Are Humidity Sensing Bathroom Fans Worth It?

Who doesn’t love to enjoy a luxurious and relaxing time in the shower? We all do!

But the steam and humidity in these showers can spoil the air quality in your bathroom. This is true unless you are using a humidity sensing bathroom fan. That’s just how worthy the product is.

A humidity sensing fan promotes better ventilation, reduces excess moisture levels, and improves airflow. It removes excess moisture and creates the ideal environment in your bathroom.

The fan reduces humidity and moves it outdoors via your home’s ductwork.

How Humidity Sensing Bathroom Fans Work

Humidity sensing fans have a small humidity sensor, which constantly monitors your bathroom’s air humidity. When the built-in sensor detects an increase in the humidity level beyond a preset level, the fan switches on.

The exhaust fan runs continuously until the level of humidity drops below the preset level. At this point, it turns itself off.

And since humidity sensing bathroom fans are better engineered than budget-style models, they run quieter.

So, What Really Makes Humidity Sensing Bathroom Fans Worth Going for?

Are Humidity Sensing Bathroom Fans Worth It

Humidity sensing bathroom fans boast several advantages that make them worth every penny. Read on and discover the many benefits you’ll enjoy once you decide to settle for one.

1. They Prevent Moisture Damage

Moisture has a lot of negative impacts on your bathroom. And that’s why a humidity sensing bathroom fan is very important, as it helps you keep the moisture level in your bathroom in check.

Listed below are some of the negative effects of excess moisture. We’ve also discussed how a humidity sensing bathroom fan helps solve the problem.

A. Growth of mold

Damp bathrooms make a perfect breeding ground for mold and mildew. Mold grows in moist environments and can cause discoloration of your bathroom’s wall and floor.

Once mold camps in your bathroom, it’s pretty challenging to remove. You don’t want to end up with a stained bathroom.

And the worst-case scenario? Allergies, asthma, and other respiratory diseases!

Mold and mildew are known to bring about these diseases, and you don’t want to expose your family to such unfortunate situations.

So, how does a bathroom fan with a humidity sensor solve the problem? It automatically keeps the humidity levels so low, leaving no room for mold to grow.

B. Peeling of Paint

Have you ever noticed paint peeling from your bathroom walls and wondered why that was happening? High humidity levels, my friend!

When the humidity level of your bathroom is too high and for extended periods, it makes water condense on the walls. Later on, the paint starts peeling.

Getting a humidistat helps prevent the problem. It turns on automatically when moisture levels get high beyond a set point. As a result, water dries before damaging the paint.

C. Bad Odors

Have you ever stepped in a poorly ventilated damp bathroom and got taken aback by the foul odor? Yes. That’s what excess moisture in any bathroom does. It leads to a foul smell that lingers for long and might even spread to the other parts of the house.

With a humidity-sensing fan, the bad odor becomes a thing of the past. It wafts away the odor automatically through the exhaust vent.

D. Warping of the Door

If you have a wooden bathroom door, you really need a humidity sensing fan. The last thing you’d ever want is a warped bathroom door. And you know why? It means no more privacy!

Excessive moisture on wooden doors causes warping.

2. Humidity Sensing Fans Save Energy

How Humidity Sensing Bathroom Fans Work

The best feature of humidity sensing fans is that they are highly energy-efficient. The fans sense when humidity levels are high, turn on automatically to curb the moisture, and then switch off when everything is done.

Do you know that controlling humidity levels using a manual bathroom fan is quite a hassle? You have to switch it off 30 to 60 minutes after a shower. What would happen if you forgot to switch it off?

The fan would run the whole day or until you get back home. A lot of energy gets wasted.

A humidity sensing fan helps you to save on electricity costs.

3. They are perfect for Kid’s Bathrooms

Kids always forget to turn on their bathroom fan before stepping into the shower. Installing a humidity sensing fan ensures that it’s always running if there’s excess moisture in the bathroom.

A humidity sensing bathroom fan will reduce arguments between you and your kids. You won’t keep on reminding them to turn the fan on every time they jump into the shower.

4. Are Essential in Rental Properties

If you run a rental property, you need to install humidity sensing bathroom fans if you don’t want endless confrontations with tenants. Although some forget to switch on the bathroom fan after having a shower, there are those that don’t give a damn; after all, they don’t own the property!

But when the paints on the walls of their bathrooms start to peel; they start complaining. Installing a humidity sensing bathroom fan comes in handy in such situations.

The automatic fan will control humidity levels and serve the tenants well and help you maintain your property in excellent shape at all times.

5. Cheaper in the Long Run

As aforementioned, humidity sensing bathroom fans turn off the fan at the right time, which helps to keep your monthly energy costs down.

Installing the device will also highly assist you in cost-cutting. Just imagine how expensive repainting your bathroom walls from time to time would be. Also, should the moisture damage your attic, repairs could even cost you thousands.

6. Keep your bathroom mirror clean

Vapors of hot water tend to stick to the mirror every time you take a shower. These vapors make it difficult for you to see your face clearly. You actually have to clean the mirror first before you can use it again. Quite a hassle!

A bathroom exhaust fan wafts the vapor away and prevents it from sticking to your mirror.

7. Maintain bathroom furniture

When your bathroom becomes moist, furniture, paints, and wall decorations suffer the most. Although you might not be keen on replacing your furniture from time to time, you need to keep it in good shape, right?

A humidity sensing bathroom fan saves you all the trouble and costs from expenses of renovating your home.


Investing in a humidity sensing bathroom fan is worth it!(1) Yes, it’s really worth it. It helps you keep your bathroom wall paint intact and bathroom free of odor.

The upsides of having this fan are too many, and you shouldn’t miss out on them. What are you waiting for? Step out and go for the best humidity sensing bathroom fan for your home!

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