Jigsaw vs Bandsaw (Differences and Guide)

Jigsaw vs Bandsaw

The wood industry has grown up so much that it is becoming difficult for competitors to sell their products. Different machines have been designed to accomplish different works. When it comes to buying a saw for your work, there are many different saws available in the market, and each saw has its functionality and specifications. Different saws are required for different work. Here we will provide you a comparison of jigsaw vs bandsaw.

It would be best to be careful while buying a saw because we would not like you to waste your money on products that are not perfect according to your work. As a beginner, sometimes we don’t know much about things.

You must know about your work, like what type of cuttings you need for your work. So, you may select it wisely. As far as the saw world is concerned, they look very complicated and precisely the same unless we know about their functionalities.

Don’t you worry; we’ll help you select your perfect machine for you so that you may not worry about that later? In this article, we are going to tell the difference between the two types of saw. These two saws are essential in your wood line work. Knowing their difference will let you know how to work better. So, keep reading this article about Jigsaw vs. Bandsaw.

Jigsaw vs Bandsaw

What is Jigsaw?


A jigsaw is also known as a saber saw. It is an excellent saw which cuts rapidly up and down. By using different narrow blades you can cut any material easily and skillfully. Moreover, you can give curves and various designs to any material like fiberglass, wood, steel, plastic, metal and much more. It is handheld equipment easy to carry and use. Anybody can use it in his DIY projects as well. It is meant to be a portable tool. Nowadays they are electrically powered and work more reliably.


Jigsaw blades work more effectively when fitted with the right blade; they can cut and give shapes to thick and heavy materials more efficiently. This tool is perfect for a woodworker who wants his cutter work more effectively in a smooth way. Besides, this tool is also capable of angled cuts as it can move till 45 degrees with back and forth movement. It is so easy to use that even an inexperienced person can use it safely by just plugging in the jigsaw and inserting the right blade. There you go. You are ready to cut and shape your wood.


  1. Comfortable and safe:

This power tool is easy and safe to operate. As it is a child-friendly tool. Through the electric power, your energy boosts, and will be able to cut thick boards easily and quickly with less effort. The saw has an automatic rest system; it stills automatically on the surface when you’re not using it. It keeps hands and fingers safe from the blade.

  1. Worthwhile cutting:

The cutter gives you an efficient performance with all types of designs, shapes, and curves. With its 45 degree movement, it is suitable for angled cuts as well. Best for beginners who can not use heavy handy saws for their DIY projects they can simply use this tool which works more durable.

  1. Cut different materials:

It is a versatile tool that is not only best for wood but can also cut various materials like fiberglass,  drywall, plywood, plastic metal, and much more with a changeable blade.  Use the right blade for cutting the specific material of different shapes and curves. It cuts the harder surfaces smoothly in perfect shape.

  1. They can make the pumpkin carver:

After a drill machine jigsaw is meant to be the best electric tool. It is perfect for pumpkin carving. As it helps to cut more easily and quickly. You can use both your hands one for cutting and the left hand for carving the pumpkin.


  • Electric power portable device.
  • It can cut different materials.
  • Safe and easy to operate.
  • Changeable blades.
  • 45 degree angled cutter.
  • Efficient performance.


  • Not suitable for demolition work.
  • The battery runs quickly.
  • Heavy and occupies a bit of space.

Introduction to the bandsaw tool


Bandsaw or band saw is an electric power saw with a sharp edge and blade which consists of a long-toothed band on one side for cutting purposes. It’s the best equipment for woodworkers for curving and shaping the surface. Besides, it’s Also usable for lumbering, and metalworking with changeable blades.

For woodcutting, it consists of various applications and for different designs with back and forth movement.


The bandsaw is such a useful gadget if you’re a woodworker it’s a must to have one with yourself. It’s sharp edges and blades are used to cut heavy cardboard and curving woods. Straight lines can smoothly and easily cut through this saw. The blade of the band saw comes in various sizes and sharp tooth pitches which are full of resources. Through them, it can cut different materials like metal, drywall, plastic, etc. Moreover, it works perfectly for ripping and cutting the lumber into pieces. It takes less effort as compared to other saws and has a large capacity for cutting and re-sawing thicker surfaces.


