Pros and Cons of Farmhouse Sinks

Whether you are washing vegetables, cooking, or cleaning up the dishes after dinner, a kitchen sink comes in handy. It is an important part of any kitchen.

For your kitchen space to be functional and feel homely, you need to get a durable kitchen sink that adds eye-catching detail.

By installing the best farmhouse sink, you’ll be adding a stylish centerpiece in your kitchen that’s built to last. These sinks are highly functional, durable, and extremely gorgeous.

They make a beautiful and great addition to any kitchen.

What’s a Farmhouse Sink?

A farmhouse sink, also known as an apron-front sink, is a large rectangular sink with a deep bowl that features an apron-front design.

The front side of the sink’s bowl is exposed and often set out from the edge of the kitchen cabinetry. It provides a beautiful visual, making the fixture a focal point of your kitchen.

The sink brings a touch of country charm to any modern home while offering a great number of functional benefits.

Are farmhouse sinks better than other sink types? What are their pros and cons?

Keep on reading to get the advantages and disadvantages of these trendy kitchen sinks.

Pros of Farmhouse Sinks

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  • Durability

Farmhouse sinks are known for their durability and long-lasting nature. They are perfect for heavy-duty use. Professionals usually go for these models, as they are not only durable but also highly resistant to heat.

Stainless steel farmhouse sinks are also nonporous and won’t crack, chip or splinter with time.

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Fireclay farmhouse sinks are also extremely durable. And since they are made from a blend of clay and glaze (fused at extremely high temperatures), these sinks are hard and resistant to cracks, chips, stains, and rust.

  • Extra Capacity

Farmhouse sinks are larger and deeper than other types of sinks. The additional depth and width allow enough room for soaking large pots and pans, stockpots, baking sheets, grill grates, etc.

And because the sinks sit flush with cabinets and countertops, it’s easier for you to lift heavier items in and out of them.

The large capacity of these models makes them ideal for larger households or homeowners who like hosting parties from time to time.

  • Versatility

Farmhouse sinks are highly versatile and come in a wide range of sizes and a variety of materials. From stainless steel to porcelain, granite, fireclay, cast iron, copper, acrylic, and stone, you’ll be lost of choices.

These sinks are also available in single and multiple basins. However, the size to get for your home should be determined by the available space.

And if you want the sink to fit your style, taste, or match your kitchen décor, you’ve got nothing to worry about. Farmhouse sinks are also available in different colors.

  • Style and Aesthetic

A farmhouse sink can add to the overall style of your kitchen and home. It adds to the room’s aesthetics, giving it an outstanding look.

Depending on the décor of your kitchen, the right farmhouse sink can give you the look you’re looking for. It can add the beauty and style you so much want in your cooking space.

  • Functionality

While you want your sink to match your kitchen décor, it also needs to be functional. Farmhouse sinks are highly functional and make it easy for you to wash your dishes.

You can easily soak a lot of dishes at once in a farmhouse sink as opposed to a standard-size sink.

Another benefit of the farmhouse sink is that it’s much easier to fill a large pot with water. And if you don’t have a separate pot filler, this sink makes cooking and food prep easy.

Cons of Farmhouse Sinks

  • Expensive

Farmhouse sinks come with a higher price tag than standard sinks. You also have to factor in the installation cost of the unit, as the installation process is a little complex.

However, considering the fact that these units are larger, more durable, and functional, they are worth going for.

  • Require More Space

The wider and deeper nature of a farmhouse sink means that it’ll take a lot of space. If your kitchen is tiny, it might not fit.

Farmhouse sinks are heavier than most standard sinks depending on the chosen material. Therefore, to hold the sink in place, you may require extra support, meaning that the space below the sink could be restricted further.

  • Not Easy to Install

One of the major drawbacks of selecting a farmhouse sink is the installation process. Ideally, you should install a farmhouse sink as a part of your kitchen remodel.

However, if you intend to install it on an existing countertop, you’ll have to alter the size of the countertop to accommodate the sink. This can be time-consuming and expensive.


After going through the pros and cons of farmhouse sinks, you can now decide whether it’s the right fit for your home or not.

These large sinks are durable, highly functional, versatile, beautiful, and make your kitchen stand out.

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