HydroLogic-31026 Micro 75 Portable Reverse Osmosis System

‎If looking for an entry-level RO system, one that can purify your water for drinking or gardening, the HydroLogic Micro 75 might be the unit for you.

The system is a product of HydroLogic Purification Systems, a company that makes high-quality water purification systems designed for many uses, including gardening and hydroponics.

Their products boast cutting-edge technology, easy setup, affordability, and amazing results. They are also completely earth-friendly.

The Micro 75 HydroLogic is one of their compact and portable systems that will give you great-tasting drinking water. It will also come in handy if you have some plants that require watering from time to time.

To help you learn more about this system, we’ve compiled this in-depth review for you. Keep reading.

Features of the HydroLogic-31026 Micro 75 Portable RO at a Glance

  • Produces up to 75 GPD/3 GPH
  • Removes up to 98% of water contaminants
  • Carbon pre-filter has KDF85 media
  • Earth-friendly replaceable carbon filter
  • Integrated pressure gauge
  • 2:1 waste water to filtered water ratio
  • Meets NSF certification standards
HydroLogic-31026 Micro 75 Portable Reverse Osmosis

Full Review of ‎HydroLogic 31026 Micro 75

  • Water Production

The manufacturer’s specifications for this system are that it can produce 75 gallons of pure water per day. This volume of water is enough to supply a personal grow setup, keeping you supplied with purified water all day long.

Again, the production of water depends on the pressure as well as the quality of water. If the water is pressure is low, or if the water is very contaminated, the production rate will be less.

  • Filtration Stages

The HydroLogic Micro 75 filters water in 3 stages. The first pre-filter of the unit removes sand, dust, silt, rust, and other large particles from your water.

The Coconut Carbon filter with the KDF85 media removes almost every harmful chemical and heavy metal from the water in the second stage. Mostly, it gets rid of chloramines from the feed water.

The 3rd stage is the RO membrane that eliminates TDS and all microorganisms present in the water. The results are pure water ready for use in your hydroponic system.

  • Drain Ratio

This system has a water waste ratio of 2:1, better than most RO systems. For every gallon of pure water produced by the unit, 2 gallons of water go into waste.

Note that you can’t get purified water from an RO system without wasting some water. The system is highly efficient since units that waste below 3-4 gallons are considered efficient.

  • Installation

The HydroLogic-31026 has been designed with ease of installation and use in mind. After a quick read of the installation instructions, you should be able to install the unit on your own. This will save you money and the need to look for a professional to install it for you.

  • Dimensions and Weight

This unit is quite compact and measures 14.5 x 7.5 x 7.5 inches. It’s also light weight now that it measures 1 pound.

  • Accessories

The unit comes with a ¼-inch float valve that shuts down the system automatically when storage is full. The valve helps prevent overflow.

It also comes with a UV sterilizer kit that helps clean and sanitize the unit to keep it in proper working condition.

And although the filter stays stable on a flat surface, it comes with a mountable bracket to help you mount it on a wall if you so want.

A garden hose connector helps you connect the gardening hose to the system with ease.

  • Product Summary

The HydroLogic Micro 75 is a 3-stage RO system that removes more than 98% of contaminants from water. It filters up to 75 gallons of pure water per day and has a filtered to waste water ratio of 1:2.

The system is suitable for drinking and cooking water but can also be used for growing plants for personal use.

It is compact, lightweight, easy to use and install. It also comes with almost every component you require for easy installation.

  • Pros and Cons

Eliminates more than 98% of contaminants from water

Produces up to 75 gallons of pure water per day

It is compact and portable

Has an automatic shut-off valve

Comes with a metal bracket for wall mounting

Is easy to install, use, and eco-friendly

Is reasonably priced

Comes with almost every component required for installation


Slow filtration flow rate

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