5 Best Ladders for Painting 2 Story House of 2022

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It’s no wonder why so many people get confused about choosing the best ladder for painting 2 story house.

Sometimes buying just any ladder for your painting project won’t help you. At best, you’ll waste your money and time.

The heights of a two-story house vary a lot depending on the various factors, including each floor’s size and the country you reside in.

However, to paint a two-story house interior or exterior, you need to have the right ladder, which helps you reach your required height with much ease.

This 2 story house painting ladder review can help you find the right one, so you no longer have to worry about reliability and safety.

A Quick Comparison of Our Favorites

If you’re in a hurry, this quick chart is an easy way to compare all these five options quickly.

  1. Best Extension Ladder: Louisville Ladder, FE3228: A 28-feet extension ladder that features a non-conductive fiberglass construction, 25 feet maximum height, weighs 60 pounds, has a QuickLatch system for securing it in place, comfortable D-shaped rungs, swivel safety shoes, and features a smooth finish.
  2. Best Multi-Positional, 26 feet: Little Giant 12026: A convertible ladder with 5 configurations, can hold a 300-pound weight, features an advanced Rock Lock System, comes with wider rungs, deep treads to enhance traction when climbing, and aerospace-grade aluminum construction that makes it durable.
  3. Best to Use Around Electricity: Dewalt DXL3020-28PT: This 28 feet fiberglass extension ladder is elegantly designed, boasts a 300-pound weight capacity, a non-marring rubber side, heavy-duty wrap-around swivel steel shoes, rung locks with quick latch, and a handy top tray that improves user experience.
  4. Best Price: Werner D6228-2: A 28 feet ladder with slip-resistant Traction-Tred D rungs, external guides that securely interlock the rails, Shu-Lock pad and spur plate that hold the ladder’s feet in position, a gravity spring, and durable rail shield brackets
  5. Best Build Quality: Louisville L-3022-32PT: A heavy-duty fiberglass ladder with a 300 pounds weight capacity, 32 feet length, comfortable D-shaped rungs, MaxLock with QuickLatch system, innovative Pro-top, and heavy-duty steel-plated shoes to provide maximum traction.

Best Ladders for Painting 2 Story House – Expert’s Recommended 5 Top Choices

It’s quite frustrating to choose the right ladder for the job from a variety of models and brands.

But don’t panic!

Here, we’ll recommend five best ladders needed for the 2-story house to get the job done efficiently and, of course, SAFELY.

These five models are best as compared to other ladders for painting 2-story buildings.

Check them out.

1. Louisville Ladder Fiberglass Extension Ladder, FE3228

Louisville Ladder, FE3228

If you’re looking for the best extension ladder for painting 2-story house, this is it. Louisville FE3228 is one of many extension ladders in the Louisville line up.

In the painting world, this 28-feet extension ladder will help you out with all your exterior painting needs of a 1.5-story or 2- story house. It’s also great for interior painting where ceilings are vaulted.

Besides painting, the FE3228 is also great and safe for utility, electrical, renovation, etc. Thanks to its non-conductive fiberglass construction.

The maximum height that it offers is 25 feet, where the storage height is 14 feet. The weight is 60 pounds, and storage depth is 7.25 pounds.

For adjusting the height and for smooth extending and retracting operation, its outside slide guides are useful. Of course, the extra heavy-duty metal slide guides prevent over-extending.

For securing in extending position, it adds a QuickLatch system with rope and pulley to tie off the sections in place. The included MAX LOCK rung lock keeps it locked in extended position without causing undue wobble, jerks, or movements.

Comfortable to stand on!

The direct connect D-shaped rungs are comfortable to stand on that ensures stability for normal to heavy-duty jobs.

You’ll love the stability!

For a pain-free and stable set up, it includes swivel safety shoes with a metal shield that makes it perfect to use on different surfaces. For further stability on any ground, the shoes are covered with thick rubber treads.

The shoes’ swiveling feature ensures that the ladder always has a firm grip on the ground at its base. On the other hand, the mar-resistant rail end caps on the top end of the rails prevent damage to the landing surface.

The Louisville FE3228 comes with a 300-pound weight capacity for light construction and residential Job. And it meets or exceeds the safety standards set by OSHA, CSA and ANSI.

Finally, it features a smooth finish with an elegant design. You won’t find a more durable and reliable ladder at this price point.

Is this 28-feet ladder not perfect for your requirement?

