Sleek and Stylish: The Best One Piece Toilets for Modern Bathrooms

Step into the world of contemporary bathroom design with sleek and stylish one-piece toilets. In today’s modern homes, bathrooms are not just functional spaces but also showcase elegance and sophistication. And what better way to elevate your bathroom’s aesthetic than with a one-piece toilet that seamlessly blends form and function? These compact marvels offer more than just a practical solution; they are the epitome of refined design. From their smooth lines to their space-saving nature, the best one-piece toilets embody the essence of modernity. Join us as we delve into the realm of impeccable craftsmanship and explore the top choices for those seeking the perfect combination of style and convenience in their bathrooms. Get ready to be inspired by the best one-piece toilets for modern bathrooms.

Best One Piece Toilets 2023

When it comes to bathroom fixtures, one piece toilets have emerged as a top choice for those seeking a harmonious blend of style, functionality, and convenience. These sleek and compact marvels have revolutionized modern bathrooms with their seamless design and efficient performance.

The best one piece toilets offer many benefits that make them stand out in the market. Firstly, their streamlined appearance adds a touch of elegance to any bathroom, making them a perfect fit for contemporary design aesthetics. Secondly, their one-piece construction eliminates the gaps and crevices found in traditional two-piece toilets, making cleaning a breeze. This design also minimizes the risk of leaks and enhances durability. With advanced flushing systems and water-saving features, the best one piece toilets ensure efficient and eco-friendly performance.

Whether you’re remodeling your bathroom or building a new one, investing in the best one-piece toilets guarantees a sophisticated and practical addition to your space. Say goodbye to outdated designs and embrace the epitome of modern bathroom fixtures with the best one piece toilets available on the market today.

A Quick Comparison of Our Favorites

Budget Pick

HOROW Small Compact One Piece Toilet for Bathroom – A cost-effective option with a modern compact design, suitable for small spaces like apartments or small bathrooms

Editor’s Choice & Most Reliable

TOTO Eco Ultramax ADA Elongated One Piece Toilet – Our top pick for reliability and quality, this ADA-compliant toilet offers a sleek design, efficient flushing system, and durable construction.

Best for the Money

DeerValley Ally Dual Flush One Piece Toilet – A perfect balance of affordability and performance, this toilet features a dual-flush system, efficient flushing, and easy maintenance.

Most Features

Kohler Veil One-Piece Skirted Toilet – This toilet offers a range of features, including a dual-flush system, an elongated bowl for added comfort, soft-close seat, and a modern contemporary design.

Read on to learn more about the best one piece toilets to buy in 2023:

HOROW Small Compact One Piece Toilet for Bathroom

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Key Features

  • Ceramic Material
  • Modern Compact Design
  • Small Yet Comfortable
  • Easy to Clean


When it comes to maximizing space without sacrificing comfort, the HOROW Small Compact One Piece Toilet for Bathroom is a game changer. It is ideal for small bathrooms, apartments, and even en suite bathrooms because it is only 25 inches deep, 13.4 inches wide, and 28.4 inches high. Despite its small size, this toilet does not sacrifice comfort. It has a conventional circular bowl and a comfortable 16.5-inch seat height, making it excellent for anyone who has difficulty using low bowls.

One of the toilet’s main characteristics is its powerful siphon flush technology, which provides two water usage alternatives. The full flush uses 1.6 gallons of water, which ensures a clean bowl, but the light flush uses only 1.1 gallons, which helps you save money on your water bill. The totally glazed bowl is meant to keep clean, avoiding the need for frequent brushing and making cleaning a snap.

The HOROW Small Compact One Piece Toilet promotes peace and quiet with its soft closing PP seat, which eliminates clattering sounds. This toilet is simple to install, thanks to two large installation access points on the side that allow plumbers to complete the job quickly. Furthermore, the kit includes all installation components, such as a high-quality wax ring and floor bolts.

