5 Best Swing Gate Openers Review and Guide

Ready to discover the best swing gate openers available right now?

There are a lot of great reasons to find this product. It provides a huge advantage. It’ll not only help with improving privacy but also protect your property from unwanted intrusion.

But is just any swing gate operator useful, or is it better to find something designed especially for this purpose?

The chances are that you may be confused by the numerous options available on the market.

Read on our swing gate opener review to explore 5 fantastic models to try for yourself.

Our Top Picks

Here is the comparison chart showing the essential specs of our reviewed five models. Check it out to compare one to another.

  • Best Single Swing: Mighty Mule MM371W: This unit is compatible with medium-duty single swing gates of 550 pounds, is 40% faster than competitors are, is highly durable, comes with CodeSafe 3-button entry or exit remote, and is backed by a 1-year manufacturer warranty.
  • Best Dual Swing Gate Opener: GC Ghost Controls TDS2: A heavy-duty gate operator that fits up to a 20 feet wide gate, has a 300 pounds maximum load capacity, is battery operated, solar optimized, compatible with different wired input devices, safe to use, and comes with gate brackets for easy installation.
  • Best for Heavy-Duty Dual Gate: Mighty Mule mm572w: The model supports up to 18 feet long gates and 850 pounds weight, is easy to operate, smart technology allows you to communicate or control your gate ½ mile from your home, is solar capable, and offers DIY-friendly installation.
  • Best for Medium Duty Dual Swing Gate: TOPENS PW502: This reliable model has a weight capacity of 550 pounds, supports gates up to 16 feet long, features 2 aluminum swing arms, is easy to install, easy to operate by connecting to an AC 110V-240V power source, and provides a long life service.
  • Best Under $500: E8 400MM: A gate opener that features a 600 pounds load capacity, comfortably handles 3 leaf gates, is strong, durable, and reliable, is solar compatible for energy saving, comes with universal brackets, a receiver with remote transmitters, and a control box.

Here are the Best Swing Gate Openers

Best Swing Gate Opener

Opening and closing is the not only function of the swing gate operator. There is much more to offer.

There are a lot of options and models out there. So, it is somewhat challenging to find the right one that will offer you the best value for your money.

If you want to buy the best one, you have to invest your time searching, researching, and comparing several models. But it would be difficult if your life is too busy.

No worry!

To make your buying process hassle-free, our team of experts has done the hard part for you.  We have identified five great options that offer several helpful features.

Read on and discover which of these models might be the right fit for you.

1. Mighty Mule MM371W (SMART)- Best Single Swing Gate Opener

Mighty Mule MM371W

If you’re looking for something smart or slightly different to operate your swing gate, the Mighty Mule MM371W gate operator is a great choice.

MM371W is the first smart DIY automatic swing gate opener in the industry. It brings unrivaled convenience and security with several smart features.

This model is compatible with medium-duty single leaf swing gates of 550 pounds maximum weight and 16 feet long. You can use it with all gate types, including chain link, tube, panel, wood, and vinyl.

The new design offers this opener greater stability for quiet and smooth performance. It’s worth noting that this opener is 40% faster than competitors while opening and closing the gate.

Conveniently, you can control and monitor your gate from 1/2 mile away from home. Thanks to the Mighty Mule smartphone app and wireless connectivity kit (sold separately).

Importantly, the included CodeSafe three-button entry or exit remote provides additional security. Moreover, it can program up to three Mighty Mule devices.

When it comes to durability, the rugged and reliable control box offers additional control board protection even in harsh environments.

MM 371 W is a favorite choice for the DIY (Do It Yourself) property owner. It comes included with all of the standard mounting hardware and improved manuals for fast and easy installation. New how-to-videos are also available online to help you complete the job on your own.

It requires a 12-volt marine or automotive type battery. But with the addition of a 10-watt  Mighty Mule solar panel (sold separately), you can make it solar capable.

Finally, it comes with a 1-year manufacturer warranty and 24/7 tech support.


  • Perfect for all single gate types
  • 40% faster opening and closing speed
  • Soft start and stop
  • Reliable and secure operation
  • Designed for easy and quick DIY installation
  • Convenient to use
  • Excellent Tech support and warranty


  • Additional purchases required for smart functionality

2. GC Ghost Controls TDS2 (T SERIES)- Best Dual Swing Gate Opener Kit

GC Ghost Controls TDS2

Next, we have this heavy-duty, automatic gate operator from GHOST CONTROLS, a well-known brand for innovative gate automation solutions.

GC Ghost Controls TDS2 is an excellent automatic gate opener system. It is the superior solution for home and property owners wishing to automate their vehicular dual swing gate.

It fits up to a 20 feet wide gate entrance and comes with 300 pounds maximum load capacity. Although it is optimized for Tube gates, it also fits any decorative, chain link, ornamental or plantation gate.

