Pros and Cons of Lighted Bathroom Mirrors

Thinking of upgrading your bathroom mirror? Choosing the right one might not be as simple as most people tend to think. Remember, a bathroom mirror is in equal parts functional and decorative.

Your decision will therefore boil down to more than just how the mirror looks. Think about your current mirror and why you so much want to change it.

Not quite sure where to begin? How about trying out a lighted bathroom mirror? They are a favorite to many, and you might end up falling in love with them as well.

In this post, we’ll discuss the pros and cons of lighted bathroom mirrors. After going through the article, you should be able to decide whether a lighted bathroom mirror is worth going for or not.

Advantages of Lighted Bathroom Mirrors

Pros and Cons of Lighted Bathroom Mirrors

They Improve Grooming Experience

The LEDs in lighted bathroom mirrors work together with the mirror design to ensure the delivery of soft and balanced lighting.

And although the light might appear subtle, it’s bright enough to give you well-lit reflections without shadows. You can, as a result, apply your makeup or shave with ease.

Enable You to See Colors Accurately

Lighted mirrors provide light that is similar to natural light, the recommended light for makeup application.

The light enables you to see all the colors on your palette and clothes accurately, meaning that you can now style your outfits with ease and blend your makeup seamlessly.

Comfortable for the Eyes

The lighting from LED bathroom mirrors is usually soft, and you won’t get blinded by glare from the mirror. And thanks to this feature, grooming becomes more comfortable.

Add Value to Your Home

Lighted mirrors make the bathroom appear more spacious, brighter and more inviting. And although the mirrors come with a higher price tag than standard mirrors, they’ll add hundreds of dollars to the value of your home.

Makes Your Bathroom More Attractive

Lighted mirrors come in beautiful designs, and the effect they give your bathroom instantly beautifies it. The mirrors do not only make your space look more attractive but also make small and dimmer bathrooms appear bigger and brighter.

Energy Efficient

LED lights use 75% less energy than incandescent light. And with a lighted bathroom mirror, you won’t require any more incandescent lamps in the room. This means that you’ll save a lot.

LED lights also boast a service life of 50,000 hours or more, meaning that it will take you several years before you can think of replacing them.

Add Lighting to a Poorly Lit Bathroom

Lighted mirrors can also act as an additional source of lighting in a poorly lit bathroom. If the primary lighting isn’t enough to illuminate your entire bathroom, these mirrors come in handy.

The soft light from these mirrors makes the room brighter without harsh shadows brought about by bright bulbs.

They Set the Mood

You can argue that a candle gives off a nice glow in the bathroom, and nobody will go against you on that. But, when a lighted mirror is the only light source in the bathroom, it gives a glow unlike any other.

The soft, even glow these mirrors emit can take your bubble bath to a whole new level. Extremely relaxing!

Are Available in Different Sizes

Lighted bathroom mirrors come in different sizes meaning that you can find a size that suits your bathroom with ease. Also, manufacturers can customize the size to your liking.

Disadvantages of Lighted Bathroom Mirrors


Lighted bathroom mirrors are more expensive than standard wall-mounted mirrors. If you’re looking forward to getting a few pieces for your home, be ready to spend more.

Difficult to Install

Installing a lighted bathroom mirror might be a little tricky, especially if the piece is designed to be wired into a wall. You might actually end up getting a professional to help you with the installation.

Frequently Asked Questions

01. Are lighted bathroom mirrors worth it?

Lighted bathroom mirrors are definitely worth going for. These mirrors not only make your bathroom look stunning but also help you do personal grooming with ease.

02. Do lighted bathroom mirrors provide sufficient light?

Lighted bathroom mirrors provide just enough light to help you see your reflection clearly. These pieces provide enough light to enable you to carry out any task where a well-lit reflection is required.

03. Are lighted bathroom mirrors bad for your eyes?

No. these mirrors provide soft and warm light (light of lower intensity) that is comfortable and safe for the eyes.

04. Do lighted bathroom mirrors require electricity?

There are lots of lighted bathroom mirrors in the market today that do not require an electrical charge. And if you happen to come across one that requires electricity, it won’t demand as much electricity as fluorescent or incandescent bulbs.

05. How bright are lighted bathroom mirrors?

Lighted bathroom mirrors are bright enough to provide you with enough illumination for personal grooming. These mirrors brighten up your bathroom space, enabling you to carry out all the tasks you intend to do whenever you step in there.


Although there are a few disadvantages that come with lighted bathroom mirrors, the benefits of owning are so many to ignore. From helping you self-groom with ease to making your tiny bathroom appear bigger and increasing the value of your home, you can’t just ignore these masterpieces.

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