Soy wax vs Beeswax – Differences and Healthier

Most people need an aesthetic look in their homes therefore, they look for waxes which last longer and are denser. While consuming wax, they get quite confused and overwhelmed about which is better for their candles and what are the differences and similarities between the different waxes. In this article, we will guide you and introduce you to soy wax vs beeswax. Their usage, benefits, and all the pros and cons.

Soy wax vs Beeswax

What is soy wax?

Soy Wax

Soy wax is a vegetarian wax that is prepared from the raw oil of soybeans. Which is water-soluble as well. The oil used in this way is hydrogenated which later boosts the melting point in your room temperature. Therefore, your candle is going to be lit for a long time. With a fantastic aroma. Most of the consumers look for a candle that has an amazing fragrance. Soy wax is especially used for tea lights and candles for decorating in your homes and kitchens. It gives a comfy and aesthetic charming look.


It is a perfect wax for you if you’re using it for your candles and tea lights. The soy wax is also helpful for making tarts and melting wax. It is flexible and creative to use for making interesting shapes. You can also blend it with different waxes as well. Most people are complaining about headaches which other candle scents cause them, common waxes are also made with artificial chemicals which cause migraine. But this is made with all-natural petroleums which gives a nice aroma. After burning it gives a cleaner surface and makes your environment friendly. As you see your wax pours, wash it with soap and hot water.


  • Long-lasting:

As their melting point is low so they burn slowly and are meant to be long lasting. Because of the low heat, the fragrance of the wax also lasts longer. It is made with all-natural materials and premium quality. After burning leaves a clean surface.

  • Easy to clean:

The wax becomes soft at a low temperature because of its low melting point. As the wax pours you can use hot water and soap for cleaning rather than using harmful chemicals. So this turns out to be an easy feature of this wax that is handy and can be washed in a dishwasher as well.

  • Burn neatly and cleanly:

It leaves no smoke in the environment because of its low temperature. On the other hand, it gives you a fresh scent. Anyone who is allergic to other candle smoke can easily spend their time in the environment as soy wax makes your environment friendly with fresh and chemical-free air.


  • Environmental friendly.
  • No harmful chemicals are used.
  • Easy to clean.
  • Long-lasting.
  • Not very expensive.
  • Gives an amazing fragrance.
  • Leaves no smoke in the environment.
  • Water-soluble.


  • It might become a fuss in humidity.
  • Will become shrunk in cool temperatures.
  • Might create frost marks in candles.
  • Not suitable for pillar candles.

What is beeswax?


Beeswax is made from honeybees which play an important role in our environment. It is a natural wax that gives many health benefits. It consists of long-chain alcohols and some acids. You can use beeswax as detergent, lubricant,  and for your candles as well. It is very useful, some Americans use it in their food. It is highly used in cosmetic products.


If your home furniture makes a squeaky noise, you can use this beeswax as a lubricant and apply it on the squeaky part of your furniture. On the other hand, it can also be used in a candle. It burns cleanly and gives a friendly environment. They are recommended to use in a candle because they last longer and give you bright light with no blending and spilling. It smells amazing and kills mosquitoes as well. Another important use of beeswax is to wrap your food. You can make a beeswax wrap and use it for covering and protecting your food through beeswax wrap. It can also be used as a lip balm, crayons are also made from beeswax, and much more.


  • Good for cholesterol patients:

Beeswax is used as a medicine because it has many acids and alcohols which is good for reducing pain and best for patients suffering from cholesterol. It lowers the levels of cholesterol. Beeswax and plant-derived wax are good for lowering the levels and density.

  • Stress released:

The beeswax candles are known as stress relievers as they give you a soothing and calm environment. Make sure to get organic beeswax which is free from intoxicants so that your family may have a good time and fresh air free of chemicals and toxins. It gives you relaxation and calms your mind with its scent as it contains natural materials.

  • Removes acne and moisturize your skin:

As beeswax contains Vitamin A, it is perfect for cleaning your skin acne hence, it is antiseptic and gives you relief from your pain and inflammation. In return, gives you glowing and moisturized skin. Beeswax is used in cosmetics as well. Therefore, it softens your skin, it’s known as the best tool for home remedies.

  • Lessen your skin stretch marks:

The one who is looking for how to remove your stretch marks this beeswax fulfills your need. It can lessen the skin marks and give it a positive effect so that you can wear your summer outfits without feeling weird.

  • Use it as a lip balm:

Of course, no one wants dry, ripped lips. So You can use beeswax as a lip balm as well. It contains petroleum jelly which is good for your skin and lips to keep them moisturized all day.


  • Good for lowering cholesterol.
  • Contains vitamin A.
  • Usable as a medicine.
  • Stress reliever.
  • Good for skin and acne.
  • Gives calm and relaxation when used in a candle.


  • Not soluble in water.
  • Contains fatty acids and alcohols.


Both waxes are meant to be far different from each other so do their functions and characteristics. After our research, we can’t find any similarity between them. But yeah, both waxes are useful for candles. As they give a relaxing and calming environment with their fresh aroma which is free from intoxicants and chemicals. Hence, these waxes are highly recommended for candle and tea light purposes.


The main difference between both waxes is their derivation. Soy wax is derived from natural vegetables and soybeans while beeswax is made by pure honey bees of the genus Apis and provides natural warm light in candles as the sunlight. While soy wax produces white light similar to fluorescent light. Moreover, soy wax is free from acids and alcohols, it’s fully natural and organic. But beeswax contains fatty acids and long-chain alcohols before using it in a candle you gotta get organic beeswax which provides relaxation and releases your stress.

Healthier one

Beeswax is sweeter than soy wax as it is made of pure honey so it produces a sweet fragrance. Furthermore, it is free from paraffin. But the soy wax is mixed with paraffin because it is soft and has a low melting point. While beeswax is much denser. It is also good for lowering cholesterol and has many more advantages than soy wax. So it is more preferable and recommended.

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Frequently asked Questions

Can you mix beeswax with soy wax?

Yes, for a better aroma you can blend the beeswax with soy wax. It will give a much sweeter smell like honey. The more you mix the beeswax the more your candle will enhance its fragrance.

Is using beeswax cruel?

No obviously not. Therefore, it is used in many ways and plays a vital role in our environment. It is used in lip balm and petroleum products. Moreover, some Americans use beeswax in their food as well as it is natural and made from pure honey, so using it is not cruel.

Is beeswax more expensive than soy wax?

Yes, it’s a bit expensive but fulfills all your requirements and after burning it releases the negative ions which make it easy to clean up. While soy wax has not many advantages therefore it is less cheap.

Is beeswax better than soy wax?

If you see its advantages you’ll definitely choose beeswax because it has greater density and lasts longer while soy wax has a low melting point and if you added paraffin yet it won’t last long.

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After all our research, we assume that beeswax is far better than soy wax as it has many benefits and usages. From releasing stress and giving relaxation to lowering cholesterol and pains it fulfills all the necessities and is used as a medicine too but contains fatty acids and alcohols. While on the other hand, soy wax is all naturally derived from vegetables and soybeans. Makes your environment friendly and can be blended with any wax easily in return gives you a fresh aroma with white light. Free from chemicals and intoxicants.

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