This battery-operated system requires a 12-volt deep cycle marine/auto battery or a Ghost Controls ABBT2 battery box kit (not included). AC Transformer comes included to recharge your 12-volt battery.

Of course, it is solar optimized. So, you can use it in the areas where electricity is not an option for recharging the battery.

What makes this model more convenient is its two three-button remote transmitters with a superior range of up to 1,000 feet. So, it offers a greater level of convenience if you’re in a hurry. Conveniently, you can operate up to two different GC opener with it.

What’s more, all GC gate opening systems are compatible with various wired input devices. So, you can connect the device to the GC control board inputs easily.

But no need to be worried about security. The GhostCode only allows the authorized vehicle sensors, keypads, and remote transmitters to activate your gate system. That means your gate system is safe and secure from hackers.

Another notable feature of this model is its SafeForce Technology for safe use of the gate. This feature automatically limits the amount of force that the system will exert on the moving gate’s leading edge. Thus it prevents injuries to people or animals.

Of course, Ghost Controls TDS2’s proprietary maintenance-free gearbox and motor ensures smooth and quiet operation.

The included tube gate brackets make installation of the opener onto a tubular gate a breeze. The highest quality hardware inside and out ensures lifetime performance for many years to come. Obviously, the lifetime warranty on the motor and gear assembly ensures its premium-quality.


  • Made of premium quality materials
  • Pretty long range
  • Smart compatible
  • Easy to program control panel
  • Offers maximum security and flexibility
  • Quiet and reliable operation
  • Certified to UL325 7th Edition Standard
  • ETL Listed


  • Battery and solar panel not included
  • A bit challenging to install

3. Mighty Mule MM572W 70 SERIES- Best for Heavy-duty Dual Gate

Mighty Mule MM572W

Mighty Mule MM572W is a heavy-duty, smart, dual gate operator. It makes your safety and convenience to be unrivaled.

This model works well with all types of dual swing gates, including tube, panel, hardwood, or vinyl. It supports up to 850 pounds weight and 18 feet long gates (per gate leaf).

Operation of this operator is smooth and straightforward. MM572W guarantees top-notch performance that is even 40% faster than previous models.

Smart technology allows you to control or communicate your gate from as far as 1/2 mile from your house. The MMS100 Wireless Connectivity Kit (sold separately) allows you to operate the gate anywhere using the smartphone app.

Another notable feature is it is solar capable with the addition of a 10-watt Mighty Mule solar panel.

This gate opening system comes complete with a remote with a visor clip, 12V battery, and additional backup battery box. All elements have an 18-month warranty.

MM572W is the first-ever smart gate opener system that offers DIY-friendly installation. All mounting hardware comes included with the arm to make installation hassle-free.

Moreover, helpful tools such as online how-to-videos are also available for DIY installation. Plus, the Mighty Mule technical support team is ready to take your call 24/7.


  • Designed for heavy-duty double gate types
  • Fast and easy installation
  • Smooth and secure operation
  • Soft and fast start and stop
  • Smart design; wireless-enabled
  • Solar capable (with solar panel)
  • Reliable and rugged


  • Solar panel not included

4. TOPENS PW502 Automatic Gate Opener Kit- Best for Medium Duty Dual Swing Gate


TOPENS PW502 is a cost-effective solution for all types of swing gates with dual leaf as it comes equipped with two arms. This model is also suitable for wood, vinyl, steel driveway gates that are shaped as panel, tube and chain-link.

This durable and reliable system has a weight capacity of 550- pounds and can support gates up to 16 feet long (per gate leaf). Featuring two durable aluminum swing arms and two 24V DC motors, this system brings superior performance for medium-duty gates.

Installation is quite easy with easy-to-follow DIY instructions and included full mounting hardware. The quick responsive TopensCare+ Customer Support provides you comprehensive solutions for installing or troubleshooting.

Conveniently, this model offers you two optional configurations to open inwards (pull to open) or outwards (push to open).

You can operate the system by connecting directly to an AC 110V-240V power source. Besides, a 24V 12Ah Marine/ Automotive type battery can also power this system. It also offers you the capability to go solar (solar panel need to buy separately)

TOPENS PW502 includes several smart features to ensures multiple protection and safety:

  1. There is an electromagnetism limit switch that allows easy adjustment.
  2. The soft start and stop mechanism ensures long-lasting performance.
  3. It features a built-in stop and reverses mode in case of obstruction.

But this is not the end. It offers you more.

You’ll also appreciate its 3 to 120 seconds adjustable auto-close time, and 40 seconds maximum motor running time for multiple safety protection.

This model also adds a manual release key when you lose the remote or in case of a power outage.

