How to Screenshot on An Asus Laptop – 5 Easiest Ways

The Asus laptop is a popular laptop choice among people looking for their next computer. It has many features that make it an attractive option, but how do you capture screenshots on this type of laptop? This article will cover how to screenshot on an ASUS laptop and take a screenshot with your ASUS laptop, whether it is a Zen book, Vivo book, or any Asus Laptop. Though there are many ways in which users can capture what they see on their screens with different operating systems, one of the most popular is through Microsoft Windows.

Asus is known for its affordable laptops with limited screen capture options. We end up paying the price thanks to this lack of flexibility. Still, there are additional apps you can download if your laptop does not have enough tools built-in, like editing features and annotations on images taken directly from the display window itself.

This article will show how-to screenshots on your Asus laptop in three  ways.

How To Take a Screenshot on an Asus Laptop Using Print Screen

All you had to do was start focusing at your keyboard if you ever wondered, “How do I capture a screenshot of my screen?” On the top right side near F12, there is PrtScn (print-screen) key. This will capture everything on display, which comes into play when taking screenshots. This handy little trick also works with Windows 10.

You have a variety of different capture possibilities owing to the keyboard commands. Let us take a look at them one by one.

Method 1: Hold down the PrtSc key

Pressing the PrtSc key on your computer will capture an image of whatever is being displayed in full screen mode.

Press Print Screen Key
Press Print Screen Key (PrtSc) On Your Asus Book

You can save any image you are working on by pressing Ctrl+V or clicking “copy” in an editing program like Paint, Photoshop or Illustrator, etc., just as if you hit Ctrl+PrtSc when using a keyboard input method to take screenshots.

Open Paint And Press Ctrl+V
Open Paint and Press Crl+V to Paste The ScreenShot

Now Press Ctrl and S from your keyboard together to save the screenshot in your System.

Edit The ScreenShot And Then Save

Caution: Due to the nature of PrtSc, it is best practice not to save screenshots on your System. Instead, they will be held only in Clipboard, and if you happen to copy something else before saving an image, then a second snapshot needs to take again.


  • The PrtSc takes the screenshot of the whole screen, and you have to edit it from Paint or any other editing tool.
  • This method does not save the Image in the System.

Method 2: Hold Down Windows + PrtSc at The Same Time.

Press the “Windows” key together with Prt Sc, and a full-screen snapshot will be stored to your computer rather than the Clipboard.

Press Windows + Print Screen Key Together
Press Windows + Print Screen Key Together

Method 3: Hold Down Alt + PrtSc

Hold Alt + PrtSc to take a screenshot on laptops like Asus. The built-in option allows you to snap off an active window quickly, but your Image is not saved and must be copied instead into third-party apps for editing with ease afterward if needed.

Press Alt Key + Print Screen key

The above options are not ideal for taking screenshots on an ASUS laptop, but one slightly better solution is available. Some people may be unable to install software onto their device, which means they should use free screenshot tools instead of giving you the most control and flexibility.

How To Screenshot On Asus Laptop By Using The Snipping Tool

This is a custom method of taking the screenshot because, in this method, you can take a screenshot of any specific area on the Asus laptop screen.

After reading it, you will quickly understand how to screenshot on Asus laptops using the Snipping Tool. The snipping tool is a built-in Microsoft Windows feature that allows users to quickly take screenshots. It has been available since Windows Vista. In Windows 10, its name is snip&sketch has the same function, just like a snipping tool. I will show below how easy snipping was running through these simple steps:

  • Click “Start” or “Windows Logo,” then type Snip into the search box.
Search Snip (Snipping Tool Method)
  • Then click Snipping Tool or snip&sketch (In Windows 10).
  • Click on “New” in the snipping tool window.
How to Screenshot Laptop Asus
  • To choose a specific part of ASUS laptop screen, press and move the mouse, then drop the mouse button.
How to Screenshot With Asus Laptop
  • Lastly, press the Save snip icon to save the updated screenshot immediately. That concludes our discussion.
How Do You Print Screen on ASUS Laptop


  • Snipping Tool is a great tool for quick and easy screenshots on your laptop. However, if you need to annotate the snips for online sharing or other uses, it would be best to try out alternative third-party screenshot apps.

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How to Screenshot on ASUS Laptop Windows 10 (Custom Screenshot Without Using Software)

If you have Windows 10 and do not want to use the software for custom and quick screenshots, you can take advantage of your Asus keyboard. Follow these fast and straightforward steps

Hold down the Windows+Shift+S all together from your keyboard.

Now select and drag the mouse to choose any specific area of your ASUS screen. After that, let go of the mouse button.

Go to image editing software like Paint and Press Ctrl+V to paste the taken screenshot to the Paint. If you wish to make changes to the screenshot, hit Ctrl+S to save it.


That’s all. I hope you have found the answer to your question. This article is about how to screenshot on Asus laptops.

All the above methods are good enough to take screenshots on Asus laptops. Please let us know if you have any other way to take screenshots on Asus laptops. We would be delighted to hear from you.

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