom or walk-in closet as a floor mirror.

This mirror has a black, gold, or silver-finished rust-resistant aluminum alloy frame. Due to its size, it is heavier than the majority of other bathroom mirrors and requires two people to install it. It is, however, incredibly strong and ought to last a very long time in your house.

Signature Hardware Fleming Rectangular Lighted Frameless Mirror

Key Features

  • Rectangular Shape
  • Keyhole Mounted Type
  • 18 to 20 Pounds Weight
  • Touch Sensor


Do you want your bathroom to appear luxurious? Think about a Fleming lit mirror from Signature Hardware. This mirror boasts a touch-activated LED light with changeable color temperature and lightweight aluminum construction. The frameless design, rounded corners, and rectangular shape provide a contemporary appeal without sacrificing adaptability.

There are two sizes available, but remember that the larger size can hang only horizontally, and the smaller size can hang only vertically. However, it is resilient enough to hold up in a moist setting like your bathroom. Additionally, it necessitates expert installation by an electrician.

Kohler Single Door Reversible Hinge Frameless Mirrored Medicine Cabinet

Key Features

  • Rectangular Shape
  • Recess or Surface Mount Type
  • Vertical Orientation
  • 25 Pounds Weight


A medicine cabinet like this frameless, beveled-edge model from Kohler would also be an option. It is made of extra-durable anodized aluminum and has a coating that resists rust and chips. Two movable shelves are provided inside for all of your necessary toiletries and beauty products. Although you’ll probably need two for a larger bathroom, we appreciate how well it fits in with smaller bathrooms. Fortunately, this mirror looks fantastic over two vanities.

We like that you can reverse the door hinge for left- or right-handed orientation despite their just being one size and finish available. This mirror also comes with an installation kit and can be surface-mounted or recessed into a wall. Additionally, your purchase is covered by a one-year warranty from the manufacturer. Simply wipe it down with a moist towel to clean it.

best bathroom mirrors to buy in 2022

Final Words

The Pottery Barn Linden Rectangular Mirror is a good product overall. The high-quality, classic design’s three finishes go well with other Linden range fixtures. We suggest the Amazon Basics Rectangular Wall Mirror if you’re on a tight budget because it has a variety of frame colors and designs. And if you’re willing to spend more on something more luxurious, think about the Rejuvenation Bentwood Rounded Rectangle Mirror, which is humidity-resistant. Keep reading our blogs to check our expert reviews about different bathroom products and other gadgets.


How Do You Arrange Circle Mirrors On a Wall?

Mirrors in a circle can be set alone or in groups. To make a statement, use odd numbers and arrange them in a cluster of varying sizes. Imagine them as a gallery wall. For a unified aesthetic, try to use mirrors with similar frame designs.

How Do You Remove Glued Mirrors from a Wall?

You should first ensure you have the right safety gear and equipment before attempting to remove bonded mirrors from a wall. Use gloves and safety eyewear to protect yourself in case of glass breaks because it is so brittle. To lessen the chance of the mirror breaking, start by covering it in sturdy packing tape. Also, spread out a drop cloth on the floor. Using a shimmy or crowbar, the mirror should then be carefully pried from the wall starting from any gap.

What is the Current Trend in Bathroom Mirrors?

The circular or round mirror is by far the most popular style for bathroom mirrors. The only thing that never changes about it is its round shape; the frame design can change, LED lighting can be added or removed, and it can be small or enormous. Other trends include green, natural, or geo patterns and attractive but practical LED lighting.

Are Beveled Edge Mirrors in Style?

Beveled edge mirrors are fashionable and provide the standard advantages of a reflective surface where you can wash and shave. They also make the space look brighter and offer more reflection, improving the bathroom’s appearance.