Mail Boss 7205 Package Master Locking Mailbox Review

If bothered about the safety of your mail, it’s high time you got yourself a high-quality and secure mailbox. And when we talk of quality, currently, no brand beats Mail Boss. How about getting Mail Boss 7205 Package Master Curbside Locking Mailbox?

This mailbox is of unrivaled quality and will keep your personal information safe from identity theft. It’s highly secure, made from quality materials, and is easy to install.

What is it for?

Mail Boss 7205 package master high-security locking mailbox is perfect for rural residential homes or commercial applications that need package delivery protection. It receives small parcels such as prescriptions by mail and securely stores them until you retrieve them.

It can hold letters, newspapers, magazines, and parcels of up to 4.5” x 4.5” x 10.5”.

Mail Boss 7205 Package Master Locking Mailbox Review

Material and Construction

Material and Construction

Mail Boss 7205 is made from 12 and 14-gauge heavy-duty galvanized steel that makes it strong and durable. It also comes with durable and corrosion-resistant hinges for ease of use.

The mailbox also has neodymium magnets that keep the door closed and your mail dry at all times.



Mail Boss package master is an extra-large mailbox that can hold mails of up to 2 weeks. It measures 21.5” D x 12” W X 16.5” H and weighs 53lbs.

The box accepts legal size envelopes and parcels of up to 4.5”h x 4.5” w x 10.5” l. It has a mail shield that prevents tool and hand fishing while allowing for large deliveries.


Mail Boss 7205 Security

Not only is Mail Boss 7205 one of the largest mailboxes you can find around but also the most secure. It is actually USPS approved as a secure residential mailbox.

The box is designed with the security of your mail in mind. It might be the best defense against mail theft that you can find around. It features a heavy-duty steel construction that makes it unbreakable in case of vandalism.

It also features an innovative baffle door bin design that uses mail shield technology to protect your mail and packages from hand fishing.

It comes with a 12-disc anti-drill and anti-pick Wafar lock for your mails’ security as well. Hallmark patented anti-pry locking mechanism protects your mails against leveraged entry.


This mailbox is fully powder-coated hence resistant to corrosion and rust. The coating also makes it waterproof. However heavy the rain might be, your mailbox won’t get damaged.

The coating also coating gives the box a beautiful shiny look that makes it appealing to the eye.


The unit comes with a vandal-resistant flag for convenience and a reflective house number that makes it easy for the postman to locate your address. It also comes with 3 laser-cut keys, a floor liner, and installation hardware.

Installation and Assembly

Mail Boss 7205 Package Master comes fully assembled from the factory. It is easy to install, thanks to the patented fast-trak mounting plate it comes with. You can install the box on a 4 x4 wooden post, gang plank, or enclose it safely in a brick column or masonry pilaster.

If installing the mailbox for the first time, you might find it worth checking their website for installation instructions. Doing so will make the process super easy.


This unit is extremely easy to clean. However dusty it might be, all you need to do to get it in good condition is a damp towel and a mild cleaning detergent. Wipe the dust off, rinse with a clean towel, and dry it with a dry, soft cloth. 


Warranty of Mail Boss 7205

The model has a limited lifetime warranty against manufacturer defects. The warranty, however, excludes deliberate or accidental damage.


Mail Boss 7205 Package Master Locking Mailbox is a high-quality and secure mailbox that will help you receive all your mails safely. It has an extra-large capacity and can hold your mails for about 2 weeks.

The mailbox is USPS approved for safe mailing and boasts multiple security features like the mail shield technology and anti-pry latch locking mechanism. It comes in a heavy-duty construction that protects your mails against leveraged entry and vandalism.

It is also easy to install and comes with a limited lifetime warranty.

Mail Boss 7205 Package Master Locking Mailbox Review


  • Features an extra-large capacity
  • It is available in four color options
  • It is easy to install
  • It uses an anti-pry locking mechanism for security reasons


  • Too complex for first-timers to use
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