Slabway Massage Chair Reviews 2022 ( Customer Analysis)

Slabway massage chair reviews

People nowadays having a massage chair in their homes just as a showpiece of luxury. The massage chair undoubtedly is a luxury piece but not just to show off. The massage chair is now the modern therapeutic you can have in your home 24/7. Here we will give you detailed reviews about Slabway massage chair 2022. Buying the best for you is also a mystery. So buy wisely.

Slabway is a leading brand in the market of massage chairs. One of its models in the massage chairs is up on the games. It is giving the best features that a massage chair should have, at the best price.

The HORSEMAN is known as the Slabway shiatsu massage chair.

Slabway Massage Chair Reviews 2022

Shiatsu massage chair by slabway:

The Slabway started its journey in the late 60s in Japan. At that time they came up with the earlier model of the massage chair. At that time the chair was not that comfortable, convenient and sometimes it feels uncomfortable while sitting on it.

Later on, the Japanese continue working on it and came up with the model called shiatsu. In this model, they came up with the technique in which the machine identifies the body’s biological active points and applies gentle pressure on that point. This feels like heaven when you experience it for the first time. This wipes out all-day frustration that a person has during his duty hours and during home time.

It is truly accurate to say that the shiatsu massage chair suppresses the professional human massagers also.

Slabway shiatsu massage chair, a buying priority:

Here we enlisted some reasons why to buy a shiatsu massage chair when we have a huge variety of other massage chairs too in the market.

  • User friendly:

Before going into the complex details about the machinery and the technology of the massage chair, it is important to mention here that the chair is so easy to use. Its manual is simple to understand. The control panel it comes up with has easy controls for setting the massage of your choice.

Your message is just a click away. You can also customize your massage in this chair.

  • Gives an authentic Shiatsu massage:

If you have ever booked yourself for a high-class shiatsu massage, then you can’t deny its importance. It is surely a stress buster, it relaxes your muscles, and it is the best massage type you can say.

While shiatsu massage in a massage chair seems unnatural thing. Some massage chairs offer the shiatsu massage but they remain unable to give that authentic shiatsu massage feel. This is not true for the Slabway shiatsu massage chair. This is designed to give you an authentic shiatsu massage. It undoubtedly suppresses the shiatsu human massage even. The zero gravity massage system is specially installed to give you shiatsu massage in its real means.

The massage chair has 26 different massage types and a heating therapy besides. You just have to choose according to your fatigue and mood.

  • Airbags:

The machine has 42 fatigue-relieving airbags. The airbags help in increasing the massage efficiency of the chair. These airbags are installed in each area of the chair.

This machine can amplify the blood circulations and can give health benefits to patients with some general chronic diseases like diabetes, neuropathy, and plantar fasciitis.

Pros and cons of using a shiatsu massage chair:

Everything we use has some pros and some cons that we have to bear with them.


Pros of using a shiatsu massage chair are

  • Have zero gravity reclining feature
  • Comes with the built-in heat therapy system
  • Gives an authentic Shiatsu massage
  • You can customize the therapy settings according to your need


Some cons of using shiatsu massage chairs are

  • If not revived assemble then its assembling is complex and difficult.

Containments of the shiatsu massage chair by Slabway:

The shiatsu massage chair comes with the following specific containments.

  • Easy setup; there is no need to set up or assemble the chair when you are having a shiatsu massage chair. They mostly arrive assembled.
  • Heat therapy system; the chair has a built-in heat therapy system you don’t have to add additional heat pads to the chair.
  • High power vibration; the rollers attach has a high power vibration. This will effectively massage your back, shoulders, neck, waist, thighs, calves, feet, hands, and other body parts.
  • Full body massage; starting from the neck and ending at the feet. The machine can give massage to every part of your body.
  • Zero gravity; the machine also has the zero-gravity feature. That is, it adjusts itself according to the body type.
  • Control panel; the control panel attached to the right arm is simple and easy to use.
  • Fatigue relieving airbags; the machine has 42 fatigue relieving airbags. These promote better blood circulation through the body.
  • Massage intensities; the chair comes with different massage intensities. You can control the intensities on the control panel.
  • Smart roller system; these get set according to your body posture and shape.

 Working of Slabway massage chair:

Before starting the working of the chair you have to choose the mode on which you want a massage. This is just you have to select one from the control panel.

The shiatsu massage chair has the following massage ranges.

  • Shiatsu
  • Full body massage
  • Vibrating roller massage
  • Air massage
  • Heating therapy
  • Kneading massage

After choosing the massage type you have to choose the volume or the intensity of that massage. This can be different for different parts of your body that different for foot, hands, neck, back, thighs, calves waist, etc.

The heating therapy can work in the co-relation of any other message type. And it gives the best combo with all of the other massage types.

Operating the Slabway shiatsu massage chair:

Going to use the Slabway massage chair for the first time? No worries at all. It is just as easy as operating a mobile phone.

