Mail Boss 7106 vs. 7506 Reviews – How Do They Compare?

Both Mail Boss 7106 and Mail Boss 7506 share one thing in common; to help you receive and secure your newsletters, magazines, newspapers, and paper bills.

The two mailboxes are not your regular mailboxes that can’t deter parcel theft and nosy neighbors. They ensure the security of your packages.

So, how do these 2 aesthetically pleasing and durable mailboxes from the same brand compare? Let us take a look.


Mail Boss 7106 is made of 12 and 14 heavy gauge electro-galvanized steel that makes it strong and durable. It is both baseball bat-proof and vandal resistant.

This mailbox has durable and corrosion-resistant hinges that attach the door to the mailbox. It is also powder-coated to prevent rust and other elements.

Mail Boss 7506 is also made of 14, and 16 gauge galvanized welded steel. It also comes with stainless steel hinges that make it easy to use. Mail Boss 7506 is also powder-coated for thickness and strength, a feature that makes it theft-proof.

Both mailboxes are made of heavy-duty materials and boast extra features that help prevent theft. They are both high-quality.


To ensure that your mails remain secure at all times, Mail Boss 7106 comes with an anti-pry latch locking mechanism. A 12-wafer disc lock prevents leveraged entry and ensures that you receive all your sensitive mail and packages safely.

The USPS approves it as a mailbox that locks mails securely to prevent theft.

7506’s thick construction and innovative door design prevent mail fishing and identity theft. It comes with a commercial grade 12-disc wafer lock and an exclusive patented locking system that prevents leveraged entry and prying.

It is also USPS approved, meaning that it’s a secure residential mailbox.

Despite being the same size, Mail Boss 7106 is heavier (twice as heavy) than 7506. It’s twice as durable and resists much damage when compared to the Mail Boss 7506.

It’s, therefore, true to say that in this category, Mail Boss 7106 is superior to 7506.


When selecting the best mailbox for your home, storage capacity is one important feature that you need to consider. Both mailboxes can accept small and big packages measuring 3.5 x 3.5 x10 inches. They can also receive mail bundles of up to 1.9 inches in height.

Mail Boss 7106 can also hold 1 to 2 weeks’ worth of regular mail deliveries, unlike 7506, which can only have a week’s mails. However, both can’t hold large padded envelopes.

If interested in a secure mailbox with a bigger storage capacity, Mail Boss 7106 get Mail Boss 7106.

Extra Features

The two mailboxes have extra features that differentiate them from other models. These features more secure, reliable, and convenient.

Both come with a commercial grade 12-disc wafer lock that deters picking, drilling, and leveraged entry. The lock comes with 3 laser-cut keys for added convenience.

They also feature neodymium magnets that keep the door closed and your mail dry at all times. They also have a flexible vandal-resistant outgoing mail flag.

The mailboxes also come with reflective house numbers that make them visible to the postman.

The main difference between Mail Boss 7106 and 7506 in this category is how they store outgoing mail. 7506 has a concealed clip that bundles the outgoing mail on the door of the incoming mail bin. 7106 has a concealed outgoing mail tray that holds the mail until it’s picked up for delivery.

In this area, none is superior to the other. Both have extra features that make them convenient and reliable.

Design and Installation

The outward appearances of Mail Boss 7506 and Mail Boss 7106 are similar. It might not be easy for you to tell the difference unless you’re very keen since the only difference is on the hinges. Mail Boss 7506 has hinges that you can see from the exterior. 7106 has a more streamlined style.

The mailboxes come in a variety of color options. You can therefore find one that suits your style with ease.

Both mailboxes are also easy to install and come with items to help you put them up with ease. Each includes 4 lag bolts and a drill bit that enable you to install them on metal posts or wood structures effortlessly.

To make installation a lot easier for you, Mail Boss 7106 comes with a patented mounting plate.

In this category, Mail Boss 7106 takes the lead again because it’s more aesthetically appealing (has a slightly more streamlined style) than its counterpart. It also comes with a mounting plate that makes the installation process easier.


Both mailboxes are easy to maintain. When they get dusty, all you need is a soft cloth dampened with a mild cleaner. This will help you clean the mailbox without taking away its shiny, pristine look.

Always use a mild cleaner as an abrasive cleaner can scratch the mailbox. Ensure that you clean the box from up to the bottom and then rinse it with plain water. After that, pat it dry with a clean towel.


Both Mail Boss 7106 and Mail Boss 7506 are highly secure mailboxes that serve the purpose. Their features are almost identical but with slight differences. If you’re not operating on a tight budget, go for Mail Boss 7106, as it’s more durable, secure, and slightly more streamlined in appearance.

If working on a tight budget, go for Mail Boss 7506. It has all the security features you require in a mailbox and comes at half the cost of Mail Boss 7106.

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