How Do You Use a Water Dispenser for the First Time?

Have you just bought a water dispenser but are confused about how to use it? Don’t worry; we’ve compiled this guide to help you set the appliance up and dispense your first glass of water.

A water dispenser is a worthy investment. It gives you quick access to crisp, clean, and fresh drinking water at your fingertips.

This convenient appliance comes in handy in the workplace, private homes, and businesses. And as you know, water coolers don’t just dispense cold water. Instead, they can also instantly dispense cool, room temperature, and hot water.

Here is a step-by-step guide on using the water dispenser for the first time correctly.

Steps on How to Use a Water Dispenser

Now that you have the water dispenser, the first thing to do is prepare it for use. You also need to ensure that the dispenser is ready to connect the water bottle.

  • Step 1

Buy a water bottle that fits on your water dispenser. Most water dispensers require a 5-gallon water bottle, but if yours is a small dispenser, a 3 gallons bottle will suffice.

  • Step 2

Next, plug the dispenser in a safe power source to access hot and cold water. Plugging the appliance into a safe source is vital as it makes the water dispenser safe.

Most water dispensers come with two faucets, one for hot and the other one for cold water. Some innovative models come with a third faucet for room temperature water.

  • Step 3

Wipe the dispenser’s faucets with a clean cloth dipped in a cleaning agent and warm water. Do the same to the handles and any other parts of the appliance that people often touch.

  • Step 4

The next step is placing the water bottle on the dispenser. You also have to ensure that the bottle is clean as well.

One thing to remember is that top-loading dispensers are a little difficult to load for the first time. If yours is a bottom-loading dispenser, you’re a lucky lot as it requires less effort to put in the water bottle.

  • Step 5

Now that you’re sure that the new bottle is clean as well, place it on the dispenser carefully without spilling the water. To do this successfully, lift the bottle and hold it at 45 degrees angle when placing it on the dispenser.

  • Step 6

Fix the bottle on the dispenser and ensure that it’s of the same size as the dispenser’s pouring hole. You should also place a dry cloth on the dispenser to clean the water spills when placing the water bottle.

  • Step 7

Water bottles come with a handle to use when removing them from the dispenser. In addition, some water dispensers come with a safety button where you only need to press it to take off the water bottle with a simple lift.

  • Step 8

You need to be extra careful when installing a new water bottle, especially as a first-timer, since it is always challenging. If the process proves to be a difficult task for you, check YouTube videos to avoid massive spilling.

  • Step 9

Keep in mind that some water will definitely spill when installing/replacing a water bottle. Remember the 45 degrees angle, pour some water in the dispenser and then put the water bottle in the appliance upside down with a little push.

  • Step 10

After fixing the water bottle in the right position, you can now grab a glass to check the water temperature from your dispenser.

Some water dispensers don’t take time to cool or heat the water. Besides, you can also wait for 2-3 minutes to get the dispenser’s desired temperature.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. How long will it take for my water dispenser to work?

A water dispenser takes roughly 2 to 3 minutes to start working.

Q. How will it take for my water dispenser to heat up?

It takes approximately one hour for water in a water dispenser to heat up.

Q. Do I need to clean the water dispenser before using it?

You need to ensure that your dispenser is sparkling clean before you start using it. Cleaning the dispenser will help eliminate contaminants that might have entered into the system while still in the storage.
You also need to clean it with every change of the bottle or after every 6 weeks.

Q. Is it worth having a water dispenser?

Yes, a water dispenser gives you the advantage of getting clean, fresh, and safe drinking water instantly. It offers all the benefits that you get from a water bottle but without the disadvantages.

Q. How long can water last in a water dispenser?

Water can last in a water dispenser for about 3 weeks.

Q. Are water dispensers sanitary?

You need to clean them regularly to ensure that they are.

Q. What’s the lifespan of a water dispenser?

Most water dispensers have a lifespan of 5 years. However, there are those that can last up to 10 years. Therefore, you need to be prepared to carry out some repairs from time to time, but nothing too major.

Q. Are water dispensers noisy?

It depends but most only produces the normal humming, which isn’t all that overwhelming.

Q. Is it advisable to remove a half-full water bottle from a water dispenser?

To avoid splashing and a lot of mess, especially when dealing with a top loader, wait until the water bottle is empty before you try to remove it.
If dealing with a bottom loader, removing a half-full bottle is relatively easy without creating a mess.

Q. Can I pair my water dispenser with any water?

You can pair your dispenser with any water. There’s no limit; whether purified, tap, distilled, mineral, or flavored, all will do fine. You just need to ensure that the water doesn’t have solid particles which can clog the pipes and spouts.


After going through the guide, we hope that you’re now confident enough to start using your new water dispenser. Keeping the dispenser at home or office is quite beneficial as you can make coffee, tea, chilled drinks on hot days, and more.

If a first-timer, follow the above-listed steps to the letter, and you will enjoy taking a glass of fresh drinking water from this masterpiece every time you feel like it.

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