Internal Water Dispenser vs External: Differences & Benefits Compared

Are you interested in getting a refrigerator with a water dispenser? Are you stuck between going for one with an internal dispenser and an external one?

The main difference between an interior and external refrigerator dispenser is its appearance. The internal dispenser is located inside the refrigerator, and you can only access it after opening the door.

The external dispenser, on the other hand, provides water through the dispenser door.

To help you settle for the best, we’ve included a detailed comparison of internal and external water dispensers.

We’ve also listed the benefits and cons of a refrigerator water dispenser to help you decide whether you want to pay more money for the extra feature.

How Does a Refrigerator Dispenser Work?

A refrigerator with a water dispenser mounted on its door works by tapping into a cold water supply near the fridge.

Whether the pipe is located in the wall or under the floor, the connection is made through plastic or a small copper supply tube.

One end of the pipe is usually connected to a water fitting on the back of the dispenser, and the other end to a cold water pipe with a fixture shutoff valve.

Inside, the fridge’s inner plumbing transports water to a small water filter that removes basic contaminants from the water. The filtered water is then moved to the door-mounted water dispenser.

Internal Water Dispenser vs External: Side by Side Comparison

FeatureInternal Water DispenserExternal Water Dispenser
Ease of accessLess easy to access.Easier to access.
SpaceAllow more internal space.Limits internal space.
MaintenanceEasy to maintain.Easy to maintain but requires regular maintenance.
Ease of useEasier to use as there are no space restrictions.Easy to use.
EfficiencyEnergy-efficientMore energy-efficient
AestheticsProvides a clean aesthetic of the refrigerator’s front.It may not provide the most seamless look.

What Is The Difference Between Internal Water Dispenser and External?

  • Space

An internal fridge dispenser takes minimal space in the refrigerator compartment. This saves some interior space allowing you to store more food.

On the other hand, an external dispenser takes more internal space limiting cubic footage.

  • Convenience

One of the main benefits of an external dispenser is convenience. You can simply walk to the fridge and get chilled pure water without opening the door.

An external dispenser is also highly beneficial because, with it, you won’t open the door letting out the cool air in the unit.

With an internal dispenser, you have to open your refrigerator door to fill your glass.

  • Maintenance

An external refrigerator dispenser demands regular maintenance, unlike internal models. This is simply because an external dispenser has more moving parts that require regular servicing.

  • Ease of Use

It is easier for you to refill your glass or bigger containers with water with an internal dispenser than the external model. This is because an internal dispenser has fewer space restrictions.

On the other hand, if yours is a busier or larger household where water is in greater demand, an external dispenser makes the best choice. It’s not only easy to access but also easy to use when you have guests over.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Internal and External Refrigerator Dispensers

Pros of internal dispensers

  • It offers a clean aesthetic for your refrigerator front.
  • No water spills on the refrigerator’s surface.
  • Less space restrictions.
  • You can fill larger containers with water with ease.
  • Easy to maintain.

Cons of internal dispensers

  • Opening the refrigerator’s door from time to time lets out cool air.
  • Less convenient.

Pros of external dispensers

  • Simple functionality and easy access.
  • More energy efficient.
  • Less opening of the fridge door helps retain the cool temperatures in the unit.

Cons of external dispensers

  • Requires regular maintenance

Internal Water Dispenser vs. External: Which is Better?

Refrigerators are expensive, which is why choosing the most suitable model for your home is quite important.

Choosing the type of water dispenser the refrigerator comes with is crucial as well, which is why you need to consider your preferences. Both will help you get easy access to refreshing water daily.

If looking for a more energy-efficient and convenient unit, go for the external refrigerator. If you are for the aesthetics, the internal model might be your best bet.

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