The machine gets on instantly when you touch the green button. Now you have to select a mode for you from the control panel or can customize your massage also in the customize option. Now, once you press the SATRT button the chair will itself takes you to the massaging position.

When you think it is enough for now you can simply turn OFF the machine and the chair will take you to the normal sitting position.

The machine works on the S-track system. This means that the message will go all through your spines and then reaches the lower back gradually. The airbags installed, give your shoulders, neck, and forehead and had a comfortable place.

Benefits of using a Slabway shiatsu massage chair:

Some benefits of using a shiatsu massage chair are.

  • Improve your mood
  • Better for recovering chronic diseases like neuropathy, diabetes ( in trial stage(
  • Lessen the body aches
  • Helps you become more active and energetic.
  • Enhance your productivity and creativity.
  • Helps in your brain development
  • Relieve stress, anxiety, and frustration.
  • Improves sleep cycle.
  • lower the blood pressure
  • Helps in adopting better sleep timings
  • Make your body active and fresh.
  • Improves body posture.
  • Improves breathing.
  • Make your skin glow.
  • Make your body flexible.

Gaps to fulfill:

Following are some gaps that have to be fulfilled by the company to make their product more attractive to the customers.

The only flaw this machine has is its “HIGH PRICE”. Some customers don’t make it their option while buying a massage chair just because of its price that lies way out of their budget. Otherwise, there is no other reason to avoid it while considering a massage chair.

It comes with all the high-class qualities and features that a massage chair should have.

The company should cut some of the amounts from the price so that many people can have this heavenly experience

Things to consider while buying

While buying a slab way massage chair must consider the following parameters to ensure the precision of the machine.

  • Shiatsu massage:

It is actually made for this so before buying must ensure that the chair is giving an authentic Shiatsu massage experience. This should be better than the hand mimic shiatsu as they have claimed this

  • Airbags:

You must check the airbags before buying them. It should have come with the 42 pieces of fatigue-relieving airbags installed in the chair. These airbags should be as effective as the company has described in their product description.

  • Custom settings:

Check for the custom setting they have claimed. if it works in real-time or not. If it works measure the efficiency of that custom-ordered massage.

  • Zero gravity:

Before buying any massage chair cross-check the zero-gravity recycling feature of any machine.

  • Heating intensity:

Check the heat intensity of the heating pads. Insure whether the heat is intense enough to open up your muscles or just the system is overrated.


 How much a Slabway massage chair costs?

Slabway massage chair is the most expensive among all the massage chairs that are available in the market. Slab way massage chair price lies in the range of 3499$ to 4000$. This price is more than expensive. The company has to pay attention to cut on some of the amounts from the price so many more people can have the experience of this legit device.

In case of any promotions on the machine, you may find it cheap. But this only happens once or twice a year.

Name some best massage chairs that are available in the market?

Following are some known names when it comes to massage chairs.

  1. Nouhaus massage chair with ottoman
  2. Ideal massage full featured shiatsu chair
  3. Kahuna superior massage chair
  4. Medical breakthrough 4v2 reclining massage chair
  5. Real relax massage chair
  6. Snailax shiatsu neck and back massage chair with heat.
  7. Electric full body shaitsu massage chair
  8. Relaxon chair MX-II plus
  9. Osaki OS-4000 reclining zero gravity massage chair
  10. Slabway shiatsu massage chair.

Will massage chairs give value to my money?

It depends on why you have bought a massage chair. If you are enthusiastic about using a massage chair and that massage chair gives the massage in a way that, wiped out your all-day frustration then it’s worth money. It is beneficial if you use it daily for a specific period. Good for the people who are suffering from some kind of common chronic diseases like blood pressure, heart disease, diabetes, backaches, spinal aches, etc.

Can a massage chair cause harm to the body?

This is not true for an instance. If you use the chair under its prescribed guidelines then you may get benefitted from the chair.  But if we use it excessively without considering its user terms then this may cause harm to the muscles, can rapture tissues and can cause bruises. These damages can be from minor to fatal.

Is it OK to have a massage on a massage chair daily?

There is no way that you did not get the benefit if you use a massage chair daily. It is recommended to take a massage of 50-60 minutes daily with recommended guidelines. From the frequent massage you can get rid of the problem like backaches, neck aches, etc. this will also help you improve the body’s immune system, strengthen the mind, and improves blood circulation.

You can notice a more productive day when you make a habit of taking massage daily.


Time to give this detailed discussion a brief conclusion.

The Slabway massage chair is the best-known in town. Its popularity among massage chairs is due to its authentic shiatsu, a type of massage. The customers say that it suppresses the humane shiatsu massage.

There is no flaw the Slabway massage chair has, other than the high cost. The people only leave it just because of its high price. The company should take action to reduce some of the amounts or to give promotions frequently so that the massage lovers can have a luxury massage in their home, anytime they want.

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