Osaki massage Chairs Reviews 2022( Buyer’s Guide)

Wanted a massage chair that not only relieves the body aches but also will relax your mind and relax your body muscles? Here you go. In this article, we will give you detailed reviews about some of the Osaki massage chairs, and out of them, we will find the best one for you to buy.

Osaki comes in a huge range when it comes to massage chairs. Their prices are different depending on the facilities the chair will provide.

Osaki Massage Chairs Reviews 2022

Top varieties of the Osaki massage chairs:

Let’s get the details about the most demanding chairs of Osaki.

Here we thoroughly evaluate each of the chairs.

1.Osaki OS-4000 zero gravity heated reclining massage chair:

Osaki OS-4000 zero gravity heated reclining massage chair:
  • The OS-4000 model of the Osaki is at the top of the list. This machine comes with zero gravity technology. I know in this era of technology choosing a chair based on just zero gravity technology is nothing logical. But the fact is that other machines that come with zero gravity demand huge prices that sometimes seem unreasonable. But this machine is in range, zero gravity chair concerning to price.
  • The other feature of this includes, this has the automatic body scan system. When a person sits on the machines it automatically detects the pressure points and feeds that into the system so that the massage will occur accordingly.
  • The massage typically is more focused on the points like the shoulders, neck, and waist.
  • The chair comes with a heating system too which will loosen the muscles and give you a relaxing feel.

Gaps to fulfill:

This machine is not suitable for people who are tall or have broad shoulders. They will find it a bit non-comfortable while sitting on the chair. This problem has to be addressed by the company. And the company should have to take steps for the problem

The other flaw is, it comes with a complex manual for the usual setting and assembly of the chair.

Pros and cons:

Some pros and cons of using the chair are.

Pros; advantages of choosing this machine are

  • Have six different auto massage programs.
  • Customizable settings
  • Zero gravity seating
  • (In comparison to the other massage chairs.)
  • Made of high-quality material.

Cons; some cons that you have to face when once you purchase this machine are.

  • The rollers attached to it, are week and easily breakable with little pressure.
  • Not suitable for tall and broad people.

2.Osaki 4000CS:

Osaki 4000CS
  • The Osaki 400CS comes with space-saving technology. This machine needs only 6 inches of your home.
  • The chair gives horizontal massage the best. it will focus on the points like the neck, things, and the glute.
  • The zero-gravity system makes it fit for every body type. Identifying the pressure points and then the machine adjusts themselves according to the body.
  • The lumber heating system gives a relaxant feel to the muscles.

Gaps to fulfill:

As it comes with doesn’t come with adjustable rollers so it is not a good deal to have for the ones who need extra foot support during the massage. People leave this chair mostly due to this flaw the chair has.

Pros; pros related to this machine are.

  • Suitable for the taller people also.
  • Better adjustability with zero gravity.
  • Comes with space-saving technology.
  • Have adjustable shoulders.

Cons; cons of using this machine is

  • It doesn’t have attached rollers.

3.Osaki OS-7200H pinnacle massage chair:

osaki massage chair 3
  • The OS-7200H pinnacles mostly focus on the head and the shoulder region of the body.
  • This comes with two rollers for each foot.
  • This has a zero-gravity system for the leg region also. This makes it a perfect fit for everybody.
  • The rollers for the head region take more attention from the customer. This feels like a hand massage to the head while sitting in this comfortable chair.
  • The heating system focuses on the lumbar, pelvic, calves shoulder, and head region.

Pros; the pros of having this chair are.

  • Easy to clean
  • Have head rollers
  • Have separate airbags for the calves and thighs

Cons; cons of having this chair can be.

  • The Manual is brief and not detailed.

4.Osaki OS pro alpine:

Osaki OS pro alpine
  • Osaki OS pro alpine is known for its l-track massage. It has its specialty in massaging the glute. This chair can give you the lifetime best glute massage.
  • This comes with the removable back pads. If you remove the back pads you can experience a good neck and shoulder massage also.
  • This is the only machine that comes with the leg adjustments. This will adjust according to the length of your legs. The others in the list adjust according to the pressure points in the legs but this will adjust itself according to your leg length also.

Pros; pros of using the machine are.

  • Comes with an elegant design
  • Have adjustable rollers
  • Removable back pads
  • Have leg adjusting option.

Cons; cons of using the machine can be.

  • No head massage rollers.
  • Don’t have a heating pad system.
  • No adjustment for the shoulder, so that is not suited for the broad people.

5.Osaki OS pro first class:

Osaki OS pro first class
  • The chair is more suitable for people who are finding a chair specifically for the neck and shoulder massage.
  • The chair follows the J-type track system.
  • The massage ranges from mild to deep inside the tissues but this will be never too intense.
  • The outer leather is of high quality. It feels so soft to sit on.

Pros: The pros of using this chair can be.

  • Best for the neck and shoulder massage.
  • The rollers are rigid and not easily breakable.
  • The material used is of high quality.