  1. Multiple pieces cutting:

The most wonderful thing about this saw is that it can cut multiple pieces of any object at a time. Which makes your job pretty quick and easy and saves your time as well.

  1. Convenient for carpenters:

This tool is convenient for carpenters and industrialists as well. As it makes their work neat and smooth. It cuts quickly without wasting any access piece.

  1. It makes work fast:

This tool makes your metalwork, woodwork, lumbering and ripping much faster. For instance, in industries, the industrialists take heavy loads of metal which is time-consuming work so the bandsaw helps you save time by a quick re-welding system.

  1. Makes less noise and few sparks:

As some cutters and tools make much sparking which causes fire risks but this bandsaw tool is safe as it creates a little amount of sparkling and is not hazardous for the environment. Moreover, it makes less noise as compared to other saws. So, it is perfectly made for woodworkers who prefer to work in a silent environment.

  1. Easy changeable directions:

The operator is capable of changing the speed and directions of the bandsaw by it’s options which are given on the saw, you can select any speed you want easily. Further, the tool is portable to cut straight curves and angles of the wood by changing its directions.

  1. Manageable and controllable:

Nowadays these tools come up with power cords which make them easy to handle and control. But it depends on what model you are using, some occupy space because of their weight but some are easily manageable and take less effort.


  • It saves time and energy.
  • Make Less noise and create few sparks.
  • Best for ripping and re-sawing.
  • Easy to manage and control.
  • Cuts multiple pieces at a time.


  • They work much faster and do not make simple cuts.
  • Dangerous tool.
  • Take it away from children.


  • Although, both the jigsaw and bandsaw are meant to be much similar in their designs and working as well. But the jigsaw is perfect for curving the woods and other materials. On the other hand, the bandsaw is suitable for re-sawing and cutting straight thin strips. Both the tools are easy to handle and operate and are electrically powered. Furthermore, they can easily cut the corners as well.
  • Every woodworker gets overwhelmed whether to buy a jigsaw or bandsaw because of their similarities and functions. Both tools come with sharp blades to cut smooth straight wood lines and you can get a suitable blade for your material that is easy to change.
  • Both the equipment are must-haves if you are a woodworker as they are portable devices and safe to operate. The jigsaw and bandsaw are well known among the DIY craftsmen, woodworkers, industrialists, and carpenters as well.
  • Another similarity between these two tools is that they have a blade system that moves in a back and forth position.


  • There are many more differences between both tools. In size and weight, they are a bit different. The jigsaw is easy to handle. It is light weighted equipment. On the other hand, a bandsaw occupies space and is a heavy device that is meant to be immovable.
  • Another difference between these tools is their cutting and blade type. However, Jigsaw has a reciprocating blade only on the upper side while the bandsaw has a blade all connected on both wheels. While cutting, the blade continuously cuts until you stop it.
  • The jigsaws are preferable to cut in curves and different shapes and designs while bandsaws are suitable for cutting in straight lines and re-sawing and lumbering.
  • The jigsaws make small cuts which are best to use for DIY Crafters or children of any age can use this tool easily. But if we compare bandsaw it cuts big pieces in thin lines especially ripping and re-sawing. As they are only good for carpenters or metal workers.
  • A jigsaw is an easy and compatible tool you can hold with one hand whereas a bandsaw is a dangerous and immobile tool.

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Are jigsaw blades universal?

Yes, The jigsaw blades are changeable and compatible. Most often, the blades are having a T shaped head. Before cutting and curving you should use the proper blade.

Do I really need a bandsaw?

The bandsaw is usable for you if you’re a woodworker or a carpenter and you wanna cut big heavy material then this tool is perfect for you.

What is a bandsaw good for?

The bandsaw is good for ripping and re-sawing large material and also best for lumbering in thin straight lines. It also cuts multiple pieces at a time which saves your energy and time.


At last, we conclude that both the products are perfect for a woodworker or an industrialist. However, a Jigsaw is preferable to cut wooden curves and shapes with 45-degree angles while a bandsaw is used for ripping the thin surfaces and straight lines. It is also used for lumbering, re-sawing, and metalworking. They are modern electric handling devices that make your work easier and are simple to operate as well. It is a must-have tool.

I hope this article will be beneficial for you in selecting your tool. If you have any questions regarding this article, feel free to comment.

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