2 Ways How to turn on a Gas Grill

How to turn on a Gas Grill

Gas grills are quite simple in composition and layout. But if you’re new to grilling, it might be overwhelming and hard for you to turn It on. Most of the time, the gas grills have a one push-button ignition switch. But if you’re having a basic or old model grill, you will have to lit them manually. In this article, we will guide you on how to turn on a gas grill with both procedures. Follow the guidelines step by step and you will be able to light your gas grill.

 How to turn on a Gas Grill

Things you will need:

  1. Match sticks (if required)
  2. Gas line or tank.

First method: (Automatic starter)

This method is meant to be an easy and modern method of grilling, if you are new here to grilling, at first you might be puzzled but you can do it for sure.

Before turning it on, make sure your grill is located in an open well-ventilated area. Once you have placed the grill. Now follow the steps given down below:

Step 1:

Firstly, Open the cap of your grill. If you see your gas has been turned on while your lid is closed, then immediately turn off the gas and open the lid first. Wait for a while and let the gas scatter.

Step 2:

You have to link the gas with your grill for supplying the gas. If you are using a propane tank, the first thing you are going to do is place the propane tank behind the grill. Now attach the gas line carefully to the propane tank and start the propane.

Step 3:

Next, turn on your valve counterclockwise. Make sure you have all the gas going through the lines. You will see the gas will effuse the grill.

If you are not having a propane tank you can also connect your grill by a direct line to the innate gas which is supplied at your home or anywhere you’re present. It works the same as the tank.

Step 4:

Now, when your propane has started you have to light the grill. Couple of ways you can do this process. there would be a circular shape valve on the top of the tank which you have to turn on and you will receive the gas. But some grills come with a secondary valve, so you just have to turn the valve from your grill and you’ll get the gas.

Step 5:

The final step is to kindle the grill. Mainly, in this process, you have to take one of the burners to ignite for its high or low settings. Turn a regulator knob on the front of the grill, press it in until your grill lights. By doing so, the gas will flow through the grill and you’ll see the flicker and ashes inside the grill then you just gotta light the gas. There you go. You’re done!

Leave the grill to heat for about ten minutes. Then according to the recipe you’re making, you can adjust your heat.

Some ignition instructions:

  • Various grills may have various designs and configurations. So, during the process of combustion, you can simply take help from your grilling instructions.
  • Once your burner Is lit up, you can light the other burners by simply whirling the regulator knob on.
  • Do not turn on the gas when the lid of your grill is closed.

Second method: (manual lighting)

Step 1:

Firstly, you have to open the lid of your grill and connect it by attaching the natural gas line to your tank.

Step 2:

In the next step, you gotta open the valve for supplying the gas. There would be a valve on your connector, make sure it’s open, so let the gas immediately be supplied to your grill. After opening the valve, wait until your lines are filled with gas.

Step 3

In this last step, you have to turn on the knob and burn the gas. For this, you have to place a match stick in the lighting hole given on the side of your grill. Then you have to open the regulator for one of the burners to fully lighten the hole. After that, you gotta light the second match stick with the first one. You will notice the burner you have just turned on is lightning.

Few instructions:

  • Some grills might not have a lightning hole as they are of various types and styles. In this case, you have to use a long lighter to let your grill light.
  • While trying to kindle it, you don’t have to stand in front of your grill instead Stand away.
  • As your first burner is lightened, you gotta turn on the regulator for other burners.
  • Before turning on the grill, check your gas and gas lines.
  • Leave the cold tanks for a while so let them be recharged and supply the gas to your grill.


In some cases, even when you have properly used the grill yet the fire extends sometimes and it causes fire hazards and risks. Have a pail of water with yourself or an available hose to extinguish any incidental or unexpected fires.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Can I leave a propane tank attached to the grill?

Yes, It’s very necessary to turn off your gas supply to the grill when it’s not in use or you’re done grilling your food. Turn the propane tank valve off for the sake of safety.

What is healthier propane or charcoal grill?

It is observed by many scientists that meat that is grilled by charcoal contains a large number of harmful chemicals like PAhs and HCAs. So it’s far better to prepare propane grilled meat.

 How long do gas grills last?

If the user is taking good care of its grill and keeping it well maintained and clean, then it would last for more than 10 years. Basically, it depends on the user’s supervision.


In this guide, we have put our best to give the guidelines of ‘how to turn on the gas grill’ with all the instructions and the two easy procedures. Hope they may be helpful for you if you’re a beginner. Feel free to put down any questions related to this article in the comment section.

Have tasty grilled food!

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