How to reset Massage Chair – Resetting Guide

How to Reset Massage Chair

Why pay dollars for a massage every weekend after having a hectic week at work when you can do it by yourself at your home? Yes! By yourself through the massage chair. Hurry up and order one.

If you’re also having backbone pain and other issues the massage chair is perfectly made for you. But massage chair also requires some resetting, In this article, we will tell you a complete guide about how to reset a massage chair.

Once you bring it to your home, it’s not something like decorating brand new furniture in your living room or whatever.

But it probably needs to be operated, settled, maintained, and reset as well. Therefore, it comes with a remote which has all the settings and options through which you can control and set your massage chair.

At first, resetting your massage chair kinda be some troubleshooting job. But as you come up to know about it, you’ll realize it’s such a super easy job. You can do it in just a few minutes. Relax! I will tell you how.

Therefore, this article is all about resetting your massage chair with some instructions and benefits. If you’re a newbie to the massage chair and looking for Hows and Whys, follow the steps given down below;

How to reset Massage Chair

Step 1:

The very first thing you gotta do is make sure your backup power box is plugged into the power cable and the massage chair is plugged in. After plugging in, assemble your massage chair.

Step 2:

Then, take your remote and turn it on. Set any specific program. The program you’ve just set needs to be operated but If you see your chair is not operating properly then you probably gotta reset it.

Step 3:

Before you start resetting, keep in your mind that you don’t have to sit on the massage chair while resetting it. So start the process by unplugging your chair’s power cable from the socket.

Step 4:

Wait for 10 to 15 seconds. Afterward, plug in the cable back to the switch and turn it on.

Step 5:

Now grab your remote and press the massage zone button and hold it for a couple of seconds and you’ll get the error sign on your LED screen of the remote.

Step 6:

During the resetting operation the chair will keep moving in different positions with vibration. It means your chair is diagnosing. Therefore, it will clear all the earlier settings. Then, you’ll see your message chair will automatically come to its actual manual setting.

Step 7:

Once the operation is done, check your remote if its flashing LED light is stopped then your chair is in the one actual position and it is able to sit. That’s it. Your reset is done. Therefore, you can sit and have a luxurious massage on the chair after the hectic day ends.

Few instructions:

  • The original settings depend on the brand type. Every brand of massage chair has its own settings. Most of the time, the chairs can easily be reset by just switching off the button.
  • Most massage chairs also come with a stop button which means you immediately gotta stop it in any case of emergency.
  • If your chair is not switching on, check if the cable is inducted properly or not. Or your power cord is burnt.
  • If the LED light of your remote is not working, either check the connection or get your LED screen repaired.
  • In case, if your massage chair is not switching on or working properly you probably gotta reset it.

Benefits of the massage chair:

Most people just think that buying a massage chair will just enhance your furniture decoration and it makes your environment look luxurious. But they are wrong. It not only gives a luxurious look but also has many health benefits.

  1. If you use the massage chair for a daily purpose, It decreases your lower and upper backbone problems and neck pains as well.
  2. Most surgeons also came to know that it’s best for releasing your stress and anxiety. Thus, your problem-solving becomes easy and you become calmer and tension-free. That’s why the massage chairs are also presented in hospitals and clinics for the patients.
  3. Several clinical studies proved that these massage chairs are good for blood circulation, make your immune system way better, and moreover, your muscles are recovered.
  4. It is all excellent for managing and decreasing your neck and body pain, removing your fatigue by boosting your energy levels, and much more.
  5. You can call it all in one machine which gives you plenty of benefits from reducing your migraines and headaches to helping you in breathing and oxidation.

Different Types of a Massages

Massage chairs have three different elements. Namely: airbags, rollers, and vibrations. Therefore, some massage chairs have only one element or some have all these three.

  1. Airbag massage:

The first element of the massage chair which is common in all chairs is air massaging which is done through the airbags which are fitted in the massage chair. Their work is to grasp and grip your body by expanding and lessening the airbags. Therefore, they are used to cure shoulders and outer places by stretching and twisting your body which gives you a perfect massage.

  1. Rolling massage:

Rolling massage is probably the most important element of the massage type. The rollers are used as hands through which your muscles are wielded and utilized.

This process is known as muscle utilization which is done by different techniques the common technique is kneading. This process is the main basis of messaging through which lots of advantages are derived.

  1. Vibration massage:

Last but not least, this process is known as vibrating massage, which vibrates your body and increases blood circulation, and reduces your body pains. Moreover, they are not replaced with a massage treatment.

After you get to know about the main elements, there are some more features of a massaging chair through which you can distinguish between the massage chairs. But the most important is body scanning.

Body scanning:

Body scanner technology is the most popular feature of the massage chair which scans your body to assure the proper rolling position. Which is highly recommended for better massaging.

Moreover, it does the scanning to map your body parts like shoulders and hands which saves you from getting hit hard by the rollers. The scanner also perceives your height, weight, and shape before modifying the rollers on the chair.

Even though it’s a bit expensive, as the price increases your body detection and proper scanning increase. You must have at least the massage chair which only detects your shoulders and hands and you’ll get it at an affordable price as well.

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Frequently asked questions

  1. Is it bad to use a massage chair too much?

Yes probably, too much massage can cause muscle tightening and even inflammation. It’s better to use it once a day. For better treatment, have a suggestion from your doctor.

2. Do massage chairs use a lot of electricity?

No, not at all. They almost take 200 to 300 watts of voltage. They are low energy taking so they take energy like the voltage of a PC.

3.How long do massage chairs last?

Well, it depends on the quality of fabric and brand as well.  High-quality fabric lasts more than 10 years, it is more durable and long-lasting rather than other low-quality brands.

4. Can you sleep on a massage chair?

We won’t suggest you sleep on the massage chair. As it only works when it is plugged in. If there’s no comfy sofa in your living room so yeah, you can sit comfortably there when plugged off but do not sleep.

5. Do massage chairs have medical benefits?

Yes for sure, many people think about it just as a piece of decoration for your home but it’s way more than that. It’s good for your neck pain and backbone problems moreover releases your stress and calms your mind, good for blood circulation and oxidation, and much more.

6.Can massage chairs hurt you?

No not so. If they start hurting you it means they are not well maintained or maybe not of good quality. Because the massage chair is made to relax your body and mind not to hurt you. But excessive use can hurt your muscles.


In the end, we conclude this massage chair is something worth the price which saves your money from going to spas every weekend for getting your massage done.

Because you can do it all in your home by yourself with the help of massage which gives you a lot of health benefits. You should definitely buy it if you also have some kinda backbone issue and you get tired after such a hectic day.

This article is all about guidance for you on how to reset your massage chair. If you’re a beginner at first, it will Troubleshoot you for the first time but once you learn it you’ll realize it is such a super easy task.

I hope this article is helpful for you if you’re a new starter. Feel free to drop a comment.


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