LeGate Invisible Grille Review 2022 ( Complete Guide)

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LeGate Invisible Grille Review

Invisible grilles are the invention to overcome the traditional grilles. These are most commonly used in condominiums, HBD’s, and flats and offices having full-length open windows. The invisible grilles protect the residents from falling through windows and balconies without interfering with the interior of the home.

The traditional grilles when placed become a hurdle between you and the incoming air while in the case of the invisible grilles this is not true.

The LeGate is one of the top brands of invisible grilles in Singapore.

In this article, we will give you an interesting review of the LeGate invisible grille including its feature, specifications, pros and cons, and customer reviews.

LeGate Invisible Grille Review 2022

LeGate is Singapore’s most known brand for home lifestyle. The legate is producing innovative products for its customer for over 18 years.

The LeGate invisible grille meets the needs of the customers. It is very common for the customers that with the traditional grilles their view gets blocked so, we come up with invisible ones for our loved customers. The LeGate invisible grille will not block your view from your balcony.


Following are some noticeable features of the legate invisible grille.

  • The LeGate invisible grille is made up of 316 stainless steel.
  • The 316 stainless steel is encased in PVC coatings.
  • Does not require any maintenance.
  • Does not interfere with the background.
  • Will not block your view.

Pros: Pros associated with the grille are.

  • Easy to install: Once you have decided to change your traditional grilles and want the new invisible grilles for your home. Their installation is very easy. You just have to go to the near LeGate grille store. There, they will send you an attendant with you who will take the measurements of your balcony or windows on which you have to install the grille. After that, he will install the grille without giving you any trouble.

Your home is now all new with those invisible grilles installed in.

  • Highly durable: People get skeptical when it comes to invisible grilles. They thought that being invisible they will not be that strong and tough as that of the traditional grilles.

There is no truth in the above statement. The invisible grille is strong enough to withstand any force as that of the traditional grilles do.

  • Offers no obstruction: Sometimes the weather becomes so beautiful that it will attract you and make you sit on the balcony and urges you to enjoy the moment.

The traditional balconies grille and window grilles don’t do justice to that moment. Sometimes you have to adjust your chair or get closer to the window so that you can have a clear view of the outside. There you find the traditional grilles obstacle between you and the beautiful view.

The LeGate invisible grilles don’t do so. They are invisible and you can enjoy your outside view without having minor inconvenience.

  • No maintenance: The invisible grilles give your overall home an aesthetic look.

They are made with the newest technologies and materials. The stainless steel is encased in the PVC. Don’t get rusted anytime in its whole life. The high-quality material allows no or little maintenance of the grille from time to time

  • Alarm incorporation technology: This is the most important pro to mention here is the incorporation of the alarm system in the grille

As the grille is invisible we can incorporate an alarm system within it. This gets hardly noticeable for any stranger who comes to your home but will give some essential safety benefits.

The alarm system will make the grille more safe and reliable for the children also.

Cons: cons associated with the LeGate invisible grille is.

  • Increased chances of accidents: The children are very prone to injuries associated with the invisible grilles.

When they see the clear view from the window. They will get rush into the window and try to pop out their heads from the window. This will cause them hurt because grilles are tough enough to knock them down.

When once get knocked they will learn that there is a grille then they will not do the same mistake again.

Customer reviews:

A customer named Ragan reviews the invisible LeGate grille on the official website of LeGate. In his comment, he said that I have been using the LeGate invisible grille for three years and it works astonishingly amazing. I’m very satisfied with the grille. So there is no reason left to not promote LeGate for their grilles.

Another customer named Hod said that LeGate is one of the pioneers in Singapore who brings the concept of the invisible grilles. He said, I highly recommend LeGate due to its reputation and a good job.

A customer named Winnie said that the staff is so responsible they check the cleaning of space of installation before and after installing the invisible grille. She said I’m very happy with the service of LeGate. I highly recommend it.


Types of LeGate invisible grilles:

The LeGate invisible grilles are of three types.

  1. Fixed invisible grille:
    • They are installed in homes with full glass windows.
    • In your balconies, the invisible grilles provide extra security. For installation in the balconies, no additional structure has to install before.
    • The fixed grille is also used in making fences to protect your beautiful plants.
    • The invisible fixed grilles can also be added to the staircases of your home.
    • The open windows become more secure with the invisible fixed grilles.
  2. Fixed frame:
    • This is another type of LeGate invisible grille that comes with a visible frame.
    • If installed in the balconies you have to install the fixed framed before installing the grilles.
    • These provide more security insurance.
    • If you have children in your home go with the fixed frame invisible grilles.
  3. Openable:
    • These are made for the customers who want not a little obstruction between them and their outside view.
    • These openable framed invisible grilles can be opened at an angle of 90 degrees or even more.
    • It provides an unobstructed air entering your home when you keep it open.


LeGate, a priority:

Following are some reasons to make the legate invisible grilles your priority.

  • The LeGate offers the best value for the money.
  • The LeGate promises to keep on innovating new technologies and building their products with that innovations.
  • The LeGate is Singapore’s local home styling brand.
  • The LeGate is the no.1 invisible grilles selling company in Singapore.
  • LeGate has provided its services to over 80K happy customers.
  • The brand prioritizes its customer’s peace of mind over anything else.
  • The brand provides you the best quality grilles.


How much does it cost to install an invisible grille in Singapore?

The cost of invisible grille installing is different depending upon the size of the window, the material used in making that window, the type of invisible grille you want for your window, and the reputation of the brand from which you want an invisible grille for your home.

The average cost of an invisible grille for a standard-sized window ranges from 1080$ to1450$.

Are invisible grilles safe to install?

Invisible grilles are as safe as that of the traditional ones. They are made of stainless steel encased in PVC. For more strength, you can choose a grille that has a larger diameter.

Large diameter means more stainless steel and more stainless steel means more strength.

Ensure that the grille is fixed properly. Sometimes grille not fixed properly can cause safety problems afterward.

Can invisible grille be cut easily?

Invisible grilles are made of stainless steel material that is encased in the PVC pipe. Its cutting is not easy. You may cut the outer PVC from the usual tools you have in your home but for the cutting of the actual grille that is the stainless steel, you will need to have the company’s assistance and their specialized tools from where you bought that invisible grille.

Don’t try doing this at home.

How strong is invisible grille?

Invisible grilles are made of the highest quality stainless steel. In normal the invisible grilles are made up of 316-grade stainless steel that is tough enough to withstand any force.


Let’s end the discussion with a brief conclusion.

The invisible grilles are new in the market. If you are a Singapore native then LeGate is the best for you.

LeGate is best known for its invisible grilles. They offer three types of grilles that are, fixed, fixed frame, and openable. You can choose one depending upon your need.

When it comes to the safety of the LeGate invisible grilles, its safety is ensured by the high-quality material used in its makings. The stainless steel makes the grille tough enough to handle any kind of force.


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