How to Test Laptop Battery With Multimeter? Easy Steps Guide 2022

We are going to take a look at how to test laptop battery with multimeter? Well, the battery is an essential component in a laptop, and the sole purpose of having a laptop instead of a computer is just its transportability. We cannot carry the whole desktop system, and with this system, we can’t move from one place to another.

Another remarkable attribute of a portable laptop is that it needs no time to plug in and operate efficiently. It depends on the battery, but lithium-ion batteries use their charge holding capacity after two or three years. There could be multiple reasons behind this if battery health affects no matter for which reason, but you need to replace it with a healthy battery. Few techniques are mentioned below to test the laptop’s battery health.

How to Check Laptop Battery Charging in Windows?

Step 1:

Press the windows option, and you will open the start menu.

Step 2:

Look in the search bar of the start menu that tells about files and search programs.

Step 3:

In the search bar, type here Windows mobility center; when loading completed, press this window mobility center on the screen left side in the program area. It includes multiple mobility indicators like mobility status, which can be checked from the Windows mobility center. Pay attention to the sign of battery status that gives the information about how much battery life remains. It should effortlessly reach 100% when plugged continuously for 4-6 hours.

Windows Mobility Center

How to Check Laptop Battery With Multimeter?

How to Check Laptop Battery With Multimeter?

Step 1:

Fully charge the laptop.

Step 2:

Take out the battery and remove all power sources from the computer, then check if their voltage is marked or not. Now with the help of a multimeter, use voltage. Usually, laptop voltages ranging 10.8V, 9.6V, 14.4V, 11.1V, 14.8V, or there should be a slight difference in these ratings.

Step 3:

To solve these errors, place the connector where the laptop and battery get connected. While plugged, remember the battery should be on the center side that pointed towards the computer. The connector should be at least one inch long, which looks like grafting on the fans. Additionally, there are negative and positive terminals at the out surface of the battery.

Step 4:

Turn the multimeter on at 20 voltage; the alphabet V represents settings of voltage. The wavy lines around this symbol indicate settings of current-voltage.

Step 5:

Place the outermost connector of the battery on one side and insert a multimeter probe into the connector slot.

Step 6:

Check multimeters reading, but when the battery is ok, it gives the appropriate value on the meter. Then again, measure the readings when the battery falls to 60% and 80% to obtain the readings.

Lithium-ion batteries never give an accurate reading; numerous volts remain in them. It happens when the battery’s voltage drops below a specific point, and at that point, the laptop turns off automatically. When voltage decreases, it lessens the battery capacity to be a charge, and after some time the battery remains dead. Now for us it makes almost impossible to use dead battery just because of protective circuit inside the battery.

Checking Battery Overall Health

Step-1: Charge the laptop battery completely.

Step-2: Turn on your notebook, disconnect it from the power socket, and let it run solely on battery power.

Step-3: Get an idea about how quickly the battery is depleting. A good battery will last for around the same amount of time as it stated on the box. A battery that isn’t in good condition will drain significantly faster. Through this test, don’t completely discharge the battery; instead, discharge it halfway. It’s better to replace your battery if it’s draining too quickly for you to get any useful usage out of it.

Detailed Battery Information

FAQs-How to Test Laptop Battery With Multimeter

How to test a laptop battery with a multimeter?

Follow the above mentioned detailed steps, you can easily test your laptop battery with multimeter.

What is the best way to check the health of my laptop battery?

Follow the steps

  1. Click the start menu of the laptop
  2. Press the power shell button to see power shell in the search menu
  3. It shows battery report and powercfg when the command to type. (The command is powercfg /batteryreport.)
  4. Eventually, click enter key, report of battery health will created.
  5. Detailed Steps are given below. Just follow one-by-one
Search "PowerShell" in Windoes search bar
Type command and press enter. File will save on a path in c-folder.
Open Save battery report from path
Battery Detailed Report Will Appear

What symptoms appear when the battery is bad?

When you press red C in the system tray on the battery, your Windows will alarm you and consult a technician to replace or repair your battery. And due to battery problems, your computer will suddenly shut down. 

How long do the batteries last?

The average battery timing of every laptop should be 3-4 hours. On average, a typical battery can charge up to 1000 times.

Is it fine to leave the laptop with a dead battery inside?

A dead battery may catch fire which can damage the laptop or computer. A dead battery never creates any problem with the laptop if plugged out, but if plugged in, it will cause a malfunction with the computer. So, I will suggest you to remove your laptop battery when it is being dead and won’t get charge and discharge properly. 

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