Samsung vs Panasonic Microwave Oven

To warm or reheat your food fast, you need a microwave oven. This kitchen appliance has become an essential part of the kitchen, and most people just can’t do without it.

In fact, a kitchen without one is seen as incomplete. With one, you can cook, reheat, defrost, pop popcorns, soften butter, and melt chocolate, among other functions.


But, now the challenge comes when you have to decide which microwave brand is the best. Remember, you want to get the best appliance for your home.

In this post, we compare Samsung and Panasonic, two high-end microwave brands on the market today. After going through their features, you should be able to settle for the best option.

Samsung Microwave vs Panasonic: Comparison Chart

Difference Samsung Microwave Ovens Panasonic Microwave Ovens
Features Have many features that make cooking easier. Boast higher-end features that help you cook faster and more evenly.
Ease of use Easy to use Easier to use
Ease of cleaning Easier to clean, thanks to the ceramic interior. Easy to clean
Power range Most have a wattage of between 900 and 1050. Most have a higher wattage of 1200 watts to 1250 watts.
Size 1.1 cubic feet to 1.4 cubic feet 1.2 to 2.2 cubic feet
Reliability Reliable Highly reliable with very few customer complaints.
Warranty period One-year warranty on factory defects. One-year warranty on labor and 5-year on the magnetron.
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What Is the Difference Between Samsung and Panasonic?

Which Microwave is Better, Samsung or Panasonic


Samsung microwaves are beautiful and feature a scratch-resistant exterior with an easy-to-clean surface. They also have an easy-to-clean interior with a solid ceramic turntable.

Almost every Samsung microwave boasts a built-in grill that you can use as a replacement for a broiler to get crispy textures on your bread.

Most Samsung microwaves come with a whole bunch of features to make your daily cooking activities easier than ever. For beginners, it has auto cook presets that take the guesswork out of cooking.

Thanks to the features, you don’t have to be a professional chef to prepare meals for your guests.

Other features present in these microwaves include soften/melt function, auto defrost, sound on/off button and turn off clock button.

On the other hand, Panasonic microwaves come with a variety of features to help you cook faster and with ease.

This brand is a pacesetter when compared to other microwave brands.

Panasonic was the first brand to introduce inverter technology, which delivers a steady power flow for fast and even cooking. The technology improves defrosting and reheating modes to give you reliable heat.

Most microwaves from this brand boast the Genius sensor as well. It’s a feature that uses humidity to reheat or cook automatically.

The sensor technology helps you cook with ease. You just need to place your food in the oven and come back for a perfectly cooked meal.

Other features you will find in a Panasonic microwave include turbo defrost, LED interface, smart controls, sensor reheat, among others.

 Power and Size Options

Most Samsung microwaves are in the mid-size range with a power output of between 900 and 1050 watts. Their internal capacity ranges from 1.1 cubic feet to 1.4 cubic feet and suits single persons or smaller families.

One drawback of Samsung microwaves is that they are quite narrow and therefore not ideal for microwaving large batches.

Panasonic microwaves have a relatively higher wattage, with most coming in the range of 1200 to 1250 watts. With a unit from this brand, you’ll realize that your meals cook faster than before.

These models also feature a spacious interior.


One major factor you want to know about a microwave before you pay for it is its reliability. You don’t want to end up with an appliance that breaks down from time to time or one with faulty parts.

Panasonic microwaves carry the crown when it comes to reliability. They have an excellent reputation with higher ratings on most online stores and platforms, including Amazon.

Their microwaves have a reassuring one-year warranty on parts and a 5-year warranty on the magnetron.

Samsung microwaves also have a decent reputation when it comes to reliability. However, you should note that they have a higher breakdown rating than Panasonic models.

Ease of Use

Everyone wants an appliance they can use with ease, and Samsung microwaves make your cooking tasks easier.

They come with a keypad interface that is not only simple to use but also very clear. You can, as a result, enter everything you want with ease.

They also feature a lot of extra buttons to help you prepare your meals fast.

Panasonic microwaves are also relatively easy to use with a standard keypad with an LED display. Some models offer a dial input.

Which Microwave is Better, Samsung or Panasonic?

Both brands offer great microwaves that will help you prepare meals for your family and friends fast and with ease.

However, Panasonic models are better than Samsung’s as they are more reliable and come with a wide range of features to help you cook different meals fast, evenly, and with ease.

These units are more spacious, more powerful, and easy to clean.

Samsung microwaves are not to be underrated as well. In addition to their gorgeous aesthetics, these units are easy to clean, scratch-resistant, powerful enough for home use, and easy to use as well.

If interested in a model from either brand, consider the following

1. Samsung MG11T5018CC

Samsung MG11T5018CC

With 1000 watts and 10 power levels, Samsung MG11T5018CC provides enough power to help you boil, reheat and defrost a variety of foods.

The model boasts a 1.1 cubic feet interior capacity and a 12.4-inch built-in glass turntable that allows you enough space to cook enough food for 4.

It features 37 auto cook presets that make it easy for beginners to prepare delicacies for their loved ones. Its grilling element will help you enjoy crispy food in minutes.

The microwave is built to last, has a scratch-resistant ceramic enamel interior, and is easy to clean. It also features a glass control panel, which is easy to navigate.

2. Panasonic NN-966S

Panasonic NN-966S

The Panasonic NN-966S is a 1250 watts high power microwave with a 2.2 cubic feet capacity. It is made of stainless steel, thus long-lasting.

The model features patented inverter technology that generates a seamless stream of cooking power to deliver consistent and evenly cooked food without overcooking.

You’ll love this unit of looking for a family-size countertop microwave thanks to its spacious interior. It also comes with a 16.5-inch turntable, which is lighter, thinner, and more efficient.

Panasonic NN-966S features Advanced Turbo Defrost that speeds up defrosting time. It has smart cooking settings, 14 preset menus, delay start, quick minute timer, and child safety lock,

It also features a keep warm feature that keeps gravies, soups, or desserts warm until ready to serve.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Is Panasonic a good microwave brand?

Panasonic is a good microwave brand. Their devices are highly reliable, easy to use, and boast a spacious interior.

Q: How long should a Panasonic microwave last?

A Panasonic microwave should last for about 7 years with normal use and excellent maintenance.

Q: Where are Panasonic microwaves made?

Panasonic microwaves are made in China by Panasonic Corporation

Q: Where are Samsung microwaves made?

Samsung microwaves are made in South Korea

Q: How many watts is a good microwave?

A good microwave is at least 1000 watts. It can cook faster and more evenly.

Q: What type of microwave goes in a cabinet?

Built-in microwaves go in a cabinet. They have the advantage of saving counter space.

Q: Are Samsung microwaves good?

Samsun microwave ovens are great options. They boast lots of features to help you cook with ease, are long-lasting, easy to clean and use.

Q: What is the warranty period for Samsung microwaves?

Samsung microwaves come with a one-year warranty. The warranty covers defects, including workmanship, design, and material flaws.


You can never go wrong with a microwave from either Panasonic or Samsung. The two brands produce high-quality models with enough features to help you heat, reheat or defrost foods fast and evenly (1).

If looking for family-size models, consider Panasonic(View on Amazon). Their microwaves are usually spacious and will help you prepare bigger batches at a go.

Their microwaves also come with higher-end features that make cooking a breeze. They are, however, pricier.

A Samsung microwave will most likely suit you if living in a small apartment or college dorm. Although beautiful, these devices usually boast a very narrow interior.

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