How to start a Traeger Grill ( Easy Method)

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You enjoy grilling at home at the barbecue parties. You bought a Traeger grill to enjoy the best steaks at home. Now it’s time to enjoy the grill party. You are looking for the startup of the grill.

You are at the right place we have briefly described the start-up and shut down of the Traeger grill and for our new users; we have described its assembly too. So, just marinate the meat and start to assemble it before guests show up.

If you are from the grilling world you must know that Traeger is a popular grill company manufactured in the 90s.

As if we talk about the best-flavored smoke meat then Traeger is our first choice. Traeger offers a variety of grilling products and different grill pellet models. It offers a convenient grilling setting to cook delicious juiciest beef steaks.

Even though working and assembly are easy but you still need to understand it’s working for your safety. Once you learn it’s working you will love doing it and enjoy barbecue parties. If you have recently purchased it you don’t have any idea to operate it.

No worries, just go through this article and you will learn it’s working. We want your Traeger pellet grill to work lifetime and safely.  Your safety is our priority. So, let’s learn step by step how to start a Traeger Grill.

How to start a Traeger grill

Traeger grill start-up and shut down guide:

Assemble the Traeger grill:

You are an honor of the new Traeger pellet so start with the assembly. Every model has some unique feature so we recommend going through the manual that comes with the grill machine.

The common thing in all is you have to put together a lower cabinet, grill body, heat baffle, grease drain pan, chimney cap, grease bucket, flue pipes, and grill gates.

Make sure to remove the heat baffle, grill gates, and grease drain pipe for the first time ignition it will prevent you from troubleshooting.

Plug into the electric power supply: All the Trager models unlike other grill companies require an electric power supply for operating the internal thermostat, fan, wood pellet auger, and ignitor rod.

Make sure to unplug the grill from the electric outlet when not in use.

Place the Traeger wood pellet inside the Grill Hopper: Grill hopper is located beside the main body. Open the metal box and fill it with wood pellets to the top. These wood pellets will last up to one week.

Wood pellets come in different variety of flavors you can order them from the Traeger website. You can choose between different flavors including apple, maple, oak, alder, cherry, and many more.

Cleaning of RTD temperature probe is our next step:

Once you have placed the wood pellets inside the hopper. Now if you observe any dust or dirt on the RTD temperature probe. A metal prong is situated on the left side of your Traeger grill body, clean it!

If you leave it dirty it may lead to heat fluctuations.

Switch on the power button: Now it’s time to preheat your grill. You will see a power button on the unit control panel.

Switch on the power button and leave it for about 5 minutes. Make sure to adjust the knob up to the smoke setting. If you don’t have a smoke setting then adjust the temperature between 70 to 90°C for efficient preheating.

Close the Traeger lid when the grill starts to roar:

You hear a roaring sound don’t worry your preheating is done. Now close the lid and pack in the smoke and heat until your meat is ready.

For instance, you don’t hear the roaring sound, don’t worry there might be any problem with the auger, grill hotrod and, fan. The auger and fan are below the metal hopper and the grill hotrod is situated at the bottom of the grill grate. If you observe any dust or debris just clean it up and try again.

Set the temperature dial of the grill: Once the grill is preheated now you are free to adjust the temperature according to requirements. Traeger models don’t have an option like roasting, braising, etc. you have to set the numeric temperature.

Check the heat gauge before placing the food to make sure that the grill chamber is ready for cooking.

Shut down the Grill: Once your food is cooked and you took it. Your grill is free now it’s time to shut down the grill for the next time. Now set the temperature knob to the shutdown cycle. After running to the shutdown cycle close your grill lid. Leave it for 15 minutes to completely shut down the unit. Unplug the switch and clean your grills.

Once the unit cooldown and you observe any food particles left on the grill grates clean them with any soft brush.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Why proper start-up and shut down of Traeger grill is important?

Proper startup and shut down of the grill is important because if you start your grill incorrectly it may lead to flameouts, temperature fluctuations and, many other serious issues.

How can I come to know my model needs an open lid startup or closed lid startup?

There are two types of startup models of Traeger grill. To know yours is an open lid or closed lid startup, you will need to know your model number.

Open the hopper cover. Search for the standardized identification sticker under the words “Attention Serial Number.” The main alpha-numeric blend is the model number. Since you have your model number check whether it is in the outline at the lower part of this page. Any model number not on this rundown will require an open-lid startup technique.

Final Verdict:

The Traeger grill is an amazing machine with easy grilling. Its setup is easy that’s why most people like to have it for grilling and barbecuing. Indeed, there is no mystery to assembling a Traeger grill machine.

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