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tattoo shops in kansas city

Are you living in Kansas City? Wandering for the top-rated tattoo shops of Kansas City? Here we go.

A person’s identity can be indicated by the tattoo he or she is having on his or her skin. Having a tattoo is a lifetime thing. Once you get the tattoo then mostly it remains with you throughout its life. Better to have the tattoo done by the top ratted artists so the tattoo quality remains constant throughout the life of the tattoo and doesn’t get fade after some time.

Another reason why you should get your tattoo done from the high-rated shops is that the low-quality material can cause complexations to the skin which can lead to skin infections that go from minor to serious ones.

In this article, we have sorted out some best tattoo shops located in Kansas City. We will give you a brief detail about each of the shops.

Best tattoo shops in Kansas City:

The shops enlisted below are some top-rated tattoo shops in Kansas City.


If you are looking for a new ink done on your skin then the ink parlor can be the best bid you can go with. The ink parlor is known for its work for many years. It provides both commercial and custom-made designs to its customer.

Walkins and appointments are open 7 days a week.

The ink parlor is located in the middle of KC right on the main St.


The professional artist in the exile tattoo shop is Danny Kazantsev he is also the owner of the tattoo shop. His team is well trained in making a wide array of tattoo designs and styles.

An exile tattoo is an award-winning place. The customers are highly satisfied with the professionalism of the workers and the shop’s reasonable prices.

It is located in Kansas City.


The founder of the dragonfly tattoo studio is a native of Kansas City. His name is Troy Butner. The owner himself has experience of more than 25 years. His worker artists that are only three in number provide quality work to their customers.

It is located in Kansas City and inspected by the Kansas state board of cosmetology.


The Hand And Dagger are known for the specialty of its artists in the custom style and designs of the tattoo. The workers are so skilled that can provide any kind of inking style and design including the custom-made, Japanese, Korean, Chinese, etc. the facility, and the comfortable environment of the hand and dagger make it the customer’s first choice.

There, with the tattoo, you are also entertained with the movies, music, and more than one welcome drink.

It is located in downtown Kansas City, 3111wyandotte St.

 5. A-1 TATTOO:

The owner of the A-1 tattoo shop is named Brennen O Rourke. He is tattooing for 20 years. He masters the American traditional tattoo style, and the large-scale Japanese style of tattooing.  The A-1 tattoo shop focuses on hand-drawn, vintage, and classic-style tattoos.  The artists of the tattoo shop are well trained, knowledgeable, masters of their art, and down to earth.

The shop is located in goldstone, 6805 N Oak traffic way.


How should I choose a tattoo shop for getting my tattoo done?

Following are some important tips for choosing a tattoo shop.

  • Always go for the well reputed tattoo brand.
  • Check the authorized license of the tattoo shop.
  • Meet the professional artist of the shop and get briefings about his worker’s professionalism and knowledge.
  • Take a check of the previous work record of the tattoo artists working in the shop.
  • Take your time for selecting the best tattoo shop for you.

Who is the highest paid tattoo artist?

Don Ed Hardy is the highest paid tattoo artist. On average for an hour he will cost you 1500$. This amount can vary also depending upon the complications of the designs and things like that.

He is not only the highest paid tattoo artist in the world but he is also the richest with a net worth of 250$ million.

Why tattoos are so expensive to have?

The tattoo cost is dependent on two things, the machinery, and material used by the parlor and the reputation of the tattoo shop in the area. Most of the things used in tattoo making are disposed of by the artist after one time of use. The only thing that remains thereafter making a tattoo on your skin is its machine.

The needles, inside ink, will all get disposed of and not remain reusable by the tattoo artist on another client. If the artist does so, this will be against the hygiene practices and can cause serious skin infections to the client.

The machines that tattoo artists are using are also expensive.


Let’s end the discussion with a brief conclusion.

Kansas City is full of top-rated tattoo shops. We have listed above some of the best tattoo shops that are located In Kansas city. Every shop has its specifications and different tattoo designs and styles. Each is best in its way we cannot prefer one out of them.

You can choose one out of them depending upon your needs, tattoo specifications, and budget.

Thank you for reading this article. If you like it let us know in the comment section below. Let us know about your queries and questions also.

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