5 Most Expensive Massage Chairs( Reviews 2022)

Having a massage chair in your home is somehow an expensive investment to do but you need to know that the massage chair is worth the money. Massage chairs are considered a luxurious thing to have in your launch. These chairs will relax your muscles every time you come from a tiring trip, from your office, and from the gym after doing a heavy workout. Here we are going to guide you about the most expensive massage chairs .

In the past times, you can hire a masseuse for a relaxing massage but today in the modern era of technology, masseuses are get replaced by luxurious massage chairs.

If you want to invest in a massage chair and wondering the best one to have for you, you are reading the right article then.

In this article, we will give you details about some best and expensive massage chairs in the market. We will let you know about their features, pros and cons, and customer reviews.

Most expensive massage chairs 2022

Following are some massage chairs we have sorted for you that are best in their quality, functionality, and price too.

1. OSAKI OS-4D Massage chair:

most expensive massage chair

Your all body aches and muscle pulls will get relaxed after you bring the OSAKI OS-4d massage chair to your home.

The massage chair has a 4D kneading ball system to give you a professional massage feel. The feel given by this chair is as same as that you get one from the human massage. The chair is made up of 29 different types of kneading techniques to make your neck, waist, wrist, legs, etc. relaxed. The chair also comes with wireless remote control, for easy control. The chair has an electrical reclining also.

Features and specifications:

  • Made with 4D L-track design.
  • Have heated rollers.
  • Built-in zero gravity technology.
  • Have dual foot rollers.
  • Laying angle adjustment varies between 120-170 degrees.
  • The massage timer has a range from 5 mins to 35 mins.
  • The net weight of the chair is 200lb.
  • Gives a wide range of variations in intensity adjustments.
  • Offers a broad range of control angles.
  • Based on zero-gravity technology.
  • The pillow and back pads are removable.
  • Gives the best massage on the targeted part
  • The color choices are limited, the chair is only available in black.
  • The machine is giant, occupies a large space.

Customers are really happy with the product service. On Amazon, the OSAKI OS-4D massage chair has a total of 5-star ratings. No one has commented in opposition to the product. All the customers are satisfied with the product quality and functionality.

2.ZARIFA-Z three-dimensional full body massage chair:

ZARIFA-Z three-dimensional full body massage chair

This massage chair is going to blow your mind once you go throw its features and specification. This massage chair is the perfect blend of the professional massage and the smart chair.

The massage chair comes with a 3D massage for all the body parts.

An important feature of it is, it is giant in appearance so that there is no problem for the people who are heavy in weight or are taller than the normal ones. This can fit every weight and size within it.

Specifications and features:

  • It is based on zero gravity technology.
  • It can spread the space for the vertebral body that is waist to avoid the bone spun.
  • The chair is based on smart technology.
  • It has 8 massage modes.
  • It has both 4D and 3D message programs.
  • Offers 8 best massage options in a single setting.
  • The material through which the chair is made is of premium quality.
  • Based on smart technology.
  • Wide enough to capture people of all weights and sizes.
  • The chair has a giant appearance.
  • This chair occupies more space than the normal massage chair.

A customer on Amazon gives the product a solid 5-star rating. In his comment, he said that he is very satisfied with the massage chair. He added, from the I bought this chair, I spend 20 minutes of each day while sitting on this massage chair and these 20 minutes vanish my all-day frustration. It is a must-have if you can afford it.

Another customer wrote with pleasure, that, the chair offers many functions each of the functions is worth for money. He added I’m a tall person with a height of 6.1 and I don’t get fit in most of the massage chairs but this massage chair fits me like it is made for me. I’m very satisfied with the product.

3.LURACO Irobotics 7 massage chair:

LURACO Irobotics 7 massage chair:

LURACO the company of the massage chairs proudly introduced its I robotics 7th generation massage chair. The company promises the best result that hasn’t been seen in any of the other usual massage chairs in the market. This chair is considered a symbol of leisure also due to its unique appearance and modern functionality.

The chair has a broad range of adjustment levels. This massage chair can relieve your muscle and body pain in instants. It is best known to make your neck stiffs normal because it is made to rub the shoulder and neck muscles to their utmost.

Specifications and features:

  • The chair is built with a full-body scanner.
  • The chair is recommended for a height of up to 6 feet and 7 inches.
  • Can accommodate weight up to 135 kg
  • Most advanced massage chair.
  • Have a smart touch screen control system.
  • Heavy duty.
  • The chair also has noise reduction technology.
  • The chair contains the highest no of airbags, thus provides the best air massage.
  • You can customize your massage too in the control panel.
  • The chairs come with a built-in music player and speaker.
  • Have noise cancellation technology to avoid any kind of disturbance during the massage session.
  • The lumber heating is also there to give maximum relaxation to the muscles.
  • The body scanner installed, takes a long time to scan the body.
  • The machine occupies a huge space in your home.