No worry! Louisville offers 32 ft. (Louisville Ladder FE3232), 36 ft. (Louisville Ladder FE3236), and 40 ft. (Louisville Ladder FE3240) extension ladder to meet your specific needs. So, pick according to your requirements.

Overall, it one of the best fiberglass extension ladders available.


  • Perfect for all types of jobs
  • Heavy-duty and well-built
  • Non-conductive, so safe to use for electrical purposes
  • Easy to set the height
  • Easy to extend and retract
  • Super stable and comfortable to stand on
  • Meet the required safety standard


  • A bit weighty

2. Little Giant Multi-Position Ladder, 12026

Little Giant 12026

Have the right ladder for the job every time!

Little Giant 12026 is a multi-positional ladder that offers a broader range of reach and adjustable positioning. You can customize the ladder size/height as per your need.

This model’s convertible design lets you use it in five different configurations, including a staircase-, 90-degree- ladder, or a scaffolding system.

Conveniently, in the A-frame position, it acts as a true-person ladder. It can hold a 300-pound weight on each respective side. Moreover, you can transform it into an extension ladder to reach a high ceiling, roof, or attic.

All these things you can do within minutes!

Thanks to its advanced Rock Lock system. You have to follow only three-steps- push, adjust, and tap- to complete the adjustment.

You can get hard to reach areas such as the space above the staircase and vaulted ceiling. You can use it over and around the obstacles where the ordinary ladder never fit.

Apart from these unique features, the build-quality, safety, and stability are superb.

It comes with wider rungs than a comparable multi-position ladder. These wide rungs not only increase your stability and balance but also reduce foot pain and fatigue while working on the ladder.

For added safety, it includes deep treads that enhance traction while climbing.

The wide-flared legs and the Quad-Lock hinge provide an unmatched feeling of safety and stability at the same time.

The aerospace-grade aluminum construction makes this unit reliable, robust, rust- and weather-resistant.  This ladder material keeps it lightweight and made it ideal for light construction or residential jobs. It’s worth noting that 12026 is 20% lighter than the leading competitor.

However, you don’t need to worry about safety and security as it’s certified by ANSI and OSHA for quality and safety.

We shouldn’t forget to mention the included tip & glide wheels. This unit is much easier to transport as compared to other ladders of the same size.

To sum it up, Little Giant Revolution, M26, is an all in one ladder that will help you out for all your interior and exterior painting needs. Non-professional and professional will undoubtedly appreciate this model.


  • Patented, convertible design
  • Offers five different configurations
  • Versatile and safe to use
  • Easy length adjustments
  • Sturdy and lightweight construction
  • Super easy to transport
  • OSHA and ANSI certified
  • Backed by a limited lifetime warranty


  • You need to take precautions when used around electricity.

3. DeWalt DXL3020-28PT Fiberglass Extension Ladder

DeWalt DXL3020-28PT

This 28 feet ladder from DeWalt is made for serious DIY’ers and professionals alike. It’s an excellent option that best suits painting tasks, washing windows, cleaning the gutter, and much more. It’s also safe to use around electricity.

The fiberglass, full channel rails are also covered with a polyester veil for years of service. It won’t damage due to prolonged exposure to elements.

DeWalt DXL3020-28PT is a Type IA extension ladder that has a 300-pound weight capacity. This 28 feet extension ladder offers many practical benefits.

One of the premium aspects of this model is its PRO TOP. Conveniently, it provides a working surface. The hardware tray of this innovative, handy top improves the user’s performance when working, utility, electrical, residential, or heavy-construction jobs.

Moreover, the PRO Top features a non-marring rubber side that prevents scratches on landing surfaces. It also provides wider contact for safety when supporting the ladder against wall, pole, or any irregular surfaces.

But these are not only the best aspects; there is more….

With heavy-duty, wrap-around swivel steel shoes, it provides stability, strength, and support.

Safe climb!

The Rung Locks with quick latch provides ease of use and enhanced safety. The added nylon rope ensures easy extension and offers stronger support when extending and retracting the sections.

Easy and noiseless transportation!

It includes rung cap covers that eliminate noise while the ladder is transported.

The ladder is available in other heights too. These are 16 feet (DeWalt DXL3020-16PT), 20 feet (DeWalt DXL3020-20PT), 24 feet (DeWalt DXL3020-24PT), 32 feet (DeWalt DXL3020-32PT), 40 feet (DeWalt DXL3020-40PT).

So you can choose whichever is suitable for your one-, two- or 3-story house.


