4 Best Kenmore Grill Reviews ( Updated 2022)


Kenmore is a very trustable brand as this company has been working for many years. In this article, we are discussing Kenmore Grill Reviews. If you are interested in buying a grill that is going to last forever in all seasons According to our research, Kenmore 4 Burner 53000 BTU Stainless BBQ Propane Grill is our best pick according to our research.

Kenmore Grills are more durable. We have tried our best to find the top Kenmore Products for you in this article. These are very popular among users, and there were many positive comments on these products online. Keep reading the article; you’ll find something of your interest.

Kenmore Grill Reviews 2022

1.Kenmore 4 Burner 53000 BTU Stainless BBQ Propane Grill

Kenmore 4 Burner 53000 BTU Stainless BBQ Propane Grill


It has multiple burner bags with four main burners that are made up of stainless steel. Kenmore PG 40405S0LA-AM accompanies an open plan and astounding development. We realize not many roomy propane gas grills effectively activate to the outside. Yet, Kenmore brings this model, guaranteeing first-class convenience by dint of stainless steel construction.

Separate Electronic Ignition

Having a separate electric start in the four burners assists with controlling all the more precisely. Again the preparing surface obliged the most extreme food in the engine; subsequently, you can appreciate the most incredible cooking room.

 Braking System

Its Caster Wheel has a braking system to protect your food from burning too much. There could be more fire in some events, and your food can burn, especially when you are outside. It is lightweight and effortless to carry with you wherever you go. After you have bought it, you need to assemble it. It is effortless to assemble.

Key Features

  • Four stainless steel burner has 10000 BTU
  • The side burner has 13000 BTU
  • Relatively easy to start because of a separate electronic Configuration System.
  • It is portable due to moving rolling casters
  • Edges and lines are decorated with an Aluminium and warming rack, cooking grates, side and bottom panel.


Thus due to the great braking system and separate electronic ignition, this grill is our top pick.

  • Replaceable Regulator
  • 53000 Total BTU
  • Convertible with double valve energy kit
  • Stainless Steel Construction
  • Expensive

2.Kenmore PG-4030400LD-AM 3 Burner Outdoor Patio Gas

Kenmore PG-4030400LD-AM 3 Burner Outdoor Patio Gas


Kenmore planned Kenmore PG-4030400LD-AM gas flame broil as trendy, open, and lightweight. This kind of gas barbecue is for individuals who love to cook a sufficient amount of food or have a little family.


If anyone is interested in buying this model, at that point, he adores the portability of it. Since it is the lightest model out of all-out Kenmore gas barbecues here, it is splendidly intended for transportability and lightweight; that is the reason you may discover it as less barbecuing space alongside burners.


If you compare this model with other models, then it is compact and has many benefits. One of the significant reasons to buy this model is that it has porcelain-covered cast-iron cooking grates stunning to hold warmth and even cook. Also, the tempered steel racks make it healthy, and anybody can use them for quite a long time after a year.

 Key Features

  • 3 Stainless Steel patio Burners
  • Electron ignition light up in no time
  • The grilling surface is 522 sq inch.
  • Primary Surface is 408 sq inch, and the second surface is 144 sq. inch.
  • As compared to other propane gas, it is effortless to open it.
  • Foldable shelves allow more space to grill.


It is compact and easy to use. Its three burners distribute heat evenly and provide enough space to grill. Its burner carries 1000 BTU, so, in total, its total BTU is 3000. Electronic Ignition makes it easy to start a fire. It is good to invest in this grill as it is very convenient to use and affordable.

  • 3 Burner Gas BBQ
  • Foldable side shelves
  • Electronic Ignition
  • Compact and Easy to assemble
  • Heavy Duty Construction
  • Even-Heat Distribution
  • It is suitable for a small family

3.Kenmore PG-40409S0LB-2-AM 4 Burner Outdoor Patio

Kenmore PG-40409S0LB-2-AM 4 Burner Outdoor Patio

 Stainless Steel Body

The Kenmore PG-40409S0LB. It has a fascinating stainless-steel body structure, control panel, and side facias. These blend in with porcelain-coated cast-iron cooking frameworks for improved toughness. To make it last more, the producers gave a powder-covered completion to its entryways.

