How to Track a Stolen Laptop with Serial Number?-Latest Update

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As technology advances, so are the methods by which burglars can steal your laptop. Whether it is a physical theft or a virtual one, how can you track down and get back your stolen computer? This post will explain how to track a stolen laptop with serial number in order to recover your belongings.

Physical theft is the least desirable way to lose your computer. Not only do you have to face filing a police report and canceling all of those credit cards that were stolen along with it, but how would you know for sure what happened? The first step should consistently be reporting it as soon as possible to get an accurate record and serial number to report the crime.

Laptops are expensive and often the most valuable item in your home or office. It is crucial to protect them with tracking software so that you can locate them quickly if someone steals one from within these protected zones while also making sure nobody else uses this laptop without permission first.

The first step to preventing your laptop from being taken is not waiting. As soon as you notice any sign that it could happen, take the time and effort into thinking through all possible solutions for how we might be able to track down our computer if ever lost or stolen.

Track Stolen Laptop

What is The Best Way to Track Down a Stolen Laptop With a Serial Number?

The serial number of a laptop is not enough to pinpoint its exact location if reported stolen. However, it could prove valuable in identifying that there has been unauthorized usage or tampering with information on file by law enforcement officials who may use this detail to back up their claims.

Serial Numbers: What is The Best Way To Protect Yourself?  As with anything in life, there may sometimes come some drawbacks but taking precautions beforehand will help reduce any potential damage caused by bad luck or foreseeable events such as theft; especially when prevention starts early enough thanks to keeping an eye out over all devices containing these labels (such as the serial number of your gadgets) for instance.

You may take a number of preventative precautions to keep your laptop safe from theft. To start, serial numbers should be tracked on all devices and sent over the network so that they do not get lost or mixed up with another device’s information if something happens to one specific machine. Preventing this is just good sense.

Fastest And Easiest Way To Find A Stolen Laptop By Using Tracking Software:

Now is the time to act. No, I am referring to RIGHT NOW! And maintain a record of it in case there is a similar enigma in the future.

However, if your laptop is stolen, this approach will undoubtedly assist you.

1. Prey Security

Using prey security, you can find your laptop. You might be worried how to accomplish this and if it will work for you. Well, let me tell you. This website has the fastest ways of finding any laptop that has been stolen. Whether Window Laptops (i.e., Dell), MacBooks/Chromebooks alike.

For starters: go onto Google search “prey tracking software download” and create your Prey account.

How to Track a Stolen Laptop With Tracking Software

If you do not have access to it, try searching for “Prey Login” on google.

Prey Login

If you do not already have an account on Prey Security, register your account now by clicking on “DON’T HAVE AN ACCOUNT?”.

You will get an email invitation in your email box after that, and your problem will be resolved. You must provide all of your device’s details.

Add Device Info

It will undoubtedly aid you in recovering your stolen laptop.

Check Device Location

This is a small and straightforward solution that anyone may use.

How To Track A Stolen Laptop Without Tracking Software?

1. To Track Your Laptop, Use Your Microsoft Account:

If you have a Microsoft account, it’s easy to track your stolen laptop. You can use MY DEVICE to find them remotely. This setting is applicable for any Windows device like a PC Laptop and, more specifically, Surface Pro.

Before using it, make sure that this setting has been switched on.

Find My Device: Turn it ON:

“I’ll never forget the day my laptop was found. I searched everywhere for it, but in utter frustration realized that if someone wanted to find it, they would have look at what devices are connected.”

We have all experienced feeling like this when missing our phones or other tech gadgets – not realizing how easy the Find My Device feature can be to use.

You’ll have to type the address into the search box.It’s required if you want to recover your stolen laptop.

Open up the privacy settings for your current location. This is what will let us know to locate the stolen laptop.


Turn on Location

Click the home located at the left sidebar to go to the “Update and Security” section.

