5 Best Single Bowl Kitchen Sinks Review and Guide

In the sink industries, there are numerous brands and options when it comes to buying the best single bowl kitchen sinks.

If you’re planning to buy a sink for your new kitchen or remodel your kitchen, you’re probably thinking: 

Why do will you prefer single bowl models?

Here are a few good reasons:

  • Single basin design maximizes the usable space in the sink.
  • Good for placing pots, pans, and baking sheets of various sizes in it
  • Offers a more modern feel to the kitchen.
  • Usually less expensive than equivalent dual basin sinks

But finding the best kitchen sink for your money is quite challenging.  And that’s why I’ve made this article for you, showing the 5 best models available right now!

I hope this single bowl kitchen sink review and buying guide will help you make your buying process easier.

A Quick Comparison of Our Favorites

In a hurry? Check out our top picks below.

  • Best Overall: Kraus KHU100-30: “With a spacious interior and 10-inch deep bowl design, this sink is well made with 1.5mm thick 16 gauge T304 SS, boasts a commercial-grade satin finish, is scratch and stain-resistant, provides superior drainage, and has a lifetime-limited warranty. “
  • Best for Large Pots and Pans: Ruvati RVH8000: “A drop-in sink made from 16-gauge premium T304 stainless steel, boasts a brushed finish, thick rubber padding, heavy-duty soundproof undercoating, a spacious, deep bowl, a sloped bottom, and drain grooves that make it unique. “
  • Best Budget: Elkay Quartz Classic ELGRU13322WHO: “A classic, heavy-duty sink that is heat safe for up to 535 degrees F, banging, chipping, and scratch-resistant, has a thick construction, on-porous surface, is easy to clean, and comes in a wide array of colors. “
  • Best Performance: Zunhe Modena 28 FBA_N9-F52P-1WHH: “Made from surgical grade stainless steel, this sink is durable and long-lasting, is dent-proof and scratch-resistant, soundproof, thermal insulated to prevent condensation, perfect for washing large pots and pans, has curved corners that make it easy to clean, and comes at an affordable price. “
  • Best for small kitchens: Blanco, Anthracite 440210 Diamond: “A food-friendly single bowl sink that is 100% hygienic, has a non-porous smooth surface, can withstand extreme hot and cold fluctuations, resists household acids, alkali solutions, stains, and boasts versatile installation options. “

Here are the Best Single Bowl Kitchen Sinks

Many people think that it is easy to pick the best single bowl sink for kitchen. But this is not always the case as there is an incredible range of options to choose from. It demands a lot of work and research.

Luckily, we’ve done all the homework for you. Here we bring a review of the 5 best choices in the market. Hopefully, it’ll help you to find the right one.

For each model on this list, you’ll read an in-depth review about their notable features, pros & cons.

Now let’s get to what you’re here for!

1. Kraus KHU100-30- Best Single Bowl Stainless Steel Kitchen Sink

Kraus KHU100-30

Kraus is a trusted and dependable brand name in the kitchen and bath fixtures industry. Founded in 1959, the company has been successful in winning over customers after customers.

The KHU100-30 upholds the brand’s reputation by offering excellence in quality craftsmanship and functional design.

If you want a customer favorite single bowl stainless steel sink for your everyday use, nothing works better than KHU100-30. This contemporary design sink is probably the best single-bowl model you’ll find.

With a 30-inch length, 18-inch width, and 10-inch deep bowl, it makes kitchen chores way easier and enjoyable than any other options.

The spacious interior, deep bowl, and flat bottom design offer more room for stacking dishes, large pans, and washing them easily without making a mess. The rear set drain means you’ll get more useable space underneath the bowl.

Excellently made with 1.5mm thick 16-gauge T304 stainless steel, this product offers you superior strength and durability. It is rust- and corrosion-resistant and will never chip or crack.

Moreover, the commercial-grade satin finish resists scratch and stain. This exclusive finish won’t chip or dull from daily use. Plus, its high-end look matches most kitchen appliances and complements any countertop.

