The Dos and Don’ts of Mixing Prints and Patterns


In the realm of style and design, blending prints and also patterns is a vibrant and bold move that can either make or break your outfit. It’s a pattern that has been accepted by style fanatics, designers, as well as celebrities alike. Nevertheless, it’s not as straightforward as throwing together 2 various prints and also wishing for the best. There are specific policies and guidelines to follow to make certain that your set is posh instead of disorderly. This article will certainly provide you with the dos and do n’ts of blending prints and patterns, helping you to navigate this complicated pattern with self-confidence and also design.

The Dos of Mixing Prints and Patterns

Do Start Little

If you’re brand-new to the world of blending prints and patterns, it’s suggested to begin tiny. Begin by integrating patterned accessories into your outfit. As an example, you might match a candy striped bag with a flower gown or wear a polka dot connection with a checkered tee shirt. This will certainly enable you to get a feel for just how different patterns interact without overwhelming your look.

Do Stick to a Color Palette

Among the tricks to efficiently blending prints as well as patterns is to adhere to a natural color scheme. This will certainly help to link your attire with each other and also create a sense of harmony. Pick 2 or 3 main colors and also make certain that they exist in each of the prints that you’re mixing. This will create an aesthetically appealing balance and also avoid your attire from looking too hectic or disjointed.

Do Mix Different Scales of Prints

When mixing prints and also patterns, it is very important to differ the range of the prints. Pairing a large-scale print with a smaller one can develop a balanced and aesthetically intriguing look. For example, a big floral print gown can be coupled with a small polka dot clutch. The comparison in range will certainly stop the prints from clashing and also will certainly add deepness and dimension to your attire.

The Do n’ts of Blending Prints and Patterns

Don’t Mix Way Too Many Prints

While blending prints and also patterns can be an enjoyable and also creative method to reveal your individual design, it is necessary not to go overboard. As a general policy, attempt to adhere to two or three various prints in one outfit. Anymore than this and also your appearance might become overwhelming as well as complex to the eye.

Do Not Ignore Balance

Balance is key when it comes to mixing prints and also patterns. If you’re putting on a bold, statement print, try to balance it out with a much more restrained pattern. Similarly, if one part of your outfit features a busy print, attempt to maintain the remainder of your look fairly easy. This will certainly prevent your clothing from looking also chaotic as well as will certainly guarantee that each print has an opportunity to shine.

Do not Hesitate to Damage the Guidelines

While these guidelines can be practical, it is essential to bear in mind that style is a kind of self-expression. Don’t be afraid to break the policies and also experiment with different mixes of prints and patterns. What matters most is that you feel confident and also comfortable in your clothing. So, if you love the means two contrasting prints look with each other, go for it!


Blending prints and also patterns is a fad that’s here to stay. It’s an enjoyable and imaginative method to add interest and also personality to your clothing. Nonetheless, it’s not without its difficulties. By following these dos as well as do n’ts, you can navigate this fad with confidence as well as design. Keep in mind to start small, stay with a cohesive color scheme, as well as vary the range of your prints. Avoid blending too many prints, pursue balance, and also do not be afraid to break the rules. With a little practice, you’ll quickly be mixing prints and also patterns like a pro. Happy styling!

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