How To Screenshot On Acer laptop?(3 Easy Methods)

How to screenshot on your Acer laptop? You can easily take a screenshot on an Acer laptop using their keyboards and pre-installed apps. If you have an Acer device powered by the Windows operating system, there are various ways to capture the screen.

Anyone who uses a laptop knows how useful it is to know the skill of taking screenshots. Screenshots are not as hard as you might think, as Acer laptops offer multiple ways to take a screenshot. Try these methods, and you may find the one that works best for you.

What to Know?

Save your screenshot as an image file using the Print Screen key, or use the Snipping Tool app to capture a portion of your screen and save the image as a JPEG, TIFF, or BMP file.

How to Take a Screenshot on an Acer Laptop?

These methods will help you take a screenshot on the Acer laptop:

1- Capture Screenshot via Screen Recorder

Download the Snagit app, one of the best screen recorders. After that, click on the Capture button after opening and logging in.

Snagit Print Screen Button

Click the screen you wish to get a screenshot of, then select it. You can click to view your screenshot before saving it.

Select Area to take Screenshot

In addition, you have the option to save it to any place on your laptop, such as a desktop folder, the Documents folder, or the Pictures folder.

2- Take a Screenshot Using Keyboard Combination

You can take screenshots by pressing two keyboard shortcuts. To open and capture the screen, press the Windows + PrtScn key. Once it takes a screenshot, you can save it on your computer. It is easy. Go to C Folder >> Users username >> Pictures >> Screenshot, and you will see the screenshots.

3- Take an Active Windows Screenshot

If you are using Windows 10, you must have this fantastic and handy “Snipping Tool” on your machine. It is the most powerful Snipping Tool available on the market. Select the icon with a scissors icon. In the ToolBar, click the button for the new toolbar. Then you can make a shape with your mouse to cover the content you want to save.

When ready, press the Home button and drag the selected window down and to the side. You can find the snip with the scissors icon in the left corner of your screen, just above the address bar. Select the New option. Then draw a shape using the mouse (rectangle in default). Then, to save the snip, go to File > Save.

Where are Screenshots Saved on an Acer Laptop?

To save a screenshot, press the PrtScn key or use the Snipping Tool to select the area that needs to be screenshot and press the Ctrl+V keys simultaneously. The screenshot you take on your Acer laptop will automatically be saved on the internal hard disk of your device. But you will have the option to choose the location where the saved screenshot will be saved like a C disk. You can save a screenshot as a PNG file in OneDrive as well if your device has Windows OS.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Are Acer laptops great for students?

Acer is a well-established laptop manufacturing brand throughout the globe. Acer makes some of the best laptops for college students because they offer a wide range of options that fit any budget.

These include both Windows 10 machines and Chromebooks for those who want an alternative OS experience. The best thing about Acer is that they have laptops at almost every price point imaginable.

Is it illegal to take a screenshot?

Taking screenshots is a useful way to save important information. But what if you are not allowed to take a screenshot? Is it illegal to take a screenshot? In general, taking a screenshot is not illegal, depending on where you live.

There are some cases in which taking screenshots could be considered illegal. For example, if your employer forbids you from using personal devices at work and you take a screenshot of confidential company data that could be grounds for dismissal or even legal action against you.

How do you screenshot on Acer Chromebook?

To take a screenshot of your Chromebook, press Ctrl + Shift + 3. It will cause the screen to flash white, followed by the image being saved to the image folder as a PNG file. Rather than taking a screenshot of the whole screen, you can choose a particular tab. The crosshair cursor will appear when you press Ctrl + Shift + 4 on the keyboard, and you can use it to pick the area you want to grab. Pressing Enter will save the selected area as an image file on your computer.


Hopefully, you are now in the position to take screenshots on your Acer laptop. In this post, we came up with several ways on “how to screenshot on Acer laptop?”, such as Free Screenshot Maker, Windows Snipping Tool, Free Screenshot Capture, or just a regular capture. To give you a clear demonstration of what is possible; the software will record your actions during the installation process.

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