Cons; cons of using this chair can be.

  • The chair is better suited for small to medium-sized people.
  • Don’t have zero gravity technology.
  • No heating pads.

Best Osaki massage chair:

Some of the leading Osaki massage chairs are mentioned above in detail. Now we have to filter one out of them.

Osaki OS-4000 is the best massage chair in the Osaki massage chair range. This chair is designated as the best due to some reasons that, it is a zero gravity massage chair, many of the massage chairs these days come with that technology but it is the only one that is the cheapest among the zero gravity massage chairs.

It is also famous for its six different functions when it comes to massage. On settings, this will give you six different types of massages which are really good to have in a massage chair.

The chair also comes with heating pads this heating is not too intense but just as reasonable as your muscle wants. These will relaxant the muscles and you feel fresh after the therapy.

The design of this chair is elite and it is attractive to the eyes of a customer as a whole. The material finish is so classy, and the materials used are of high quality.

Because of these reasons the Osaki OS-4000 is the best to have on a side of your launch.

A customer named Steve rated the Osaki OS-4000 five stars in his review he said that the chair is awesome. It gives the best relaxation period; it is very nice when it comes to massaging the glute and arm. A zero gravity feature is excellent and the remote is a plus. This fits me so well and the first experience with the machine was so enchanting.

Another customer from Milwaukee rated the Osaki OS-4000 five stars. He said in his review that, after 2 weeks of ordering he get his parcel. It took him 2 hours to move the boxes into the house. It takes a little more time to assemble the chair. He added, it seems like the manual is difficult to understand but sometimes you have to give your common sense a priority. For the chair’s functionality, he said that the chair is very comfortable, elite in style, and gives the best massage. He also wrote with pleasure that the style matches the furniture schemes of his home.

A customer named Glenda hart gave this a one-star rating. She said in her review that, the manual was so difficult to understand, even the rollers just remain nonadjustable, we have to call the company’s assistance for the assembly, and the manual is just non-readable. Also, she said for the smart mode, that it feels like it’s going to break some part of my body.

The global ratings of the Osaki OS-4000 is a total of 4.4 stars out of 5

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Buyers guide:

We have given you the details of some of the top massage chairs of the Osaki. While buying a one must consider the following parameters.

  • Compatibility:

As we have mentioned earlier that some of the chairs are only compatible with small-sized and medium-sized people. These are not suited for people who are broad and tall. They feel uncomfortable while sitting on the chair. So, before purchase must consider the compatibility.

  • Zero gravity:

You must consider the zero-gravity property, that most of the massage chairs offer. Try to buy one that has this technology. This will make the massage experience more pleasant.

  • Material quality:

Try to have a brief look at the material quality also, while buying a massage chair. The material quality will change its overall look and the overall massaging experience too. As it has to be placed in your launch so it should look elite and stylish.

  • Heating pads:

Consider a chair for buying that has heating pads installed in it. These heating pads give your muscles another level of relaxation and keep you in peace while you are sitting on a chair.

  • Affordability:

Go for the one which is the most affordable on your list. Affordable in terms, it provides the best features at a reasonable price. This price shouldn’t be too costly or too cheap. This should be just exact depending on the features.

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Is Osaki a good brand?

Osaki is the leading brand when comes to massage chairs. Undoubtedly it has a vast variety of massage chairs with a list of different features. Each of the massage chairs has a classy style and unique features.

The most famous massage chair of the Osaki from the last two years is the Osaki OS-4000 this is due to its reasonable price and a huge number of features.

Where are Osaki massage chairs made?

From the name, it is obvious that the Osaki is a brand that originated from Japan. It is also true that their massage chairs are not made in japan even the company is not situated there. But all these happen in the United States. Some of the accessories are made in china. Some other products of the company are imported from Japan and Taiwan.

Can I take massage on a massage chair every day?

There is no objection to taking the massage daily. Even you can take it twice a day for 15 to 20 mins. This will be enough to relax your mind.

Is the massage chair going to use a lot of electricity?

You will be pleased to hear that the massage chairs don’t consume a lot of electricity. Even The most advanced form of the massage chair is just using 200 watts of energy which is less than most of the appliances that are running in your home on electricity. Appliances like refrigerators, automatic machines, etc.

The massage chair uses just as much energy as a simple desktop setup uses.

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It’s time to end this detailed discussion with a brief conclusion.

The Osaki is the leading brand in the market of massage chairs. It offers a huge variety of massage chairs with different prices and different features. Each of its massage chairs is best in its style, design, and functionality.

Now you have to choose to depend upon your needs and budget that which chair you need for your home. It also depends on for which part of your body you specifically want a massage chair, like for shoulders, neck, glute, thighs, etc. Focus on that while choosing a massage chair. This will give the best massage for that particular area and will make the overall body relax too.

For the last two years, the demand for the Osaki OS-4000 is at its peak. It is the customer’s favorite for now. This is due to its huge list of features at a reasonable price.

Price is the first thing to consider before purchase.

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