  • Elegant design and smooth finish
  • Provides a convenient work surface
  • Stable and easy to use
  • Safe to use for electrical work
  • Easy extension and retraction
  • Handy top-tray to improve user experience


  • Somewhat pricey than its aluminum counterpart

4. Werner D6228-2 Extension-ladders, 28-Foot

Werner D6228-2

Next, we have this excellent Extension-ladder from Werner, a trusted brand in the ladder industry.

Werner D6228-2 is designed for everything from residential to commercial uses to facilities maintenance. It provides the stability you need for all your heavy duty-jobs.

It’s industry standard, and due to non-conductive fiberglass construction, it’s safe to use around electricity.

Whether you need to access a roof or work from the ladder itself, this 28-feet length will help you get the job done.

Utmost comfort and security!

The Traction-Tred D rungs are slip-resistant. These are connected to the side for added strength. It keeps the ladder from twisting during use. Thanks to the impressive Alflo rung joint connection system of Werner .

At the top of the base section, it includes external guides, and on the bottom of the fly section, there are internal guides. These features make the ladder easy to extend. Besides, the rugged gravity spring locks help to operate it smoothly.

It also includes heavy-duty rope and pulley and a rope clamp that helps you tie the rope to the rungs for more convenience.

Moreover, at the top of the base section it includes external guides that securely interlock the rails.

Your hands are free to set up the ladder properly!

During set-up, the spur plate and Shu-Lok pad help to hold each foot of the ladder in position. It also helps to rest it flat or in spur position on soft ground.

The rugged gravity spring locks keep the ladder steady at the extended height without any undue jerks or slides that could endanger the user.

The durable rail shield brackets ensure that it does not bend under long hours of heavy usage.

Most interestingly, Werner D6228-2 allows you to separate the fly and base section. As a result, you can use the base section as a single ladder.

We would be glad to recommend this ladder to any DIY enthusiast or professional seeking a durable and reliable painting ladder.


  • Added safety in case of electrical hazards
  • Twist-free performance
  • Slip-resistant, safe to use
  • Smooth extending and retracting operation
  • Reasonably priced


  • Somewhat heavy

5. Louisville Fiberglass Extension Ladder, L-3022-32PT

Louisville Fiberglass Extension Ladder, L-3022-32PT

The Louisville L-3022-32PT is a handy extension ladder to use commercial or DIY painting projects.

300-pounds weight capacity and 32 feet length are just enough to paint the exteriors of your house and much more. You do not have to worry when carrying all the painting accessories with you on the ladder.

Made of fiberglass, it is non-conductive that makes it perfect for working around the power line.

Of course, the D-shaped rungs are comfortable to stand on without putting too much strain on them. Moreover, the fully serrated rungs provide sufficient traction to feet for slip a slip-resistant surface.

The rungs are permanently and directly attached to the rails with hydraulic crimping. As a result, it offers stable and immovable footing when standing on it.

The two heavy-duty outside slide glides at the top end of the base section combine with a stop on the fly section that prevents the ladder’s overextending. Of course, the MaxLock with the QuickLatch system keeps the ladder extended in the right position. So, no risk of undue wobbles, jerks, or movements.

Keep your tools at hand!

L-3022-32PT is one of several extension ladders in the Louisville line up that comes with the innovative pro top.

The pro top is handy and designed to improve the user’s experience. The work tray with tool slots keeps tools close at hand. What’s more, the Pole grip V-design of the top makes it ideal for work on poles or corners.

When you are painting your house using this model, you do not need to be worried about the damage to the wall.

The integrated bumper at the Pro-top protects the landing surface and offers greater stability at the same time.

Super leveling stability!

Louisville L-3022-32PT features heavy-duty steel-plated shoes with deeply grooved rubber shoes. It provides maximum traction and ensures that there is no chance of the ladder slipping.

The shoes have swiveling action that makes setting up easy, comfortable without compromising the ladder’s stability. No matter at what angle you place the ladder, its feet will always remain level with and horizontal to the ground.

 If you prefer Louisville brands and looking for the best extension ladder for 2-story house, this one might meet your desire. Overall Great!


  • Superior quality materials
  • Great for Corners, poles
  • Heavy-duty and functional design
  • Rust and weather-resistant
  • Non-conductive, safe for electrical works
  • Overextending preventive
  • Slip-resistant and super stable
  • Meets OSHA, CSA, & ANSI standards


  • Heavy-weight, you may need a helping hand to mode it around your job sites

What to Look for Buying the Best Ladder for Painting 2 Story House

The search for the right ladder for painting a two-story house can be overwhelming for anyone, considering the numerous options.

