Panasonic NN-CD87KS HomeChef 4-IN-1 Microwave Oven Review

Panasonic is a popular company known for its high-quality products. The company has been in operation for a very long time and has more than 450 consolidated companies worldwide.

Panasonic is also a worldwide leader when it comes to the development of diverse electronics technologies and solutions.

Panasonic designed the NN-CD87KS HomeChef 4-in-1 countertop microwave oven, one of the best countertop convection microwave ovens you can find around. It’s a kitchen giant that will help you bake cookies, roast meat, prepare French fries, warm your food, defrost, among other things.

In a hurry? check out the key features of this multi-oven. They should help you make an informed buying decision.

Key Features at a Glance- Panasonic NN-CD87KS HomeChef 4-IN-1 Microwave Oven

  • Patented inverter technology
  • Stainless Steel interior
  • Safety lock + silent mode
  • 1.2 CU ft. interior capacity
  • Sleek space-saving design
  • Weighs 39.1 pounds
  • Air fry, convection and broiler cooking modes
  • Measures 14.97” x 15.36” x 9”
  • 1000 watts’ power usage
  • Stainless steel color
  • 20 automatic cook menu presets
  • Genius sensor
  • 14.2” turntable

And now, let’s dig deep into these features.

Panasonic NN-CD87KS HomeChef 4-IN-1 Detailed Review

panasonic nn-cd87ks home chef 4-in-1 microwave oven
  • Multifunctional

First off, Panasonic NN-CD87KS is an all-in-one multi-oven that functions as a broiler, air fryer, and convection oven. You can use each function alone or combine them to prepare delicious meals for your family at all times.

  • Inverter Technology

With this unit, get ready to prepare your family’s delicacies with ease. It boasts a patented inverter technology that teams up with the genius sensor for even heating, defrosting, cooking, and keeping your food warm.

Coupled with Genius Sensor technology and 20 automatic cook menu presets, this masterpiece will make your family proud of you. They can always look forward to getting tasty delicacies once you step into the kitchen.

  • Healthy Air Fryer

Air frying helps to cut down on calories by using no oil. However, you still get the same crispy delicious results. Panasonic NN-CD87KS air frying technology enables cooking from within and outside to give perfectly crispy fries, nuggets, burgers, chicken wings, and more. It makes it possible for you to prepare healthy snacks and other delicacies at all times.

  • Convection Bake Function

The unit’s convection bake function ranges from 100 degrees to 425 degrees to enable you to bake and roast with ease. A FlashXpress broiler allows it to broil with grill-like results. The broiler is perfect for browning, toasting, and crisping.

  • Built-in Cooling Cycle

The oven has a built-in cooling cycle that protects the interior components and ensures long-term durability. Depending on the mode and cook time, you may hear the fan up to six minutes after cooking is complete. This helps to cool the oven’s interior fully.

  • Easy to Clean

Cleaning this oven is an easy task, thanks to the stainless steel interior. Whether it’s the sticky oils or bread crumbs, cleaning even the toughest stuck-on mess is a breeze. You just need a damp kitchen towel and a cleaning detergent to get the work done.

  • Safety Lock and Silent Mode

Setting the oven’s safety lock helps to keep your kids safe from burns. It prevents them from operating the oven.

In addition, this model boasts a silent mode that enables you to turn off beeps. This enables your fussy kid to sleep peacefully and for long hours. This mode is also fantastic for persons who don’t like to hear the beep when the timer is done.

  • Space-Saving Design
panasonic nn-cd87ks home chef 4-in-1

The microwave has a large 1.2 cubic foot capacity and a 14.2-inch turntable that makes it possible for you to prepare a whole kitchen. It also comes in a space-saving design to fit in your countertop. Thanks to the small overall footprint, you can also build it in to cabinets using an optional trim kit.

  • Custom Recipes

To help you prepare tasty meals for your family using this masterpiece, Panasonic has partnered with recipe apps SideChef and Drop to bring you quick and easy recipes. You only need to download the app on your phone to get started.

  • Sleek Aesthetics

For a classy built-in look, get the Panasonic stainless steel trim kit (sold separately) and get the job done. Instructional videos are available to help you achieve the look you want with ease.

  • Other Features


The oven comes with a turntable that rotates the food to cook properly, a wire rack to help you roast your meat with ease, an enamel tray, a large air fryer that can hold a lot of food, and a quick recipe guide.

User Guide

A user guide that comes with this 4 in 1 multi-oven makes using it an effortless task. It’s easy to read and understand and hence quite reliable.

Product Summary

Panasonic NN-CD87KS HomeChef 4 in 1 is an excellent oven with an easy-to-understand user interface and efficient control panel. It’s well built, durable, heats evenly, and has a small footprint that makes it suitable for small kitchens.

And since it’s multifunctional, it replaces other kitchen appliances hence saves the counter space.

This unit is a first-in-class kitchen appliance that comes in a classic design, has convenient presets, and is easy to clean. It is also worlds more convenient than big bulky cooking appliances that can take all your kitchen space.


  • Heavy-duty build quality
  • Heats fast and evenly
  • Comes in a sleek design
  • Takes up less space
  • Has easy-to-use controls
  • Easy to clean


  • Weak interior light
  • Front panel is a fingerprint magnet
  • Poor grill function
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