Is Inverter Technology Worth it in a Microwave?

A microwave is among the staple items in any kitchen. You can use it to defrost meat, heat leftovers, or cook veggies. But did you know that there are regular/standard convectional microwaves and inverter microwaves that use inverter technology? Well, now you’re in the know.

Inverter microwaves claim superior performance. That the inverter technology they use helps them cook faster and evenly.

Therefore, in this post We are going to unravel whether this technology is worth the hype. But before that, we need to know what inverter technology really is. So, stick around.

What is Inverter Technology?

A regular oven uses a magnetron unit to generate the microwaves inside the device. The magnetron unit is a high-power component that produces high energy levels, which is directed to the cavity where your meal is cooked.

This energy is very high and can lead to issues like overcooking. A microwave inverter helps solve such issues as it allows you to regulate the amount of energy from the magnetron assembly.

In other words, microwave oven inverter technology allows the device to control the energy supplied to the magnetron.

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And why is this important?

If you’ve ever tried cooking food in a standard microwave, you can attest to the fact that it is a very challenging task. The magnetron (an element that cooks food in a microwave) only delivers full power. Even when you set it to 50% power, it actually goes through cycles that offer 100% power, followed by periods of zero power.

Inverter technology modulates the energy levels transmitted by the oven enabling you to achieve a consistent level. In this case, if you set 50% power, you’ll get a steady stream of 50% during the entire cooking time.

Thanks to this technology, you’ll always get evenly cooked and perfectly defrosted food without cooked edges.

Advantages of Inverter Technology in a Microwave

Although heat makes the best friend when preparing meals, it can also become a foe. However, if you get the perfect temperature balance, the results will be a well-done meal.

Low or extremely high temperatures will give you uncooked and burnt food, respectively. Inverter technology is, therefore, a game-changer in microwave ovens.

Listed below are the advantages of having one in your kitchen.

1. Steady Power Supply.

As aforementioned, the magnetron of ordinary (non-inverter) microwaves doesn’t produce any energy and switches on/off periodically. Thus, the alternating between the minimum and maximum power is unsteady, the reason why you’ll most likely get poor results when using it.

For instance, when defrosting meat, you might be shocked to find out that as the outer surface begins to cook, the inner/center parts remain frozen.

So, why does this happen?

The exposed surface gets more energy when the device is in operation and even begins to cook before the other parts start to thaw. But, again, this is because of the fluctuating temperatures.

When using an inverter microwave, this is never the case. Instead, the inverter technology enables the device to continuously produce steady waves of power, enough for your cook to cook or thaw evenly.

2. Improved Temperature Control

When using a non-inverter microwave oven, temperature control is a headache to many. Imagine a situation where you want to cook a roast at 300 degrees. You would cook it at 600 degrees for 10 minutes, take it out for 10 minutes and repeat the process over and over again until your meat is cooked. Well, good luck with that!

Alternating temperature to get a medium temperature value can be cumbersome. It gets worse when you need power at moderately low and high levels.

However, if your microwave uses inverter technology, you are a lucky chap. It gives you a more streamlined control. You can choose the energy to produce, and this technology will ensure that you get that exact energy.

3. Better Food Quality

Did you know that constant high temperatures denature nutrients in your food? This is actually more prominent if the food in question is cooked for longer periods.

When using a standard microwave oven, food is cooked in a shorter time. With an inverter microwave, you control the temperature depending on the type of food to prevent overcooking. In addition, with it, essential food nutrients are less likely to get leached.

Also, inverter ovens cook food evenly, meaning that you are less likely to get partly cooked and partly raw food.

4. Faster Cooking Times

Thanks to the inverter technology, you’ll not experience power fluctuations like with a regular microwave. You’ll therefore cook food much faster when using an inverter microwave.

5. Energy Efficient

Since inverter technology helps you to cook faster, it also makes your cooking more energy-efficient. Regular microwaves use a lot of power when cycling between full cooking power and no power.

Consistent power leads to less cooking time and less use of power.



If you choose to get a microwave oven with inverter technology, be ready to part with a handsome amount. Inverter microwaves are more expensive than other models.

However, the good thing is that you get your money’s worth when you opt for the inverter option.

So, Is Inverter Technology Worth it in a Microwave?

Yes. All the benefits listed above are proof that it’s really worth it. Inverter technology delivers a seamless stream of power, even at lower settings, that ensures that your cooking preserves all the flavors and texture of your favorite foods.

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The technology also enables more precise temperature control, which helps to help defrost food and unthawed and overcooked areas.

Microwaves using the inverter technology perform better and, although a little pricier, are worth going for.


With microwaves, a slight improvement in tech can make a big difference. As one of these improvements, inverter technology gives you better temperature control.  It reduces the risk of burning your food.

Thanks to this technology, you can always enjoy healthy and evenly cooked food at all times. Set the temperature at 50 degrees, and our food will cook at the same temperature all through.

Inverter microwaves are the devices to have for hustle-free cooking, roasting, defrosting, and reheating. Get one for your kitchen, and you’ll most likely enjoy the experience.

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