The Benefits of Standing Desks: Is it Worth the Hype?


Over the last few years, standing workdesks have come to be a prominent component in many modern-day offices. They have been hailed as a cutting edge solution to the health issue connected with long term sitting. But are standing desks really worth the buzz? This short article will certainly look into the advantages of standing workdesks and also assist you decide if it’s time to make the button.

The Health And Wellness Risks of Prolonged Resting

Prior to we explore the advantages of standing workdesks, let’s very first comprehend the health dangers connected with long term resting. Various researches have actually connected too much resting with a host of illness, consisting of excessive weight, heart problem, diabetes mellitus, and also even certain sorts of cancer cells.

Additionally, resting for extended periods can cause inadequate position, pain in the back, and also other musculoskeletal troubles. It can likewise add to mental health and wellness issues such as depression and also stress and anxiety. The lower line is that our bodies were not made for prolonged resting, as well as doing so can have significant health and wellness consequences.

The Health And Wellness Benefits of Standing Workdesks

Now, allow’s proceed to the advantages of standing desks. The most apparent benefit is that they can aid to mitigate the health and wellness risks associated with prolonged sitting. By urging you to stand even more and rest less, standing workdesks can assist to boost your physical health in several means.

To start with, standing burns much more calories than resting. While the distinction may not be substantial, it can add up with time, helping you to keep a healthy and balanced weight. Secondly, standing can help to improve your stance and minimize the threat of neck and back pain. It can additionally boost your blood circulation, which can have a favorable effect on your cardio health.

In addition to these physical wellness advantages, standing workdesks can also have a favorable influence on your mental health. Standing can aid to improve your mood and also energy degrees, and also some researches have actually also suggested that it can increase performance.

Standing Desks and also Productivity

Among the most generally pointed out advantages of standing desks is that they can enhance productivity. The concept is that standing can assist to keep you sharp and concentrated, thereby boosting your efficiency at the workplace.

While the study on this subject is still rather blended, a number of studies have actually located a favorable connection in between standing desks and also efficiency. As an example, a research study released in the British Medical Journal found that employees who utilized standing desks reported less tiredness, more involvement in their job, and also a general improvement in their performance.

Picking the Right Standing Desk

If you’re thinking about making the switch to a standing workdesk, it’s important to choose the ideal one. There are many different types of standing workdesks on the marketplace, from straightforward desktop computer converters to full-sized flexible workdesks.

When picking a standing desk, there are several elements to consider. To start with, you’ll wish to guarantee that the desk is at the ideal height for you. The desk must go to a level where your elbows go to a 90-degree angle when you’re keying. Secondly, you’ll want to ensure that the desk is sturdy and steady. Last but not least, you’ll intend to think about the looks of the desk. Besides, you’ll be spending a lot of time at this workdesk, so it’s important that it fits in with your office style.


So, are standing desks worth the buzz? Based upon the current research, the answer seems to be a definite yes. While they might not be a miracle drug for all of your health issue, standing desks can definitely help to mitigate the health and wellness dangers associated with long term resting. They can also potentially increase your performance as well as boost your mood.

Nevertheless, it is essential to keep in mind that standing throughout the day isn’t the option either. The secret is to locate a balance between resting and also standing. Consider making use of a sit-stand desk, which permits you to conveniently switch over between sitting and also standing throughout the day.

Finally, if you’re worried regarding the health and wellness threats related to extended sitting, a standing desk can be a beneficial financial investment. Simply be sure to choose the best one, as well as remember to sit down and also take a break every so often.

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