HOROW stands behind the quality of their goods, providing lifetime after-sales service as well as a one-year limited guarantee. Their dedicated customer care center guarantees a satisfying buying experience by responding to concerns within 12 hours.

DeerValley Ally Dual Flush One Piece Toilet

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Key Features

  • Ceramic Material
  • Modern Design
  • Easy to Clean
  • Easy to Install


The DeerValley Ally Dual Flush One Piece Toilet will look great in any bathroom. This toilet’s elegant ADA height design is not only aesthetically beautiful but also functional for a comfortable experience. The toilet’s white glazed surface is self-cleaning, making upkeep a joy. The skirted one-piece design makes cleaning easier, removing the trouble associated with two-piece toilets.

This toilet, which has a highly efficient dual-flush technology, allows you to save water by selecting either 0.8 GPF or 1.28 GPF, depending on your needs. The fully glazed flush provides a whisper-quiet, forceful operation that prevents clogs and leaks.

The DeerValley Ally Dual Flush One Piece Toilet is simple to install. It comes with two sizes of supply line inlet hose, which makes installation easier and more flexible. The kit includes everything you need, including a soft-closing toilet seat, flush valve, high-quality wax ring, floor bolts, and full installation instructions.

DeerValley stands behind their product’s quality, providing a one-year warranty on the flushing mechanism and soft-closing toilet seat lid. Furthermore, their lifetime after-sale service assures that client support is available 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

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Swiss Madison One Piece Toilet

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Key Features

  • Glossy White Color
  • Ceramic Material
  • Soft Closing Seat
  • Dual-Flush


The Swiss Madison One Piece Toilet is a well-made and attractive bathroom fixture. It provides a touch of elegance to any bathroom design with its sleek and glossy white finish. Its small size of 27 x 15.12 x 31.18 inches makes it suited for a variety of bathroom sizes.

This toilet has a dual-flush system with high-performance gravity that lets you choose between 1.1 and 1.6 gallons per flush (GPF), which helps you save water. The seamless porcelain one-piece design not only improves looks but also makes cleaning easier.

The expanded comfort height bowl adds a touch of luxury and convenience. The soft closing seat guarantees a quiet and smooth closing experience. Furthermore, the quick-release seat function enables simple removal and cleaning without the use of tools.

The Swiss Madison One Piece Toilet provides efficient and effective flushing performance thanks to its dual-flush mechanism and high-performance vortex.

TOTO Eco Ultramax ADA Elongated One Piece Toilet

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Key Features

  • Plastic, Vitreous China Material
  • Floor Mounted installation
  • Fast Flush
  • Sleek High Profile


The TOTO Eco Ultramax ADA Elongated One Piece Toilet is an ADA-compliant and high-quality toilet alternative. It provides a touch of elegance to any bathroom with its sleek and high-profile design. With a flow rate of 1.28 gallons per flush (Gpf), the E-Max Flushing System assures efficient water usage.

This toilet has a 3-inch flush valve that is 125 percent larger than standard 2-inch flush valves, delivering a quick and strong flush. The 2-1/8-inch computer-designed completely glazed trapway improves flushing performance even more.

This toilet provides comfort and convenience with a length of 28 inches, a bowl rim height of 16-1/2 inches, and a seat height of 17 inches. The tank is 27-1/2 inches in height and 16-1/2 inches in width.

best one piece toilets to buy

Kohler Veil One-Piece Skirted Toilet

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Key Features

  • Vitreous Material
  • Dual Flush
  • Slow Close Seat
  • Easy to Clean


The Kohler Veil One-Piece Skirted Toilet is an excellent option for individuals looking for a modern and efficient toilet for their bathroom. The tank and bowl of this one-piece toilet are integrated for easy cleaning and a streamlined appearance. The elongated bowl gives consumers more space and comfort.