Update & Security Section

Finally, select Find MY DEVICE. Remember that the “Find My Devices” option is turned on to locate your lost laptop. These are the two configurations you must make on your PC. So, if your computer is misplaced, you can identify it.

Find My Device

Access Your Window Device

Now open your Microsoft account by clicking on below URL

Microsoft Login Link

Click on Sign In

Because my virtual devices are linked to my Microsoft Account, they are all displayed.

Finally, choose the device you want to locate, and a comprehensive map will emerge, allowing you to find your laptop. Only a Window Device can be utilized using this method.

Visible Devices

3. Locate a Lost Laptop Using Its Mac Address

The six groups of two figures or characters that make up your device’s mac address can be located by checking out utilities and running the terminal software. Which will display all network interfaces with their corresponding addresses; alternatively, “Command + Shift + U” displays this information for you.

  • The very first individual you must notify when you can’t seem to find your notebook is a system administrator. They’ll recognize what to do if it goes missing and how to contact them as rapidly as feasible; they could perhaps put some precautions in place to prevent this from happening again.
  • The MAC address of each machine is distinct and unique. Therefore as consequence, the administrator could use a technology called as “MAC Address Filtering” to prevent or minimize network access by strangers.
  • Because the gadget is no more within your authority, the administrator will be notified, and they will be able to track its source of connection due to variation in IP addresses. Consequently, it’s essential to keep the MAC address hidden.

Using Gmail, Facebook, and DropBox With an IP Address To Track Down a Misplaced Laptop

One of the easiest ways to find your laptop if it’s been stolen is by examining its IP address. Your recent internet activity can provide crucial evidence that will help track down who has taken this valuable asset from you.

It’s hard to believe, but one laptop gets stolen every 53 seconds, according to studies, that were a common problem mostly during period of unlimited rides.

With this in mind and our unique new technology at hand, we need to ask: can your laptop be tracked? Yes, you can monitor it in a variety of ways. 

Technology continues evolving every day, which sometimes leaves us out of touch with how quickly things change. Many laptop consumers are concerned that you may trace your notebook with specific software. Unless you are a tech expert, you may not be acquainted with certain important terms.

Your online identity is defined by the IP address. The IP address is referred to as “Internet Protocol.” This is considered an address as it is comprised of a collection of digits which each online user uses to create a special signature. The internet activity of every user is connected to their IP address. These addresses allow billions of individuals to communicate with one another.

Using Gmail to Locate Laptop

Gmail maintains a detailed record of all your account actions and alerts you to any unusual activity on your account. As a result, it’s thought to be an even more genuine answer to your similar problems. Let’s have a look.

  • Get into your Inbox by using the web version of Gmail.
  • Check out “Details” under “Last account activity” in the rightmost corner as you scroll down to the bottom.
  • When you click on “Details,” a new window will appear with all of the account activity details as well as the IP addresses of the devices that have accessed it.
  • Here’s where you can get the IP address you need.
  • Attention: Have you lost your laptop?
  • You won’t be able to identify any specific details about where your laptop is located except for one thing: which town/neighborhood it’s in.

Using Facebook to Locate Laptop

If you want to find out where your laptop is, log in on Facebook and check under “Security & Login.” All the operations which are actually happening on this gadget, you will be able to observe it. If anything strange or unexpected, then hover over it for more information about its IP address.

Using DropBox to Locate Laptop

The DropBox account is a great way to find your laptop if you’ve misplaced it because it logs you in immediately.

  • You can search through all of the log-in sessions and check if they are online. You will get an automatic notice in your Gmail from DropBox immediately upon syncing with the internet.
  • Press on the account symbol in the top right hand corner.
  • Thereafter, go over to Security >Settings.
  • Scroll to the bottom to the internet browser’s area in its most recent activity column and check the identification indication for the particular machine.


How to Locate a Lost Laptop?

All the methods mentioned above will assist you in locating your lost laptop.

What Happens if a stolen laptop’s factory settings are restored?