80% exterior of its bowl comes covered with extra-thick padding and non-toxic SoundGuard undercoating. This technology helps to reduce vibration and absorb sound. Therefore, it allows you to enjoy a quiet wash.

The well-thought design of this model provides superior drainage. First, the gently sloped bottom prevents standing water inside the bowl. Secondly, the engineered grooves allow easy draining.

Finally, its under-the-counter mounting option integrates seamlessly with your kitchen countertop. Notably, the included cutout template and mounting hardware will make installation process easy.

Several accessories come with KHU100-30 as well. The multifunctional stainless steel dish grid protects the sink bottom. Three pcs basket strainer set comes included that prevent anything other than water from passing. The premium Kraus kitchen towel is surely a bonus for you. 


  • Made of premium materials
  • Well-thought design to offer maximum workspace
  • Exceptional resistance to corrosion, rust, and dent
  • Condensation and sound-proof
  • Highly resilient; designed for heavy daily uses
  • Easy to clean and maintain
  • Lifetime limited warranty


  • Risk of scratches if you don’t use the dish grid

2. Ruvati RVH8000- Best Stainless Steel Drop-in Kitchen Sink

Ruvati RVH8000

RVH8000 is a magnificent option for those who want a top-quality, drop-in sink for their kitchen. It offers not only high-quality but also excellent capacity, sound insulation, and aesthetic beauty.

This is one of the most convenient and well-made sinks you’ll find on the market today. Several features of this model add excellent functionality to its design.

First of all, RVH8000 lasts a lifetime and still manages to resist the most common issues with stainless steel. Its 16-gauge premium T-304 stainless steel features a mix of 18/10 Chromium/ Nickel. This build will make sure you get a product that is reliable and long-lasting.

And something that makes it even better is its brushed finish. This commercial-grade grade not only hides scratches but also matches well with your kitchen appliance.

This model also boasts thick rubber padding and heavy-duty sound-proof undercoating. This build helps to minimize noise and reduce condensation.

Now it’s time to discuss about its superb design. First of all, here you get a spacious and deep bowl. With 30-inch length, 18-inch width, and 10-inch interior dimensions, it makes washing large dishes a complete pleasure.

A sloped bottom and drain grooves make it unique when it comes to draining water and waste. Moreover, the zero-radius sharp inside corners provides this piece a modern look.

RVH8000 is pretty straightforward to install. Notably, it is compatible with the top-mount process. The ¼-inch high and 1-inch wide rim all around the bowl make the installation process easier.

Along with the sink, you’ll get a drain assembly, basket strainer, a bottom rinse grid, installation guide, and a cutout template. Additionally, it comes pre-drilled with one hole for easy faucet installation.


  • Matches almost any kitchen design perfectly
  • Spacious and deep to handle large pots and pans
  • Premium-quality construction; durable
  • Easy to maintain and clean
  • Rust-, dent- and corrosion resistant
  • Condensation and noise-proof
  • Warranty: Limited lifetime


  • Low-slope basin requires a lot of spraying to clean/drain.

3. Elkay Quartz Classic ELGRU13322WH0 – Best Quartz White Kitchen Sink

Elkay Quartz Classic ELGRU13322WH0

Elkay is the most popular American-owned and operated company. It is regarded as one of the most successful sink manufacturers in the world. Its mission is to deliver high-quality sinks for a lower price.

If you don’t want to spend a fortune just so that you can ensure your kitchen sink works in the first place, Elkay may be the best company to buy from.

ELGRU13322WH0 is a classic single bowl sink for your kitchen that offers timeless style and beauty at an affordable price.

If you’re going to use it roughly, don’t worry! This composite sink is simple, but it is very heavy-duty. It is molded from fine quartz and acrylic resins. The result is impressive durability that you need to take on tough tasks.

Elkay Classic Quartz is heat safe up to 535-degree F to protect it from hot pans. It resists banging, chipping, and scratches.

More importantly, you don’t have to worry about bacteria growth in the bowl. Its non-porous surface gives a certain benefit. Beverage and food won’t stick or stain in it to prevent bacteria spread. Plus, cleanup of this silky and smooth surface is easy with just a damp cloth and soapy water.

