How to Project Laptop Screen to Wall Without Projector

Are you planning for a movie night at your house with your friends, colleagues, family, right? Is, so then a projector is a must. If you do not have one and think of canceling a plan due to a lack of money to get an expensive projector, it is possible to project a picture on a wall without an unaffordable projector. Here we will guide you on how to project a laptop screen to a wall without projector step by step.

Moreover, one major problem is that projectors are power supply dependent. So, it is a risky to use projector at outside. You want to hang out your movies plan with family and friends at outside in open environment, then you should not worry that how you make plan without projector.

We are here to help you out step by step that How to Project Laptop Screen to Wall Without Projector and you make your plan successful without projector.

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How to Project an Image on a Wall Without a Projector?

Many people think that the purpose of laptops is to explore the internet, streaming videos, and enjoying video games. Other than that, you can project image on wall with laptops rather than a screen projector which is a straightforward and cost-effective solution to a projector.

No laptop is made to be used as a projector to clear your doubts, but you can turn it into a DIY projector. For that, you need the following things, excluding the laptop:

  • Matte black paint or a thick black sheet
  • A carton that can hold the laptop in fitting
  • Ruler and Pencil
  • Glue, brush, and dual-sided tape
  • Scissor or precision knife
  • Magnification Glass
  • Mirror
  • Touch light
Material For Making DIY Projector

Project an Image on Wall With Smartphone:

The phone is not only for phone calls, and you can do millions of other jobs on it; one of the best examples is to project the image by smartphone. Although no smartphone comes with a built-in projector, you should create a DIY (Do-it-yourself). It’s a two-step but quick and straightforward process.

Setting Smart Phone:

For this purpose, you must have an iPhone, then go to settings, here you see general press it, now press Usability, when you press it you get a system option click on it, in the last press rotate the screen. But today, there are such Android available which are perfect for doing this job.

In these phones, download an app that is capable of screen rotating. After doing this, now you are ready to watch everything that you want. You can focus on a specific image with the help of a phone. But this offers ineffective sound, so buy an external speaker for distortion-free sound.

Hence, you can use it for presentation and other wireless connections and by enabling the Bluetooth option. When the speakers are on, the playback system remains in Always on or Hold mode. And maybe it is discovered by both Bluetooth and Computer setup.

That’s why we found the dealer or speaker name; if you load the name, the show starts. Now it delivers high-quality clear sound. The majority of the people indeed take it as a complex procedure compared to other devices. But this is best for the money-saving process.

Quality of Image:

The image quality is just ok means you can enjoy theater inside the home but outside picture magnification provides blurring which reduces the video quality. Hence, for a crisper quality reduces it’s blurriness. 

Project Image With a Flashlight:

First, point the flashlight at that wall where you want to project the image.

Then before putting the lamp on, set the Fresnel.

Turn the light on and allow the lens to shine.

In this way, you will project the image on the wall; then, adjust the lens location to focus the image.

Keep changing the location of the lens until you get the size and quality of your own choice

Use The Appropriate Size Box and Glass to Project Laptop/Smartphone Screen to Wall Without Projector:

You can set the glass and magnifying lens in a straight line in the carton. Moreover, this setting helps you project a big image on the wall with the ray of light from a torch placed in a carton at an appropriate distance. In addition to that, the mirror must be rectangular, and the box has the same size in which the laptop fits.

Box Preparation

Step-1: Blackout The Interior for Better Picture Quality:

Cut the straight side out of the exterior carton with a scalpel or a scissor and place it aside. Now, cut the cover of the carton too. The reflection of the light from the walls of the package will decrease the quality of the image formed on the wall.

To cope with this problem, you have to paint the inner side of the projector with black paint or apply a matte black sheet inside your projector.

You can better off with a matte black sheet as it is better than paint and can be done with the use of glue. Take the benefit of the brush to spread the glue quickly.

We have not recommended black paint because it takes some time to dry up, and the chance is not every side is painted equally good by you if you have no prior experience of painting.

Step-2: Lens Installation into Laptop Projector DIY(Do-It-Yourself):

After you are done using the handle, it is time to draw the cut sketch of the magnification lens on the center of the complete side of the plate. Now, cut the sketched portion with the precision knife so that the lens fits into it to avoid power image quality which can happen due to an improperly adjusted lens.

Step-3: Design the Adjustable Focus For Your Laptop / Smartphone Projector:

An adaptable focus implies that you can shift the magnifying lens to the laptop. For this, the focus must be increased, which can be done by making a secondary carton that fits well into the primary one where the laptop is fitted. Again in the interior side of the secondary box, apply a matt black sheet.

There we suggest that you must use a measuring ruler for appropriate fitting and cutting. Make a few cuts at the top and bottom after enabling the flaps to come a few inches out. Then place the neighboring flaps’ sides with the glue. This configuration makes the design more durable and robust. Now, employ the glue on the box’s inside flaps.

Step-4: Install The Mirror:

You have an adjustable system that can project images on both sides (left and right) until that time. It is not a complicated task. You can disable the auto-rotating feature of our DIY laptop projector. After disabling this feature, the laptop must be in the position where you have to project the picture.

Moreover, the positioning of the left to the right image can be corrected by utilizing a mirror. You can do that by inlaying the mirror in such a way that it comes perpendicular to the magnifying lens.

Step-5: Make a Window For The Laptop or Smart Phone:

After going through all the steps one by one, now it’s time to measure your laptop’s display under the projector mirror, draw a rectangle over the mirror on the projector’s lid. Use the sharp blade to eliminate the rectangle.

Eventually, fix the magnifying glass into the rectangular-shaped hole. By doing so, you have made your laptop project, and now you are ready to project laptop to wall. Moreover, you can personalize your homemade laptop projector by painting and adding other fancy stuff.

Laptop Adjustment

Frequently Asked Questions About Project Laptop Screen to Wall Without Projector

Ans: There is no alternative to the projector in the market, but you can make a DIY alternative by using a smartphone or a laptop which depends on your choice. Moreover, most of the stuff used in making DIY smartphone or laptop projectors are the same as a cartoon, glass, lens, and black sheet, but their size can vary.

Ans: With the assistance of a VGA cable, you can join your laptop with the projector. If the projector does not have a VGA port, you can connect the projector via a USB port by attaching one USB cable end on the laptop and the other on the projector. After restarting your laptop, you can turn it on, but you should avoid turning on the projector.

Ans: Epson iProjection is the Android application that lets the user make their smartphone a projector simply. Moreover, it helps the user project files and pictures wirelessly. Besides that, you can move around your house after setting your Android smartphone on a large screen.

Final Words For How To Project Laptop Screen to Wall Without Projector:

Mostly in organizations, educational institutions, hospitals, and workplaces, a projector has prime importance. But if you enjoy video in the dark with your mates, you are not required to spend a lot of bucks as you can try the above-mentioned method to make a DIY laptop projector. Making this homemade projector is very easy and does not demand a skill set to accomplish it.

We are not saying that the DIY laptop project you will create can match the quality of a genuine projector. So be realistic. This trick is for those who want inexpensive fun but for professional use; you are a must to buy a decent project. I hope you have learned how to project an image onto a wall without a projector from this guide.

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