Rent or Buy a Water Dispenser – Which is the Best Option?

A water dispenser contributes to the health and well-being of your employees. This translates to job satisfaction and increased productivity.

If looking for a water dispenser for your workplace, you have two options-either buying or renting.

So, which choice is the best for your business? To help you make the right decision, we’ve discussed the pros and cons of each option in this post.

Benefits of Buying a Water Dispenser

Rent or Buy a Water Dispenser
  • You Get Total Control Over the Dispenser

Although it may sound obvious, the main benefit of buying any item is that you own it. Purchasing the dispenser gives you greater control over using and maintaining it.

It also means that you can sell the unit if you feel that you no longer need it, unlike when renting it.

  • No Rental Agreement

If you choose to rent a water dispenser, you’ll have to sign a rental agreement. These contracts may feel constrictive, and thus if possible, it’s better to buy the unit.

  • No Minimum Purchase

Depending on the company, you might be required to spend a specific amount every month. Purchasing the dispenser frees you from such terms, and you get to spend your water the way you want.

Disadvantages of Buying a Water Dispenser

  • High Upfront Costs

Even the cheapest water dispensers are expensive. This means that you’ll be spending several hundred dollars on getting one.

And although you can choose to go for a lower-cost model, it’s not worth it. You’ll find yourself spending more on repairs than if you had gone for a high-quality model in the first place.

  • Owner Responsibility

Purchasing the water dispenser means that you’ll be responsible for routine maintenance. It also means that you’re responsible for getting the company technician or plumber to address the issue should anything go wrong.

And after the plumber/technician diagnoses the problem, you’ll be responsible for paying for the service.

Benefits of Renting a Water Dispenser

  • Low Cost

If you choose to rent a water dispenser, you won’t have to spend several hundred dollars to furnish your office.

Imagine if you had several offices or a larger one that required several water dispensers. You’d have to spend a lot of money on them if you were to buy upfront, right?

  • Routine Maintenance

The last thing to remember when running a business is changing your water dispenser filters. There’s so much that you have to deal with, and the dispenser might go unattended for some time.

When you rent the dispenser, the company schedules filter changes making it easier for you to focus on other things.

  • Easy to Get Upgrades

When you buy a water dispenser, that’s it! If you want an upgrade, you’ll have to pay for it. You either sell the old model or keep it in the storeroom.

But when you want to get a cooler model, and you’re renting, you get access to many options. You can upgrade to any model of choice.

Also, should the model reach the end of its life, you’ll get a new dispenser as a replacement.

Disadvantages of Renting a Water Dispenser

  • You Have to Sign a Rental Agreement

The main downside of renting a water dispenser is the rental agreement. Although it’s put in place to protect both parties, it’s somehow restrictive.

  • Choosing the Right Water Cooler Option

It can be hard to decide whether to buy or rent a water dispenser. To solve this problem with ease, consider whether you anticipate the growth of your company, which would prompt the need for additional dispensers.

Ask yourself whether you are into the idea of having one person to contact for all your water dispenser needs and whether you’re prepared to replace the unit as needed if it can’t be fixed.

If the answer to the questions is yes, go ahead and buy the dispenser. If you answered no to any of the questions, consider renting the water dispenser.

Frequently Asked Questions

01. Should I get a water dispenser for my office?

Investing in a water dispenser is essential. It’ll help keep your employees hydrated, healthy, and in a good mood. The results will be high productivity.

02. Does a water dispenser consume a lot of electricity?

Water dispensers consume between 0.3 and 1.2kWh of energy daily to get cold water and around 2.8 kWh for cold and hot water. Per year, it’s estimated that a water dispenser consumes around 912kWh, which will cost you around $118.

03. Can a water dispenser work if placed on a carpet?

The dispenser will still work even when placed on the carpet. However, it’s best to place it on a sturdy surface to prevent it from wobbling.

04. Can a water dispenser get mold?

Mold can easily accumulate on water dispensers, and the worst part is it usually develops in hard-to-reach places. Ensure that you clean the unit from time to time to prevent mold.


Whether you decide to buy or rent a water dispenser, always go for local agents as they have vast knowledge about the water in your area. They would also give you the best guidance on renting or buying a water dispenser.

All in all, the decision is yours to make. If you can afford to pay for the upfront fees, post-repair, and maintenance, purchase the dispenser.

And if you’re a very busy individual and you feel that you might forget to keep the dispenser in good shape, consider renting one from a trusted agency.

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