Is Buying a Water Dispenser Worth it?

Water dispensers provide an array of benefits, the reason why you need one for your home. With a dispenser, you can say goodbye to the days of waiting for your kettle to boil.

A water dispenser brings with it safety, convenience, eco-friendliness, and easy maintenance. It keeps your family well-hydrated and active all day.

So, is it really worth it? The few benefits discussed above tell it all, right? Not yet convinced? Read on to learn more about this magic kitchen appliance.

Merits of Water Dispensers

Provides Instant Hot, Cold and Warm Water

Water dispensers provide hot and cold water instantly. There are also those that feature 3 temperature settings hence over hot, cold, and room temperature water at the touch of a button.

With adjustable temperature settings, this appliance can help you prepare piping hot coffee or tea. It also gives you a chance to treat yourself to a super chilled glass of water at any time of the day.

Is Convenient

Is Buying a Water Dispenser Worth it

8 or more glasses of water daily, are recommended to keep you healthy and hydrated. And because it’s very easy for you to fall short of this goal, a water dispenser makes it easier to reach. You just need to step into your kitchen and dispense a glass of cold water.

Hot water dispensers also make it easy for you to enjoy tea or coffee without using other appliances to boil it.

Provides Water that is Good for Your Health

It’s no secret that water dispensers provide filtered water that is good for your health. From skin hydration, to nutrient absorption, digestion and detoxification, the benefits are ten-fold.

With water from these appliances, your immune system will have every reason to thank you.

Helps You Drink More Water

Water dispensers help to promote good habits. With one, you’ll most likely start drinking and enjoying more water than before. Whether it’s a hot cup of coffee on chilly winter nights or a chilled glass of cold water during a workout, a water dispenser comes in handy.

Encourages a  Sugar-Free Diet

If you are one of those people that usually take sugar-added drinks like juice and soda to quench your thirst, you need to get a water dispenser. These drinks lead to an unhealthy buildup of toxins in the body and can cause different health issues.

A water dispenser is a distraction and healthy alternative and will encourage everyone to take more water. Your family will reduce the need for soft drinks. This will help you to not only save money but also keep your family healthy.

Saves Your Space

If your fridge is always crammed with water bottles, you’ll find a water dispenser a worthy investment. Kettles with hanging cables can also be quite a distraction and can even get in the way of your work surface.

A water dispenser by saving up a lot of space, and you will enjoy having one around.

Dispenser Water is Tasty

Since we need water to live, we may as well enjoy it, right? However, we know that not all water tastes great. Tap water is usually treated with chlorine.

A water dispenser ensures that every cup of water is downright delicious, purer, and fresher. And did you know that pure water can elevate your favorite brew as well? If you don’t have this appliance, you’re missing a lot.

Environmental Friendly

In addition to providing safe and clean water for your family, water dispensers help the whole planet. They (especially bottleless models) are eco-friendly as they limit the use of bottled water.

Helps You Save Money and Energy

If you buy a lot of bottled water, you’ll realize that you spend a lot of money each month. Getting a water dispenser will save you the hassle. Actually, the cost is less during refilling and better than purchasing new bottles every time.

Water dispensers are also super energy-efficient. Most usually come with power on/off settings and a variety of sleep modes to help you ensure that you pay only for the energy you use.

Improves Your Home Aesthetics

Adding a water dispenser in your home doesn’t compromise on aesthetics. In fact, it makes you look cool! Gone are the big old-fashioned water dispensers that used to take lots of space or look like something you would see in a doctor’s office!

Today, water dispensers come in a variety of colors and designs to fit your style.

Serves a Large Number

A water dispenser comes in handy if you have guests in your home. Should they request for water, the dispenser makes it easy for you to give them all at once.

Your visitors will also not have to wait for you to boil and cool the water since they can take it instantly from the water dispenser.

Most water dispensers also provide all kinds of water temperatures, meaning they can take to their preferences without much hassle. They can also prepare fast drinks such as tea and coffee as they continue enjoying their stay.

So, is a Water Dispenser Worthy or Not?

A water dispenser is a worthy kitchen appliance that every family should have. It displays a lot of healthy and general benefits; it is cheap to maintain and use.

Getting a sleek and environmentally-friendly dispenser is one way of keeping your family well-hydrated and in good health.

Interested in a water dispenser? We recommend the following:

With 3 temperature settings, Avalon’s bottom loading water dispenser allows you to customize your drinking experience. It features a piping hot, crisp, cold, and cool output.

The cooler will also fit right into your office or kitchen, thanks to its innovative design. It has a built-in nightlight that makes the spouts visible at night. You’ll also know when to replace the water bottle, thanks to the empty bottle indicator.

To prevent bacterial growth, this unit is treated with BioGuard anti-microbial coating in high contact areas. It also features a child safety lock and is UL/Energy Star approved.

This bottleless unit will reduce the time-to-time purchases of water. It filters water with the dual filtration system that consists of a sediment and carbon block filter.

The dispenser features 3 temperature settings; crisp cold, cool and hot. It also boasts a self-cleaning feature that sanitizes and purifies it to prevent the accumulation of harmful germs and bacteria.

In-built nightlight enables you to dispense water with ease during the night while a replace filter indicator notifies when it’s time to replace them.

The unit is also easy to install, has a safety lock, and is UL/Energy Star certified.

Brio’s bottom loading water cooler allows you to choose the cold or hot temperature to suit your needs. It is perfect for preparing toasty beverages or cool refreshments.

Thanks to the child safety lock, you will never have to worry about the accidental pouring of hot water. An LED nightlight also makes things easier for you by illuminating your dispense area to avoid overfills.

This unit boasts a bright electronic display that provides a notification when the water bottle is running low. Its self-cleaning feature enables you to enjoy minimal maintenance as it helps keep your dispenser in pristine condition.

The durable cooler is made from premium stainless steel for durability purposes, is Energy Star approved, and is easy to use.


Clean, safe, and drinkable water is essential for everyone(1). A water dispenser enables you to enjoy a constant supply of such water hence quite worthy. It should be high on your list of necessary kitchen appliances.

A water dispenser enables you to enjoy a cup of cold, cool, or hot water at any time of the day and from the comfort of your home. And if you don’t have one, it’s high time you did your kitchen the honors.

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