4 ways How to take care of your lip tattoo?

How to take care of lip tattoo

If you are someone wanting to have a lip tattoo, first you must know clearly about it, the healing process, aftercare, side effects, and all.

Additionally, if you are having a tattoo on any other part of your body, it won’t be as difficult to keep it maintained and clean rather than having a tattoo on your lip.

Because the area of your lip is quite delicate and of course, it’s the part of your mouth that is constantly full of saliva, bacteria, and much more. So the healing process can be pretty long and the aftercare can be challenging.

So for that purpose, we are providing you with the easiest and simplest care tips. Get ready to read and follow them and you will be ready to go.

How to take care of your lip tattoo?

  1. Be careful with spicy foods and hot drinks:
    During the first week of your lip tattoo, you will have to experience some swelling, dryness, wounding, itching and so on which is normal
  2. Because you have got your lip tattooed and it’s a delicate area, so this is normal you don’t have to be overwhelmed.
    All you gotta do is avoid taking spicy and salty foods for the first week, besides, avoid drinking anything acidic it can cause your tattoo to fade. Also don’t have hot sips and drinks they can irritate.

2. Use mouthwash:
It’s extremely important to wash and clean your face with warm water. Not so cold and hot.

Along with that, you may have to use an alcohol-free mouthwash a couple of times a day which will help you by protecting from bacteria that cause infection on your lip tattoo.

Also, the mouthwash helps in neutralizing the mouth’s PH from spicy and acidic food or drinks. Make sure to wash and rinse your mouth every time you eat something.

3. Keep your lips moisturized all the time:
Let your lip area be healed naturally. Stop looking for lip treatments and beauty tips. As the first week can be quite painful and itchy, so you have to keep your lips moisturized and clean but also dry. Use a chemical-free lip balm or petroleum jelly for good results.
Moreover, make sure you do not use any makeup on the area of your lip for a few days. Avoid scratching, peeling, or biting your lips, they can cause infection or loss of pigment.

For quick healing, you can also use ice cubes. Wrap them in any clean cloth and use them on your tattoo area. This can help in reducing swelling and itchiness.

If you are unable to take care of it, then you must try this.

4. Use facial cleanser:
Ask your tattoo artist to suggest a good facial cleanser and wash your face with it regularly twice a day.

Try not to splash on your face, either use cotton buds or damp cotton pads for cleaning and drying your face.

After cleaning use vaseline on your tattooed area while you are brushing so that your lips may remain prevented from toothpaste.
Lastly, After brushing, clean the vaseline with cotton buds and apply lip balm to keep them moisturized.


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