SINGLE Bowl design gives you uninterrupted space to wash larger pan, pots, and dishes. With its 9-7/16-inch depth bowl, you can expect to handle any type of dishes without making a splash outside the bowl.

This Quartz sink is naturally quiet. The thick construction absorbs noise when working at the sink. It won’t resonate as much as a traditional stainless sink.

The gorgeous white color can be the perfect match for any decoration. Of course, it comes in a range of shades of gray, brown, black color. All of them will look amazing to your kitchen decor, making it hugely convenient for most people. Importantly, these UV-stable colors won’t fade.

Under the counter mounting option allows you to install it beneath the countertop. It creates a seamless appearance between the sink level and the countertop.


  • Heat safe, impact and scratch-resistant
  • Hygienic; stain & smudge resistant
  • Low maintenance; easy to care for and clean
  • Naturally quiet performance
  • Available with a wide array of color options


  • Flat bottom prevents effective draining.
  • Sink only, no accessories included.

4. Zuhne Modena 28 FBA_N9-F52P-1WHH – Best Cheap Stainless Steel Kitchen Sink

Zuhne Modena 28 FBA_N9-F52P-1WHH

When it comes to kitchen sinks, Zuhne Modena 28 outperform existing standards. It delivers the utmost quality, convenience, and superb designs for easy installation without leaving anything behind.

The T-304 16-gauge surgical grade stainless steel construction offers you many benefits. What stands out is its ability to provide an utterly lead-free capacity for safe family use.

Notably, it is 3rd Party tested and certified to USA and Canada codes.

Modena 28 allows you to use it years after years without issue. Moreover, its premium brushed stainless performs like a high-end appliance. It also blends with modern decor.

This stainless steel sink is dent-proof, scratch-resistant. It delivers almost no corrosion or rust and prevents stains. You can rest assured that it’ll last years or decades effortlessly.

Modena 28 is completely quiet. Its sound-proof build cancel noise and vibration 2.5x better than other stainless steel sinks of its class. That means you can wash dishes at night without any hassle.

The thermal insulation prevents condensation. It doesn’t matter if it is frozen products or boiling water; your expensive cabinets will stay safe from damage.

When it comes to functionality, this model delivers the utmost performance without leaving anything behind. First of all, its 10-inch deep bowl is perfect for washing large pots and pans.  The rear set center drain also makes the basin spacious.

Cleaning this product is a breeze. The unique R10 curved corners make the basin easy to clean. It also adds a modern aesthetic to this product.

Additionally, it features a sloped base and grooved design that help to drain water and residue fast. What’s even better, your sink will sparkle and remain hygienic forever with routine maintenance.

Apart from its excellent design, its top-notch construction, and the quietness it offers – Zuhne Modena 28 stands out for its included chef-grade several  accessories.

These accessories provide workstation functionality to make it even more practical. This way, you can enjoy a hugely convenient single bowl kitchen sink in its entirety.

Included accessories are:

  • Set of 2 Food Grade Colander Set
  • Designer Drain Strainer with Lid
  • Scratch Protector Bottom Grate
  • Stainless Sink Caddy with Suction

Finally, Zuhne Modena 28 comes at an affordable price that won’t cost you a fortune.


  • Designed for heavy-use
  • Made of premium quality material
  • Excellent craftsmanship
  • Strong and trustworthy build-quality
  • Dent, rust, and corrosion-resistant
  • Safe to use and quiet
  • 3rd Party Tested and Rated
  • Comes included with A+ Proprietary Accessories
  • US/Canada Code Compliant


  • Several users have complained that the bottom isn’t perfectly sloped, so the water barely runs towards the drain.

5. BLANCO, Anthracite 440210 DIAMOND SILGRANIT- Best Granite Composite Kitchen Sink for Small Kitchen


The final option on our comprehensive list is no less than the others due to its fantastic construction, which is made of Granite Composite. This makes the BLANCO Anthracite sink ultra-durable apart from giving it a vintage look.