When a laptop is stolen, it might be possible to restore factory settings and access your data. Laptop users must have tracking software installed on their device (like ThinkPad or MacBook) and paid subscription service for the duration of time that they will need it until its recovery is found.

The tracking technology will recognize you and your tracing product code that is only accessible to current users implies that events can occur based on the program you’re utilizing. When an intruder tries to use this computer to access the internet, the system transmits data to a distant server.

In addition, surveillance software may take images that will be sent back immediately and a warning message about what’s happening internally within this compromised device. If surveillance software features remote management of firewall with email alerts sent straight into your inbox so will be able to locate their location without any problem whatsoever.

Is it feasible to locate a stolen laptop solely by its serial number?

Your laptop’s serial number serves as more than just a means of identification for you. It is also how police reports, insurance companies, and even the pawnshops may track it if they have physical contact with your device. But do note these numbers are only helpful when used alongside others.

It’s impossible to track down your stolen laptop with just a serial number. If you use tracking software, this information, along with others, can normally be utilized to track your device.

How Do I Use The IMEI Number To Find My Lost Laptop?

An excellent way to find your missing laptop is by searching online or with IMEI numbers. You can get information on how from the search appeal, type cmd in the Start menu and select CMD when it appears, among other results. Enter netsh mbn sh interface then click enters making Command Prompt visible in Diagram below:

Locate Device ID – This corresponds to exactly what you would think as an “IMEI Number,” which stands for International Mobile Equipment Identity. It identifies smartphones around the world specifically so they may connect within cellular networks without any issues whatsoever.

Is it sufficient to maintain track of a laptop if you don’t have Internet access?

It’s nearly hard right now because you’ll need to acquire a significant amount of data via the Internet.

Where Do Experts Locate Their Stolen Laptops?

Losing a laptop means one thing: panic. Where is it, what files are gone, and who knows too much for you to bear alone without your precious device with all those important work documents on there – emails from clients past due payments, everything we store digitally in today’s society.

But thankfully, people have told stories of recovery by teams that have successfully recovered lost laptops with the help of absolute software such as LoJack for Laptop tracking devices”.

The Head Of The Group says they have used this in about 23 thousand computers from hooded figures like these guys”.

How do specialists communicate with the software in secret using GSM Wi-Fi or any other internet connection?

The team can’t start investigating until you file a report with the police. The team can communicate with the software in secret using GSM Wi-Fi or any other internet connection through Facebook, eBay, and other sources. This way, even if their hard drive gets removed, they can still send reports which will help investigate later on.

So, you can either pay an expert or ask for help. On the other hand, you can go a freeway just like Shawn as he used Prey Software, a free tracking software. Then took advantage by tweeting about his problem only to find out that Twitter has its community of vigilantes who helped reunite him & his laptop.

But experts sound too expensive sometimes, so I suggest trying this method instead: Do what works best for you.

Is it possible to trace a pc that has been stolen?

IP addresses can likewise recognize your PC if somebody takes it. There are numerous programming programs accessible online which will distinguish when your PC was utilized by somebody else. However, following an IP address over the Internet is simpler than discovering where they are using their gadget’s open area.

Can We Track a Stolen Laptop Without a Serial Number?

If you want to find your lost laptop, the serial number is a must. If not there is no way of tracking it and getting back what was yours.

Conclusion-How to Track a Stolen Laptop with Serial Number?

In the unfortunate situation that your laptop is stolen, you may feel helpless and powerless. You might think there is nothing to do. But do not despair. There are plenty of things you can try when attempting to recover a lost or stolen device with its serial number or IP address but there is not any technology that can find it with the help of serial numbers only. However, if your device is on and connected to Wi-Fi, then there’s still hope.

So be prepared for the worst and make sure you try all avenues available before giving up hope. Remember, if you don’t achieve initially, continue working until someone assists you.

I am pretty sure This article aims to give some possible solutions on how can you track a stolen laptop using the serial number.