A customer named Judy gives the product a 5-star rating. In his comment, he said that I was having sciatic pain before the arrival of the chair and after having only 5 five seasons with this chair I got rid of my sciatic pain. He also said that the machine is huge and gigantic, its assembly is easy and its looks are great.

Another customer named k Rushing said in his comment that this chair is unbelievable. If you have chronic backache then consider buying this chair and you will find no backaches around you, after having just a few sessions with this chair.

4.F9 professional relaxing shiatsu massage chair:

F9 professional relaxing shiatsu massage chair:

This is a multi-functional massage chair. This will not only provides you a full body massage but also will give you the therapy.

The machine will prominently target the hip, back, legs shoulder, neck head, and feet.

For the aesthetic seeker, this will be the best option because it comes in three different colors so you can buy one that matches your interior.

Specifications and features:

  • The chair has an automatic reclining system.
  • It comes with not only one but many massage modes.
  • During the massage, it gently swings back and forth to give you a relaxing feel.
  • The kneading force is adjustable too.
  • Based on the zero-gravity technology.
  • Has airbags for the air massage.
  • Has more than one massage mode.
  • Easy controls.
  • To and fro vibration during the massage.
  • Huge color varieties.
  • Have built-in heating pads
  • Not suitable for tall people.

A customer rate the chair with 4 stars in the comment he said that, the chair as in the name offers shiatsu, doesn’t give the authentic shiatsu massage. Otherwise, its overall performance is good. Have good quality heating pads. The material used in the making of the chair is also supreme. The only disturbing thing I find during a session with it is its poor authenticity when it comes to the shiatsu kind of massage.

5.BQC space capsule automatic massage chair:

BQC space capsule automatic massage chair:

The BQC massage chairs feel fascinating to the customers. This chair doesn’t come with a smart control system but it increases its efficiency depending upon the previous massage.

The parts to which it gives a relaxing massage are the head, neck, waist legs, and feet.

Features and specifications:

  • Have 31 built-in airbags.
  • The chair is available in four variant colors that are black-brown, red-black, white brown, and gold.
  • The chair’s weight is 75 kg.
  • Vibration during the massage gives a different feel.
  • The chair comes with an intelligent control system.
  • A space capsule is added to add a feel like a spa.
  • Not easy to move because of heavy weight.

Buying guide:

Consider the following parameters while buying a massage chair.

  • Recline function: While buying an expensive massage chair, give a check for its recline function. An expensive massage chair should have a fine reclining feature in it.

Go for the massage chair whose reclining feature is based on zero gravity technology.

It is noticed that when massage is complemented with the reclining feature it will enhance the relaxing experience and boost the benefits of the massage.

  • Massage airbags: Must do the heavy investment in the chair that comes with plenty of the airbags. The airbags play a vital role in the massage.

These airbags will help relieve tension and stress and will relieve neck stiffness.

  • Massage functions: before buying check the massage functions that the chair will offer.

Usually, the low-end massage chairs have only 2 functions that are vibration and rolling. In contrast, the high-end massage chairs offer a variety of massage functions that are shiatsu, kneading, rolling, vibrations, and many more.

Go for the chair that will provide the maximum of the massage function.

  • Massage positions: different massage chairs offer different positions for the message.

In the low-end massage despite the back, the chair will provide massage for the neck and shoulder, etc. the high-end massage chair offers the massage of the back, head, legs, hips, hands, wrist, waist, and foot.

Go for the massage chair that will offer the most.


Are massage chairs worth the money?

Most of the massage chairs don’t do relaxing massage to the shoulders and the neck. So if you have aches in your neck, your get stiffed after the duty hours or your shoulder muscles want some relaxing therapy after the hectic day, then most of the massage chairs, you will not find good.

Some high-end massage chairs give extra benefits regarding the massage these can provide massage to the neck, shoulders, feet, hands, wrists, and legs, etc. these chairs worth the money.

How much a chair value for your money depends on the pain you are suffering with, or you need for which you are having a massage chair.

How much a good massage chair costs?

A high-end massage chair that can have most of the features that a massage chair can occupy with an elite appearance will cost you around in a range from 6000$ to 10,000$.

These massage chairs are worth the money. If you are planning to buy one, then go for the expensive ones. It’s a one-time investment and can give you lifelong benefits.


Let’s briefly conclude the discussion.

We have discussed some top brands of massage chairs that offer the most expensive massage chairs in the world. All are unique in their features, functionality, and appearance. Not one is better than the other.

When comes to buying, try to choose one whose features satisfy your needs in their fullest manner. If you are a shiatsu fan go for the shiatsu massage chair ignoring the other expensive ones and so like others.

Never go for the price tags only. Sometimes, maybe a product with the highest price can’t be good enough for you. Thoroughly go throw from the features before buying.

Thank you for reading this article. If you like this let us know in the comment section below.

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