BLANCO granite composite sink uniquely resilient. It is impact, chip, stain, and scratch-resistant. Plus, it withstands extreme cold and hot fluctuations. It is less likely to break dinnerware and fine crystal.

Most importantly, it is food-friendly and 100% hygienic. The non-porous, smooth surface is easy to clean. It resists household acids, alkali solutions, and stains. Conveniently, no harsh chemical is required to clean it.

With a 25-inch length and 22-inch width, this sink is not large enough. But, it is pretty deep for cleaning many pots, pans, and dishes without having to make a mess.

However, this compact size makes it a perfect solution for small and medium-sized kitchens. It’s also excellent to use as a complementary secondary sink, bar sink, or butler’s pantry sink.

Finally, this model’s versatile installation option allows you to mount it either under-the-counter or drop-in for added convenience.


  • Ultra-durable
  • Excellent quality and craftsmanship
  • Impact resistant
  • Heat resistant up to 536°F
  • 100% hygienic and food-friendly
  • Easy to clean and maintain
  • Never stains, chips, or scratches
  • Resistant to household alkali and acid solutions
  • Versatile installation


  • Water doesn’t run off easily.

How to Choose the Right Single Bowl Kitchen Sink

Every model of these above-reviewed sinks would be an excellent addition to your home if you can figure out which one best fits your needs.

But for picking the right one, you need to consider some factors that come into play when choosing the right one for you.

Listed below are five essential points to keep in mind while shopping for a single bowl sink for the kitchen.

  • Sink Size

This product is available in a wider range of sizes that fit different sized kitchens. The ideal size is roughly 21-inch for the main kitchen sink, while 15-inch is perfect for a secondary sink.

First, consider your kitchen’s space availability and then know how much room you have available in your countertop to install it. Make sure it fits perfectly.

In new construction, you may have the option to upgrade your cabinet according to your purchased sink’s dimensions. But, for replacing your existing sink, you have to make sure your chosen sink fits perfectly on the cabinet that you already have.

Remember that the cabinet needs to be a little bigger than the sink itself.

  • Shape

Single-basin models don’t have as many aesthetic variations as double-compartment sinks. But don’t forget to take into account the shape of the sink.

Not all models are rectangular. Some models come with irregular shapes for design purposes. So, pay attention to the bowl’s shape to check if it requires custom arrangements to install.

More importantly, you should try to pick one that compliments your kitchen decor.

  • Materials

When it comes to choosing kitchen sink material, you have many choices. Some common materials are

  • Stainless steel
  • Granite composite
  • Fireclay
  • Brass
  • Quartz
  • Porcelain

The diversity in construction materials affects the durability and weight largely, among other things. It also brings flexibility in the sink’s shape and styles. Moreover, each type has its advantages and drawbacks. Consider the pros and cons of each material before making a purchase.

  • Mounting Options

Single basin sinks support different installation types.

Some models support undermount installation while some others are top-mounted (also called drop-in or self-rimming). Some sinks are designed to support both undermount and drop-in installation.

Consider what you prefer most and what your countertop supports.

  • Brand Reliability

Brand reliability is another important factor to pay attention to. A good brand will offer you not only a reliable product but also the proper warranties and best after-sales services.

Some renowned kitchen sink manufacturers are Kraus USA Inc, Ruvati, Blanco, Zuhne, Kohler, lordear.

All the products listed in our reviews are great. Now it’s your turn who decides which brand you should go for.

  • Prices

Due to its simple design, a single basin sink is less expensive than an equivalent double bowl kitchen sink. Of course, price ranges may vary depending on brand reputation, mounting style, materials used, and additional accessories.

In general, stainless steel sinks are comparatively less expensive, while fireclay sinks are the most expensive.

Compare the prices for different brands. Also, consider the cost to install that varies greatly by region.


These are our experts’ recommendations for the best single bowl kitchen sink.

They stand out from all other competitors regarding durability, styles, functionality, and quality to price ratio.

No matter if you decide to replace your existing sink or remodel your kitchen, any of these 5 options will give you a great kitchen experience overall.

So, why are you waiting for?

Best of luck with your new purchase!

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