Most importantly, the system provides a long service life with minimum maintenance requirements.  12-month TOPENS warranty and free product return & exchange service within 30 days ensure its premium-quality.


  • Advanced and smart design
  • Easy DIY installation
  • Versatile for inward or outward configuration
  • Solar capable; low power consumption
  • Superior performance
  • Safe and highly efficient
  • Low working sound (<50dB)
  • Durable, long operating life


  • Electrical connections to the actuator are not secured with a grommet or mount.

5. E8 400MM Stainless Automatic Dual Swing Gate Opener- Best under $500

E8 400MM

E8 400MM is an excellent gate opener under 500$. It offers you great quality for an affordable price. This model is an impeccable choice for residential and commercial properties with dual swing gates.

It can comfortably handle two-leaf gates up to 13 feet long on each side, thus totaling 26 feet.  It also has 600 pounds (each leaf) load capacity. Of course, both the arms open and close very softly.

Equipped with high-quality stainless steel-made arms, E8 400MM is reliable, strong, and durable. The Screw Driven system increases reliability and safety.

With the remote function, you can control it from a long distance. Of course, two manual release keys come included to open the gate manually if a power outage or battery drain.

E8 400MM is a battery-powered model that needs at least a 12V 14AH rechargeable battery. But it requires an electric hookup to charge the battery.

There is an additional AC/DC backup system that makes the unit functional in case of power failure. It is solar compatible for energy-saving (at least 12V 20watts solar panel with a charge controller recommended).

The E8 system comes with universal brackets which is suitable for pull to open or push to open configurations. You can use the opener on farm tube, chain link, iron and aluminum gates.

The kit includes a receiver with remote transmitters in addition to the arms and control box. There is also a single 7Ah lead-acid battery and a unit transformer with 110V/16V output.


  • Strong and durable
  • Extremely quiet operation
  • Solar power source compatible
  • AC/DC with Battery Backup
  • Affordable price
  • 1 Year Manufacturer Warranty


  • No warning before the gate leaf movement
  • The control board does not support phone apps applications.

Factors to Consider When Buying a Best Opener for Swing Gate

These are the five sought–after models available right now in the market?

But how would you know which specific model is the best for your needs?

Let us help you take the pain out of choosing the right model for you!

Before you buy a gate opening system for your single or dual swing gate, there are some things to keep in mind.

The specs and features are going to determine whether or not that specific model is appropriate for your use.

Here is what you should consider:

Your Swing Gate Type

Swing gates may have a single or dual leaf. This configuration determines if you require a gate operator with one or two arms.

However, if your gate has a dual leaf, it isn’t convenient to use a single kit for each leaf. In this case, the wisest idea is to buy the best dual-gate kit, which includes two operators for both leaves but a single control box. This will save you time to activate both operators at the same time.

Gate length

Gate opening system comes with a specific length capacity that it can support. The length of your gate will guide you in choosing the right opening kit.

So, before heading online or to the market, you need to know the exact measurement of your gate. Choose a gate operator that can cope with the weight and length of your gate easily.

Gate Weight

It is another essential factor as the gate length. Gate openers are generally designed to only work for gates up to a certain weight. So, you’ll need to check how heavy your gate is.

In general, the bigger or larger the gate, the higher it is in weight. So, you need to go for a powerful gate operator for a higher-weight gate.

Literally, the weight of your gate will tell you the amount of power needed to operate the gate’s motor.

Arm Materials

The quality of the arm materials is definitively a very important matter to consider. Make sure the arm is sturdy to move the gate safely. If it isn’t strong enough to hold the weight of the leaf, it’ll surely break. Ideally, it should be weather-resistant so that it will last for many years.

Power Source

It is a crucial thing to consider for an automatic gate system. Battery-operated models also need power backup in case of a power outage. Again, if you use the system frequently, it might increase the utility bill. In this sense, a model with solar capability can be a cost-effective and safe choice to get.

Brand Reputation

Before buying, it is also wise to check the seller’s reputation and the reviews of the buyers. Don’t risk buying models from unknown brands. If many complain about the quality of the product or mounting hardware, it’s better not to buy.


The best manufacturers have trust in the quality of their products. So, they tend to offer extended warranties. A long warranty period or money-back guarantee is the indicator of a good quality product.


The price of this product depends on quality, size and weight capacity, type (single or dual), included accessories, and brand reputation. Consider your requirements and your budget.

Buying a gate operator is a long-term investment. When checking for the price of this product, verify what type of maintenance it may require. It may increase according to the brand, model, and warranty offered by the manufacturer.


Fast, quiet, high-quality, and reliable-these are the words that best describe these five best swing gate openers reviewed above.

If your gate matches any of these models, do not hesitate.

Pick the right model from our comprehensive list and add value to your property!

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