How to Winterize Your Outdoor Water Faucets


Winter season is a gorgeous season, yet it can likewise be a challenging time for house owners. One of the most crucial jobs throughout the winter season is to safeguard your outside water faucets from freezing temperatures. Failing to winterize your outside water faucets can lead to rupture pipes, costly repair services, and water damages. In this post, we will go over exactly how to winterize your exterior tap to maintain them in excellent problem throughout the winter season.

Why Winterize Your Outdoor Water Faucets?

Winterizing your outside water faucets is essential to protect against water from cold inside the pipes. When water ices up, it increases and also can cause the pipelines to burst. Burst pipelines can cause pricey repair work and also water damage to your house. By winterizing your outside water faucets, you can protect against these issues and also make certain that your taps are in good problem when springtime arrives.

Actions to Winterize Your Outside Water Faucets

1. Switch off the Water

The initial step to winterize your outside tap is to shut off the supply of water. Find the shut-off shutoff that controls the water system to your outside faucets as well as transform it off. This will avoid water from moving right into the pipelines and also cold.

2. Drain the Water

As soon as you have switched off the supply of water, it’s time to drain the water from the pipelines. Open the outdoor tap and allow the water drain out. You can also make use of a pipe to drain pipes the water from the pipes. Make certain to remove any accessories, such as hoses or sprinklers, prior to draining the water.

3. Shield the Water lines

Shielding the pipelines is an essential step to avoid them from cold. You can make use of foam insulation or warm tape to twist around the pipes. See to it to cover all revealed pipes, consisting of those inside the wall surfaces. Insulating the pipes will certainly help to maintain them cozy as well as prevent them from cold.

4. Cover the Faucets

Treatment the faucets is one more important step to secure them from freezing. You can utilize faucet covers or cover them with a towel or blanket. Make certain to cover the whole tap, including the manage and also any kind of add-ons. Treatment the faucets will help to keep them cozy and stop them from cold.

5. Check for Leaks

Before you complete the winterization process, it is very important to check for leaks. Turn on the water system and look for any kind of leaks around the faucet or pipes. If you discover any leakages, switch off the water supply as well as take care of the problem prior to finishing the winterization procedure.

Added Tips

– Detach any hose pipes or lawn sprinklers from the outside faucet before winterizing.
– If you have a watering system, make certain to winterize it as well.
– If you’re not sure how to winterize your outdoor tap, consult a professional plumber.
– Check your exterior water faucets regularly throughout the winter to ensure they are in excellent problem.


Winterizing your outside water faucets is a vital task to shield them from freezing temperatures. By complying with the actions outlined in this blog post, you can ensure that your outdoor faucets remain in excellent problem when springtime arrives. Keep in mind to turn off the water system, drain pipes the water, protect the pipes, cover the faucets, as well as check for leaks. With these suggestions, you can protect against expensive repair services as well as water damage to your home.

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