Large Space

The item has enough space with 621 square inches altogether, permitting you to cook around 40 burgers in one go. While cooking, you can monitor your feast with the outside temperature check.

It has one side burner with 12,000 BTU while there are four primary burners, each conveying 10,000 BTU to ensure you get enough to measure warmth while cooking.


The item is loaded with simple access and usefulness. You can utilize its electronic start to begin the flame broiling measure more straightforward; press the start button. At the point when your work is done, you can tidy it up quickly without an issue, on account of its helpful oil cup and pull-out oil plate features. Move this flame broil anyplace on your porch with its swivel casters.

 Key Features

  • It is for perfect cooking experience with 4 main burners and 1 side burner and totals it is 52000 BTU
  • Electronic Ignition helps you to start grilling quickly.
  • Pull out Grease Tray, and Grease Cup is perfect for cleaning purpose
  • Primary space is 450 sq inch, and secondary space is 162 sq Inch for a better grilling experience.


The stainless steel body, porcelain-covered cast-iron cooking matrices, entryways with a powder-covered completion, and porcelain-plated top with tempered steel handle guarantee a superior strength item. Pivoted doors make it simple to get in and out of the lower compartment. The propane tank is strategically placed, making bottle trade a necessary errand. Effectively convert to gaseous petrol. It is better to have this at home for a better grilling experience.

  • Durable and User Friendly
  • 4 Main Burners
  • Hinged Doors
  • Total BTU is 52000
  • Electronic Ignition makes grilling easy
  • It takes space and suitable for a large family

4.Kenmore PG-4030400LD-AZ-AM 3 Burner Outdoor Patio

Kenmore PG-4030400LD-AZ-AM 3 Burner Outdoor Patio


Its folding side shelves are very easy to clean and maintain. Side shelves make it easy to grill and provide enough space to grill. Foldable side shelves are a very convenient option that other models don’t have. Electronic Ignition makes it very easy to start.


If you are thinking about having this model, you will love its portability feature since it is the lightest model out of complete Kenmore gas barbecues here. It is splendidly intended for compactness and lightweight. That is the reason you may discover it as less flame broiling space alongside burners.

 4 Burner Gas

You can cook around 33 burgers on a total cooking surface of 512 Square inches. 381 Square inches of essential cooking surface and 131 square inches of auxiliary cooking surface. Powder-covered surfaces and side racks make this flame grill last even in the most challenging conditions.

 Key Features

  • Grease Tray and Grease Cup for easy Cleaning
  • 4 swivel casters let you quickly move this grill
  • A warming rack is a perfect place to store your freshly cooked food
  • Porcelain-coated cast-iron cooking grids look great for grilling
  • A porcelain-plated top with a steel handle holds the warmth inside


The Kenmore 3-burner porch barbecue is both classy and extensive. Its unique design flame broil has a minimized platform base and gives 512 sq. an inch of limited cooking space while pressing 30,000 BTUs of intensity. It highlights foldable side racks for productive capacity when not being used and a lot of rack space for good food preparation, with six tools for simple access to cooking utensils making this barbecue an attractive option for smaller outdoor spaces.

  • Powder Coated Long-lasting Finish
  • Foldable Shelves for easy storage
  • Side handles and Portable
  • Temperature reading for optimal cooking
  • It gets scorching

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Buying Guide for Kenmore grills

If you are looking for a good grill, then finding the right one can be a difficult task. Buying a grill in the market is not going to do it. It’s important that you know what options are available so you can find something that suits your needs best. The important factors to consider include grilling areas, burners unit, construction, portability, cooking surface, and quality of material

Grilling areas

We have Kenmore grills with different cooking area sizes. The smaller models are great for a family of four and the larger ones can accommodate up to ten people easily. If you’re planning on hosting a small party or gathering, then we recommend going for something in between like our five-burner model; but if you want more space

Burner unit

We have different burner unit sizes too. For a family of four, you’ll want something with at least two burners like our five-burner model and for ten people or more, we recommend going for the six or eight-burner models instead. As always in life, it’s better to prepare ahead especially when grilling because everyone loves those juicy steaks don’t they?


The best Kenmore grills will be made out of stainless steel which is a very durable material that doesn’t trust easily so your grill should last for years if not decades. It also has an easy-to-clean surface, but this isn’t really necessary since most people take care of their grill by regularly giving them a good scrub down after every time they use it.


