iSpring RO500 vs Waterdrop WD-G3-W Comparison (Which One Is Best?)

If you live in an area without clean water that is safe for consumption, a tankless RO system is a mandatory device you need for your home. With this modern filtration system, you get on-demand purified water.

In this post, we are going to compare ispring ro500 and Waterdrop WD-G3-W, high-performance but affordable water filtration systems.

Difference Between iSpring RO500 and Waterdrop WD-G3-W

iSpring RO500 Tankless Under-Sink RO

iSpring RO500 Tankless under-sink RO Reverse Osmosis Water Filtration System

Waterdrop WD-G3-W Reverse Osmosis System

Waterdrop G3 Reverse Osmosis System

1. Design

iSpring RO500 is an under-sink reverse osmosis system that beats all traditional RO system drawbacks. It boasts real-time water quality monitoring, a filter change indicator, and quick filter replacement. In other words, it is one of the most advanced RO filtration systems.

Waterdrop WD-G3-W, on the other hand, comes in a smart, easy-to-install design. It is also an innovative, all-in-one intelligent water purification system. You can install it in a few minutes and change the filter in one single turn.

Both systems come in a no-tank design that not only helps you avoid secondary pollution but also enables you to enjoy more storage space in your kitchen.

2. Performance

When it comes to performance, both systems are unbeatable. RO500 is rated at 500 GPD. It also has a flow rate of up to 0.4 GPM, which is 4 times more efficient than any traditional RO system.

Thanks to its internal pump, Waterdrop WD-G3-W offers a fast flow rate (400 GPD). As a result, it can filter a cup of water in just 12 seconds, a feature that makes it great for small companies as well.

3. Pure to Waste Water Ratio

iSpring RO500 has a pure to waste water ratio of up to 2:1. It saves waste water by up to 400%, a feature that contributes to reduced water bills.

The same is to be said of Waterdrop G3. Compared to traditional reverse osmosis systems, it saves water by 300% and has a filtered to waste water ratio of 1:1. It, therefore, also greatly helps save money on water bills.

4. Water Monitoring Faucet

Both systems have high-quality smart faucets with real-time TDS and codes indicator. The codes help you monitor the quality of your water simply and most conveniently.

The indicators display TDS of the filtered water, suggests a filter change schedule, and show codes that can help with troubleshooting.

This smart feature helps to enhance your user experience.

5. Filtration Process – Stages

iSpring RO500 purifies water in 3 stages. In the 1st and 2nd stages, composite sediment, carbon block filter, and advanced RO membrane effectively remove limescale, TDS, up to 99% of over 1,000 contaminants. These contaminants include lead, fluoride, chlorine, arsenic, asbestos, calcium, sodium, and more.

In the 3rd stage, the carbon block filter further enhances the taste of already purified water.

Waterdrop WD-G3-W boasts 3 in 1 composite filters (pre-sediment, carbon block, and RO filters) that function as 3 filters combined. The 3 filters provide 7 stages of filtration. The RO membrane filter adopts an innovative design while the filter’s efficiency equals more than 3 stages of filtration.

These filters help to effectively remove most contaminants, including fluoride, TDS, limescale, and other heavy metals in your tap water.

Additionally, the carbon filter uses high-precision activated granules from natural coconut shell, which also improves the taste of the water.

6. Installation and Maintenance

The 2 systems provide a hassle-free installation. It will only take you a few minutes to install the systems if you are a handy person and at most an hour, if not a Dyer. You’ll also spend very little time when removing and replacing the filters.

However, you need to note that you must turn on the faucet entirely after installation and flush the system for 30 minutes. The light on the tap will flash blue as you flush, but the blue light will stop flushing once through with the process.

Note that the water will be undrinkable during flushing, but you can collect it and use it for other purposes like watering plants.


With either of the 2 water filtration systems, you are assured of clean, healthy, and pure water for your home. In addition, they have a unique set of features that will attract anyone looking for the convenience of water filtration and better quality water.

iSpring RO500, 500 GPD capacity, makes it ideal for large families, laboratories, small restaurants, and salons. Despite its large volume flow, this unit takes less space and looks good under the kitchen sink.

If looking for a filtration system with less waste water, Waterdrop WD-G3-W is the secret tool with a filtered to waste water ratio of 1:1. It also produces a glass of pure water in seconds and a 400 GPD. It is also ideal for large families like the iSpring RO500.

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