These ladders must have the necessary features to allow you to work conveniently at two levels.

However, the good news is that we are here to help you make the right choices, as far as choosing the best painting ladder for a two-story building is concerned.

The following are some of the factors you should consider when purchasing a ladder for painting purposes.

2 Story Building Height and Required Ladder Height

The most crucial factor is choosing the ladder with the right height for a 2-story house.

 “How tall is a two-story house?” and “What Size Ladder for 2 Story House”- these two asking confuse many people.

There are lots of variations that have an impact on the two-story building’s height. So, there is no fixed measurement.

However, in the USA, the average height of a 2-story house is between 20 and 25 feet. But it can also be higher or lower than this.

In general, a 24 to 32 feet extension ladder is perfect for a two-story home, and sometimes even a 40 ft. ladder may require to reach every area. It’s also worth noting that most homeowners may not need to invest in a 40-foot ladder. They are hard to work for inexperienced painter or users. If you need to reach that level, consider hiring a professional.

When selecting a ladder for painting 2 story building, make sure that it’ll give you the reach you need.

We recommend first measure out the height of your house or the maximum reach height you need.

Then, figure out the length of the ladder you need depending on the type of ladder you’re going to buy.

We also advise you to opt for a ladder with adjustable height as it’ll allow you to extend the ladder up to your required size.

We like to mention here that for painting a one-story house, you can go for any ladder. I find step ladders very impractical when painting.

Platform ladders are useful for interior painting of 8 to 10 feet high walls as it lets you set your paint bucket and other accessories on the platform.

Choose The Right Type of Ladder

What size ladder do you need for painting a two-story building also depends on the type of ladder.

To paint a lower 2-story building, you can use any type of ladders, while you have to go for either a trestle ladder or extension ladder for higher ones.  Decide which type will best meet your needs. For painting the exterior of a two-story building, an extension or telescoping ladder with the required height is the right choice. If the ceiling of the two-story home is vaulted, you can also use the ladder for interior painting.

For homeowners, a multi-ladder is simply the best option to go that you can also use to paint the wall above the stairs.

Choose the Ladder Materials

The ladder materials have minimal impact when it comes to choosing the right ladder for a painting project.

However, we won’t recommend a wooden ladder for using painting purposes as you may need to use water in this type of project. Wood ladders may get damaged in water.

On the other hand, the aluminum ladder isn’t safe to use if there is a power line around. In this case, the fiberglass ladder is a safe option to use.

The aluminum ladder is lighter in weight than the fiberglass ladder and easy to maneuver. A 32 to 40 feet aluminum ladder is still hard to maneuver for the length, and you may need people to handle.

Weight Capacity of the Ladder

Duty rating is an essential factor to consider for choosing the right ladder for a dual-story house.

For painting the two-story building, you’ll need to work at quite a height. So, we recommend opting for a heavy-duty one.

When choosing an extension ladder, check the weight ratings.

  • Type III supports 200 pounds
  • Type II support 225 pounds
  • Type I Supports 250 pounds
  • Type 1A supports 300 pounds
  • Type 1 AA supports 375 pounds

Keep in mind that for painting task, you have to carry painting accessories such as paint brass, paint can, etc. So, when choosing a model, take into consideration the weight of the user and painting accessories that will be used while on the ladder.

  • Safety Features

The rungs need to be slip-resistant and comfortable to stand on. Rubber treaded, or grooved rungs ensure that you won’t slip and fall.

The ladder feet should feature anti-slip shoes or levelers that will prevent your ladder from toppling.

  • Tool Tray

It’s a nice feature to have. Some models come with Pro top while some have the option to add.

 A platform or tool tray is useful to place brushes, paint cans, and any other necessary tools safely.

Safety Certifications

Check for safety certification of your chosen model. Make sure it’s certified by OSHA and ANSI. Also, check for it meets other safety guidelines that apply to it.

Having safety certification will ensure the security and reliability of using the ladder.


We hope you’ve found this guide useful and now feel better equipped to find the best ladder for painting 2 story house.

All the models reviewed above truly are the top choices when it comes to the best painting ladder for exterior or interior of your house.

So, give a try the one for your next painting project that meets your requirements!

With the correct choice, be productive and safe!