There are a few models of Kenmore grills that can be easily transported by one person and these ones are perfect for someone who wants to do some impromptu grilling outside their home or office. The larger models, on the other hand, you’ll need two people to carry them around because they’re quite heavy when fully assembled; but this is not an issue as long as you have another family member or friend available to help out with transportation. Just make sure that whoever’s carrying it won’t drop the grill!

Cooking Surface

Kenmore has both gas and charcoal grills so we cater to different tastes. Gas powered Kenmore grills work best if you want an easy to clean surface because there’s no ash or charcoal mess afterwards; but if you’re looking for that authentic barbecue flavor, then we recommend going for a charcoal one instead.

Quality of Material

We only use the best quality material in our grills so even though they cost more than others on the market, it’ll be worth your money in terms of longevity and durability.


Sturdy grills aren’t merely better ready to endure various flame grilling seasons; they’re more secure, as well. Grills’ steadiness is significant because it can prevent tipping. Avoid grills with sharp edges; they can harm you while grilling.

Moreover, some grills in the market have infrared burners to provide intense heat to cook food. For a time, it provides access to heat, but its flames are not suitable for health.

Solid Construction

The more substantial the construction of the grill, the more stable it is and provides better results. Stability matters a lot rather than being lightweight. If it is stable, then it is going to give the best output. Hardened steel trucks with consistent development and welded joints are typically sturdier than painted steel carts gathered with stray pieces.

Frequently Asked Questions

 Where Kenmore Grills are made?

 Kenmore products are made in China, but their logistics and design are overseen in the United States. That’s why these products are affordable and easily accessible. Their quality is also good, and many users are happy with the purchase.

 What are the best Kenmore Grills to buy?

Kenmore PG-4030400LD-AZ-AM 3 Burner Outdoor Patio

Kenmore PG-40409S0LB-2-AM 4 Burner Outdoor Patio

Kenmore PG-4030400LD-AM 3 Burner Outdoor Patio Gas

Kenmore 4 Burner 53000 BTU Stainless BBQ Propane Grill

 How to know that grill is dual-fuel?

The grills that can be converted into a Dual Fuel grill have a “Dual Fuel” emblem in front of the grill. Grills without this badge won’t be convertible. The orifice size should be expanded just as changing the amount of airflow into the burner for the transformation to be finished.

 What is the procedure to light a Kenmore propane grill?

 Follow these steps to light a Kenmore Propane Grill

  • Firstly, open the lid.
  • Push and gradually turn the Rear Burner handle to IGNITE/ON.
  • Keep handling squeezed in until the burner is lit.
  • If it doesn’t turn On within 5 seconds, then turn OFF the knob.
  • Repeat the procedure. It will Turn ON now.

 How to Clean a Gas Grill?

  • Start by Firing Grill
  • Shut the Hood
  • Let it come to full temperature
  • Let it burn for almost 30 minutes
  • Excessive temperature will sing any stuck-on food or oil.
  • Now with the help of a wire brush and soap water, scrub off carbon from grates.

Expert opinion

 Kenmore Grills has a greater grilling space, and yet, turn casters make it versatile as well. The body parts are reliable, straightforward like the steel handle, powder-covered doors, and the porcelain-plated top are as clear to your eyes as the sturdy expert blaster gas barbecue. So, if you can bear the cost of it, don’t stand by any longer.

Kenmore PG-4030400LD-AZ-AM 3 Burner Outdoor Patio is the first best-recommended product. Most users are delighted with their purchases. It is well-built and compact. It has many great features that are not found in other models. It is portable and temperature resistant and can be moved easily due to its easy portable features.

Kenmore 4 Burner 53000 BTU Stainless BBQ Propane Grill is our second-best product, and it also comes with many great features. Many users are satisfied with this purchase. It comes with two-sided shelves for food preparation. 4 main burners with one side burner and 621 sq inches of total cooking space make this product durable and reliable.

Kenmore PG-40409S0LB-2-AM 4 Burner Outdoor Patio is the third-best model, and it also has impressive features. You can cook up to 40 burgers and grill meat in large amounts at one time due to its large working area. It is easy to start with an individualized ignition system. 4 main burners with one side burner provide enough space for cooking, and it is also portable.

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