Mail Boss Vs. Architectural Mailboxes: Comparison Guide

If looking for high-quality and secure mailboxes that you can purchase without breaking the bank, it has to be either mail Boss or Architectural mailboxes.

With a mailbox from these 2 brands, your mail is protected from mail and identity thieves. And unlike many locking mailboxes that appear secure but only offer a moment’s deterrence, these 2 are a great deal.

Although mailboxes from the 2 brands share some similarities, they have differences as well. Let’s compare the 2 and see who emerges as the winner.

Mail Boss Vs. Architectural Mailboxes Comparison

Construction and Materials

Mail Boss Mailbox

Mail Boss mailboxes are made using 14, and 16 gauge galvanized steel for strength and durability. They are powder-coated for protection against extreme weather conditions. All hardware from these mailboxes is made from steel.

Mailboxes from Mail Boss use patented anti-pry technology and an industrial-strength tubular 9-pin locking mechanism designed to be pick-proof. All these features make the strongest and safest mailboxes in the market today.

Architectural Mailboxes

Architectural mailboxes use galvanized steel, stainless steel, aluminum, and UV-resistant plastic to construct their products. The materials share common durability to harsh conditions from your home’s exterior elements.

All metal parts of architectural mailboxes are powder-coated for durability and aesthetics.

Mail Boss 7205 Package Master Curbside Locking Security Mailbox

Mail Boss 7205 Package Master Curbside Locking Security Mailbox

Architectural Mailboxes 6200B-10 Oasis Classic

Architectural Mailboxes 6200B-10 Oasis Classic

Configuration Options

Both brands have two configuration options, the post mount and the wall mount. Mail Boss (curbside post mount) options come in 2 sizes (standard and package master). The 2 sizes use a concealed shelf for all outgoing mails and a drop slot for mail delivery.

A locking compartment at the bottom helps you retrieve all incoming packages, magazines, and incoming letters.

Architectural post mount mailboxes include a variety of decorative choices that allow homeowners to select their favorite colors. They are designed with the customer in mind and allow simple installation.

The most secure of architectural post mailboxes is the oasis which is made from high-strength steel.

Mail Boss wall-mount options come in the same steel construction and security features as post-mount models. There are 2 designs on wall-mount options that you can choose from, a townhouse model and a standard model.

Architectural wall mount models are crafted using durable materials to ensure long-lasting elegance and security. They are beautifully crafted and enhance the exterior of any home.


Mail Boss posts mount mailboxes are easy to mount in any appropriately-sized post as they come with a mounting bracket. The company makes posts from steel for secure mailbox installation. These posts are powder-coated to match the mailbox and offer a finishing touch to your delivery system.

Mail Boss posts come in black, white, bronze, and granite. They are available in 2 configurations, a surface mount post which measures 27” x 4” x 4”, and an in-ground post measuring 43” x 4” x 4”.

All architectural posts are designed with the finest materials to withstand different weather conditions and regular use. They have a sturdy base and are easy to install as well. And just like with the Mail Boss posts, Architectural posts are also powder-coated for an attractive appeal.

Architectural posts are available in different colors for added convenience and expression.


Mail Boss post-mount mailboxes come with newspaper holders. It bolts securely to the interior of your mailbox and is made using the same steel as the post and mailbox. These mailboxes also come with reflective address numbers.

Mail Boss has mailbox spread bar adapters to enable you to install up to 4 post mount boxes. For rural areas with multiple addresses and the same delivery location, this may be a great alternative to the CBU mailbox.

You can get newspaper receptacles, mounting brackets, and address numbers for your architectural mailbox. There are also decorative bases and caps to dress up your post mount boxes.

Assembly and Installation

All Mail Boss mailboxes come fully assembled from the factory to ensure the highest quality standard. They are also extremely easy to install by simply following installation procedures from their website.

Architectural mailboxes are also assembled from the factory. To install the boxes, get high-quality fasteners to ensure the highest level of security and reliability. You also need to follow proper procedures when installing your wall or post mount mailbox from this company.


Mail Boss offers a free limited lifetime warranty on manufacturer defects. They pledge to replace or repair, at their option, any product that is defective in workmanship or material for as long as you own it. This warranty, however, excludes deliberate or accidental damage.

The lifetime warranty doesn’t extend to misuse, rust, finishes, or improper installation as well.

Architectural mailboxes guarantee against product defects in materials and workmanship for 1 year from the date of purchase. The company’s obligation under the agreement is only to repair or replace a product at their option during the warranty period.

The warranty only applies to the customer and doesn’t extend to other parties.


After going through the features of the 2 mailbox manufactures, Mail Boss takes the trophy. All products from this company, including mailboxes, posts, and accessories, are made from high-quality steel, making them extremely durable.

Although both companies assemble the mailboxes from the factory, it’s much easier to install a Mail Boss mailbox when compared to an Architectural mailbox as they come with a patent fast-track mounting plate.

Mail Boss company offers a lifetime warranty on its boxes while its counterpart only offers a year’s guarantee from the date of purchase. This proves how durable and reliable Mail Boss mailboxes are.

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