With its dual flush option, this toilet saves water by allowing users to select between 0.8 and 1.28 gallons per flush (gpf). The polished chrome trip lever on the left lends a touch of elegance to the design. The Kohler Veil One-Piece Skirted Toilet has a 2-1/8-inch fully-glazed trapway that helps prevent blockages and assures a smooth flush.

A slow-close seat is included with the purchase, delivering a no-slam peaceful closing experience. Please keep in mind that supply lines must be purchased separately.

In conclusion, the Kohler Veil One-Piece Skirted Toilet blends modern design, water-saving features, and dependability. Its seamless and easy-to-clean design, as well as the accompanying slow-close seat, making it an excellent choice for anyone searching for a fashionable and efficient toilet solution.

Sublime II One Piece Round Toilet

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Key Features

  • Matte Black Color
  • Round Front Design
  • Ceramic Material
  • Floor Mounted Installation


Swiss Madison’s Sublime II One Piece Round Toilet is a sleek and effective alternative for small bathrooms. Its matte black finish provides a sophisticated touch of refinement to any situation. This toilet has a dual-flush system with high-performance gravity, with two water use options: 1.1 or 1.6 gallons per flush (GPF), which helps to conserve water and lower utility bills.

This toilet is made of long-lasting ceramic material. The round front shape adds to its space-saving characteristics, making it ideal for small bathrooms. The soft-close and quick-release toilet seat enhances convenience while also ensuring a quiet and trouble-free experience.

The Sublime II One Piece Round Toilet package includes everything needed for installation, including the tank, bowl, seat, wax ring, bolt kit, and cover caps.

In conclusion, the Sublime II One Piece Round Toilet blends design, efficiency, and comfort. Its sturdy construction, dual-flush system, and space-saving design make it a dependable and appealing option for people looking for a modern toilet for their bathroom.

best one piece toilets 2023

Final Words

In conclusion, after reviewing the top options for one-piece toilets, it is evident that these bathroom fixtures offer a range of benefits, including sleek designs, efficient flushing systems, easy cleaning features, and comfortable seating options. Whether you’re looking for a compact and modern option like the HOROW Small Compact One Piece Toilet, a stylish and powerful choice like the DeerValley Ally Dual Flush One Piece Toilet, or a high-quality and ADA-compliant toilet like the TOTO Eco Ultramax ADA Elongated One Piece Toilet, there is a perfect match for every bathroom. The Swiss Madison One Piece Toilet and the Kohler Veil One-Piece Skirted Toilet also stood out for their exceptional features. With the numerous advantages they offer, it’s clear why these are considered the best one-piece toilets in the market. Invest in one of these top-rated toilets to enhance your bathroom’s functionality and aesthetics.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What is a one-piece toilet?

A one-piece toilet is a type of toilet where the tank and bowl are seamlessly integrated into a single unit. It provides a sleek and compact design that is easy to clean and maintain.

What are the advantages of a one-piece toilet?

One-piece toilets offer several advantages, including a streamlined appearance, easier cleaning due to the absence of crevices between the tank and bowl, and often feature more modern and stylish designs. They also tend to be more space-efficient, making them suitable for smaller bathrooms.

Are one-piece toilets more expensive than two-piece toilets?

Generally, one-piece toilets are priced higher than two-piece toilets due to their design and construction. However, the cost can vary depending on the brand, features, and materials used.

Can I install a one-piece toilet myself, or do I need professional help?

While some people with DIY experience may choose to install a one-piece toilet themselves, it is often recommended to seek professional assistance. Proper installation is crucial to ensure the toilet functions correctly and to prevent any leaks or damage.

Do one-piece toilets have different flushing options?

Yes, many one-piece toilets offer dual-flush options, allowing you to choose between a partial flush for liquid waste and a full flush for solid waste. This feature promotes water conservation by using less water for lighter flushes.

Are one-piece toilets comfortable to use?

One-piece toilets come in different shapes and sizes, including elongated and round bowls, to accommodate different user preferences. Additionally, they often have features like ergonomic seat heights and soft-closing seats for added comfort.

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