How to Seal Diamond Painting ( 4 Easy Steps)

How to seal diamond painting

Painting is your hobby. You have done wonderful diamond painting and now want to showcase your artistry. Then grab your diamond painting to showcase it after sealing it. It is a simple DIY task and you can easily display it on the wall of the living room. In this article, we will tell you a complete guide about how to seal the diamond painting.

The sealing of the diamond painting prolongs the life of your painting and prevents it from getting yellow. So, you get your shiny diamond painting on the wall and feel proud of your master artist piece.

Let’s straight dive into the simple steps and get your diamond painting sealed.

How to seal the diamond painting

1.Use a roller pin to press the beads:

Before the sealing of your diamond painting make sure that all the diamonds are evenly distributed. For this we recommend you to take any fabric piece or plastic sheet and cover your painting. Next, you have to do is to use a roller pin and press them evenly so that they may get sealed properly.

2.Use a brush on sealant:

Now after evenly distributing the diamond beads you have to seal the painting. But stop! Before moving forward make sure to remove any kind of dirt or specks by using a small and soft brush to clean it thoroughly.

Now, this is the most critical step you have to choose the best brush on sealant available in the market for your amazing painting. Once you have selected the best brush on sealant now dip the top of the brush and slightly coat your diamond painting.

Make sure to make a thin layer otherwise it may cause yellowing of the painting and you may somewhat lose the sparkle of the diamonds.

3.Use spray sealer:

Now you have another option of using the spray sealers. Aerosol spray sealers are available in the market. All you have to do is spray them on your diamond painting but you must know the spray sealer doesn’t fill the tiny gaps between the diamonds. So, it is advised to use a glass frame for the protection of the painting.

4.Dry the painting:

Once you have sealed your painting with either brush on sealers or spray sealers make sure to dry it before hanging. You should follow the drying instruction specified by the sealants.

 Frequently Asked Questions:

Should I seal my painting with spray sealers or brush on sealants?

You may use both according to your choice but brush on sealants is recommended as they fill the gaps between the diamonds also. And give shine to your diamond painting. Or if you go with the brush sealers it will not fill the gaps but delay the yellowing process of the diamond paintings.

What drill kits should I use with sealers?

You can use round drill kits and square drill kits with the sealers. They will work great for your diamond sealing process.

Final verdict:

In a nutshell, sealing your diamond painting is just a simple process all you have to do is just follow the simple steps explained above and preserve your treasured diamond painting for a longer time.

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