How to Set up a Sewing Machine (Step By Step)

How to Set up a Sewing Machine

Sewing machines vary from model to model but the basics are the same for almost every machine. Although it is quite frightening to know its complex parts especially for beginners. But don’t worry now, I am here to sort out this issue. After reading this article, you will come to know how to set up a sewing machine.

Follow this guide step by step and you will be successful in setting up a sewing machine. Still, if your machine has a manual guide, then do read instructions and you will understand the specific features your machine has.

In this article, I have provided a framework to start a sewing machine as it is impossible to write all the specifications of every model. But, almost every machine has these basics that you must know before start sewing. So without any delay let’s start!

How to Set up a Sewing Machine For Beginners

Step 1

The very first and important step before starting is to read the instructions manual, safety instructions, user’s guide, warranty time, and many more. If you are going to sew for the first time then read all instructions carefully because it’s a very necessary step. Safety instructions don’t depend upon the model or brand of your sewing machine. All instructions are ordinary and are for every sewing machine.

Step 2

Now after reading instructions, the second step is to on the switch button. Although it sounds silly some do all the steps with the off button and then wonder why this machine is not working. To find the switch button and on it. Mostly, this power switch is on the right side.

Step 3

The next step is to locate the spool pin. This spool pin is present on the top of the sewing chair. This pin is made up of either plastic or metal.

Step 4

The next step is to find the thread guide. This thread guide actually directs thread from the spool pin present on the top of the sewing machine to the Bobbin winder. This thread guide is actually a metal piece that is also present on the top of the sewing machine but on the left side.

Step 5

Now, you have to locate the bobbin winder and to wind thread on that. For this purpose, you have to do is to put the thread on that spool and the bobbin winder on the left. Both of these work together and wind the bobbin that is a necessary step prior to sewing.

Step 6

Now you have to set the sewing adjustment buttons. Locate the sewing adjustment button. This adjustment button has different locations in different sewing machines. So you have to look at your own. Moreover, by this adjustment button, you can set the type of stitches you want. It also sets the length and directions of stitches either you want forward or reverse stitches.  In addition to this, you should check the manual of your sewing machine for more specific functions your machine does have.

Step 7

Find the thread take-up lever. After threading that spool pin and thread guide, thread around the level that has two cuts in grooves also. This lever is present on the front of the sewing machine. Arrows are present on the sewing machine to guide you properly either you have to thread right or left.

Step 8

There is always a tension dial present near the lever. It is numbered accordingly and is actually small wheel-like. This dial adjusts the tension in the string. If the tension in the string is very tight, then the string will be pulled to the right. And if the tension is lost then the thread will loop behind the cloth you are sewing.

Step 9

Now you have to locate the needle clamp screw. This is actually a metal piece that holds the needle in its right place. It is present under the arm of the sewing machine and is attached to the needle on its right side.

Step 10

There is a metal attachment under the needle screw.  It actually looks like a small ski. This part of the sewing machine keeps the cloth in place and guides it in the right place while sewing.

Step 11

Now locate the presser foot lever and make lowering and raising the presser foot. Adjust it accordingly either up or all the way down.

Step 12

Look for a needle plate and feed dog. The silly name though but ignore it, dude. The needle plate is actually a small metal plate present below the needle. Feed dog is a tiny metal guide below the presser foot. Its function is to move the cloth on the metal plate as you sew.

Step 13

To re-thread the bobbin, you have to locate the bobbin cover and bobbin release. The bobbin is a small thread pool that supplies the thread for the backing. Under the metal plate bobbin is present inside the bobbin cover, next to this there will be a button or pin to release cover. You will use this pin before putting the bobbin in its place.

Here is a quick guide to set up your sewing machine if you know the basic parts of the sewing machine.

  • Place the machine on a table in front of you
  • Install the needle wisely and securely
  • Wind the bobbin
  • Load the bobbin
  • Put the bobbin in its right place
  • Thread the top machine parts
  • Insert the thread into the hole of the needle
  • Catch the thread
  • Start sewing

Safety instructions

  • Don’t use a sewing machine where aerosol products are being used
  • Use the machine only for intended purposes
  • Keep your hand away from moving parts especially from the needle
  • Don’t use the machine when the plug is damaged or is wet
  • Unplug the machine while lubricating it.


If you are familiar with the sewing machine then it will be easy for you to set up a sewing machine. Still, if you are unfamiliar with the complex parts first of all read about them and then you will get these points easily. I hope you like the guide, feel free to drop a comment, it will be highly acknowledged.

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