How to Screenshot on a Gateway Laptop: A Helpful Guide-2022

Do you have a gateway laptop? Do you want to know how to screenshot on a gateway laptop? Well, this is the article for you. In this article, we will discuss how to take screenshots with step-by-step instructions on a gateway laptop. We will also go through what software you will need and how to use it. So sit back and read all about how to screenshot on a gateway laptop.

Gateway laptops are available in a variety of configurations with differing degrees of functionality. The keyboard on each Gateway computer is similar or very similar to how you would take a screenshot on any other laptop; however, there are some differences that people may not be aware of when using their product.

Gateway Laptop

How to Take a Screenshot on a Gateway Laptop?

Method 1-Windows + PrintScr

You can take screenshots with these steps on your gateway laptop. First press Windows + PrtSc keys, and then save it at the desired location in your gateway computer.

Open the Page That you Want To Take ScreenShot
Press Windows+PrtScr Keys
Search For Pictures
Click on Picture
Open Screenshot Folder, There you have Your Image

Method 2-Using Snipping Tool Software

For this method, you have to install snipping tool software on your laptop, open the snipping tool, click on “New,” as clearly shown in the below picture.

Open The Page That You Want to Take ScreenShot on Gateway Laptop
Search and Open Snipping Tool
Select Mode
Click on New

Then, move your mouse over the display region you wish to screenshot and select Save Snippet on the gateway laptop.

Save ScreenShot

I have been using this technique for a long time because it saves me a lot of time. If you adopt this method, I suggest one; drag your snipping tool into the taskbar. By doing this, you can take SS of your desired area with single click on the snipping tool.

Method 3-Windows + G

It is easy! Just press, “Windows + G” keys at once on your gateway laptop screen. A gaming bar will appear with options for camera or sound recording in it.

Press Windows + G on Your Gateway Laptop for Screenshot

Select “Camera” from the options and a screenshot of the gateway laptop will save.

Method 4-Using LightShot App-Handy Tool For Windows+MAC Users

If the techniques mentioned above fail, you can install the Lightshot app from here LightShot, which screenshots by dragging your mouse over what you wish to capture.

Move the mouse over the location you wish to photograph in this Lightshot app, then copy + save the image to the gateway laptop.

FAQs-How To Screenshot on a Gateway Laptop

How Can You Take a Screenshot and Email It?

Any of the methods can be used. The quickest way is to press Windows + Shift + S key together and select your desired area that you want to share on email. The preferred location will then be automatically copied. Now go to your email body and press Ctrl + V in the email area, the screenshot will appear there.

What is the best way to snap a screenshot on a Gateway laptop running Windows 8 or 10?

On a gateway computer, press the windows + PrtSc button. It could be positioned upper right corner of the keyboard.

Another method would involve hitting the “Windows and G” Button to open up the game bar and capture screenshots by pressing the camera while inside it. Changes can also easily make in the taken screenshot by using Paint built-in software.

How Can You Take a Screenshot on Lenovo Thinkpad?

To take a screenshot of an existing window on Lenovo Thinkpad, follow these steps:

  1. Click anywhere in the active window to make it so that nothing else will happen while you are taking your screenshot.
  2. Then press Alt and PrtSc at precisely the same time to snap a screenshot.  
  3. Now press Windows Logo Key and paint type.

Where to take a screenshot on a gateway laptop in Windows 7?

In Windows 7, there is a way to find and access your stored screenshot files.

The first way you can go about this in Windows 7 will be by looking at the Picture Library – there should be an option called “screenshots”.

Another way by checking out the recent files folder is on your laptop, where recent saved pictures will show.


Taking a screenshot on your laptop is easy and painless, with the following strategies. I am convinced that you can efficiently complete your tasks if you follow my instructions given in this post.

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