The Dos and Don’ts of Mixing Prints

The Dos and also Do n’ts of Blending Prints

Blending prints is a fad that has been around for some time now, as well as it’s not going anywhere anytime quickly. Nonetheless, it can be a difficult style to pull off. If done wrong, it can appear like a style calamity. However if done right, it can make you stand out as well as look easily elegant. Below are some dos and do n’ts to keep in mind when mixing prints.

The Dos

Do Start Tiny

If you’re brand-new to blending prints, start little. Begin by blending two prints that are simple to set, such as red stripes as well as polka dots. Once you master it, you can begin try out bolder prints.

Do Stick to a Color Design

When blending prints, it is essential to stay with a color scheme. Pick prints that contend the very least one color alike. This will certainly help link the look with each other as well as make it look cohesive.

Do Mix Prints of Different Sizes

Mixing prints of different sizes is a wonderful way to add deepness and interest to your outfit. Match a fine print with a larger one, or mix prints of the very same dimension however in various patterns.

Do Usage Add-on to Link the Look With Each Other

Accessories can make or break a clothing, specifically when it comes to mixing prints. Use accessories to connect the look with each other. For instance, if you’re using a striped top and also flower trousers, use a belt that has both stripes and florals.

Do Experiment

Mixing prints is everything about experimenting. Don’t hesitate to try brand-new combinations and see what help you. You might be surprised at exactly how well certain prints fit.

The Do n’ts

Do Not Mix Prints That Clash

Blending prints that clash can make your clothing look disorderly as well as frustrating. Prevent coupling prints that are too similar or as well various. For example, do not mix two prints that have the same color pattern however various patterns.

Don’t Mix Prints That Are Too Hectic

Mixing prints that are too hectic can make your outfit appearance untidy and confusing. Adhere to prints that are simple as well as simple to pair. For instance, don’t mix an active floral print with an active animal print.

Do Not Mix Prints That Are Also Comparable

Mixing prints that are also comparable can make your outfit look boring and also uninspired. Select prints that have a comparison in pattern or shade. For example, don’t blend two different shades of the exact same print.

Don’t Overdo It

Blending prints is a statement on its own, so don’t overdo it. Keep the remainder of your outfit easy as well as let the prints do the talking. For example, if you’re using a published top and pants, maintain your footwear and also devices neutral.

Don’t Neglect to Examine Yourself Out

Prior to leaving your house, ensure to check yourself out in the mirror. Blending prints can be tricky, so it is essential to see to it everything looks great together. If something does not really feel right, switch it up till you find the ideal combination.


Blending prints can be a fun as well as amazing method to add some personality to your outfit. Nonetheless, it is very important to bear in mind the dos as well as do n’ts to prevent a style calamity. Beginning little, stay with a color design, mix prints of various dimensions, utilize accessories to tie the appearance together, and do not hesitate to experiment. On the various other hand, prevent blending prints that clash, are too active or too similar, exaggerating it, and forgetting to examine yourself out. With these suggestions in mind, you’ll have the ability to mix prints like a pro as well as transform heads any place you go.

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