How To Repair Water Not Coming Out of Water Cooler

A water cooler is only effective if it works as expected. There’s nothing as frustrating as trying to get a refreshing cup of water from the unit, but nothing comes out when you turn the tap on.

If water is not coming from your water cooler, it could be because the reservoir has no water, has become frozen, has power issues, or the cooler simply needs a reset.

These issues are easy to resolve, which is why you shouldn’t rush into storing the unit away or throwing it into the bin. All you need to do is identify and try to fix the problem.

If locating the issue becomes difficult, get a professional to do the work for you.

In this post, we discuss why water might not come out of your water cooler in detail. Continue reading.

Why Water Is Not Coming Out of Your Water Cooler

  • Frozen reservoir

If water is not flowing out of your water cooler, it might be because your unit’s reservoir is frozen. Check the tank to ascertain whether this is the case.

To thaw a frozen tank, remove the plug from the wall socket. Next, remove the water jug and leave the unit unplugged for a few hours to allow the block of ice to melt.

After the ice fully melts, water should come out of the unit easily. If even after the ice melts, the cooler doesn’t dispense, there must be another issue.

  • Power issue

Check to ensure that the cooler is receiving power. Some dispensers require power to operate the dispensing pumps. They have to be plugged in at all times if they have to work.

  • Problems with the spigot

Calcium buildup in the water cooler spigot might also be the reason why water isn’t coming out. The debris can clog and affect the way the tap works and its ability to dispense water.

If you think calcium buildup is the reason, remove the tap from the cooler and immerse it in distilled white vinegar. Rinse it thoroughly with cool water to remove the vinegar scent.

  • Airlock

This issue usually occurs with water coolers that have just been serviced or installed. All you need to do is reset the unit.

To reset the appliance, hold down the taps (hot and cold) for a few minutes and allow the air to escape. After the water flow comes back, use the cooler as normal.

If it doesn’t help, seek professional help.

  • Filter blockage

If your water filter drops below optimum performance, it blocks water from passing through the tubing and out through the faucet.

To avoid this problem, always consider the lifespan of your unit’s filters. Change then when due.

  • Empty reservoir

If yours is a bottled water cooler and you have an empty water bottle and empty tank, you don’t have water to dispense. You, therefore, need to replace the bottle and refill the tank when used up.

  • Broken water cooler

It does happen. If you’ve tried to resolve the issues listed above and water still doesn’t come out of your water dispenser, chances are, it is broken.

You can get a professional to try fixing it for you. If it still doesn’t work, be ready to purchase a new water cooler.

Other Problems that Affect Water Coolers

  • Water leaks

There’s nothing as frustrating as a leaking water cooler. It denies you a steady flow of water and messes your floor as well.

The good news is that water cooler leaks are fixable. But to fix the leak, you have to identify its source.

What Causes Leaks in a Water Cooler?

The following issues could cause a water cooler leak:

  • Leaking water bottle

A simple hairline crack can appear in your water cooler and wreck havoc. In fact, the majority of bottled water cooler leaks originate from here.

When the water gets down to the crack, the air vacuum within the bottle is broken. The water continues to get into the cooler’s chamber and overflows.

What you notice next is a puddle of water at the base of the appliance.

To solve the problem, you just need to remove the leaking bottle and replace it with a new one.

  • Dripping tap

Over time, a slowly dripping tap fills the drip tray. Water starts to dribble down the floor and might cause a pool if the situation goes unnoticed for hours.

The good news is that solving the problem only requires replacing the tap.

  • Water Tastes Funny

The last thing you want to come across after filling your mug with water from a water cooler is weird-tasting water. And yet it’s still possible.

If the water has stayed in the cooler for too long or if you rarely clean your unit, chances are, the water will get a weird taste over time. It even becomes smelly.

Why Does Water From Your Water Cooler Taste Funny?

If you have concerns about the taste, smell and overall quality of water dispensed by your water cooler, drain, clean and sanitize it.

Some of the factors that can affect the quality of water cooler water include:

  • Poor maintenance

Fail to clean your water cooler, and you’ll have to deal with weird-tasting and smelly water within no time.

This can result from bacteria and mold that grow from poorly maintained coolers. The solution is ensuring you clean the unit regularly and change the filter when needed.

And when cleaning the unit, avoid leaving detergents or sprays as these can settle on the unit and enter your water, causing a bad taste.

  • Sunlight

Do not store your water cooler under direct sunlight, especially if you don’t use your cooler regularly. Sunlight makes algae grow in the water if it’s not used quickly.

  • Poor Storage

If yours is a bottled water cooler and you store the water bottles in a room or area with items that emit an odor, the smell can transfer into the water.

Always store your water bottles in a clean, dry space and away from direct sunlight.

  • Time

The more the water stays in, the cooler and the less tasty it becomes. Think of it this way…what happens to your water when you leave it in a glass for hours? It becomes less tasty, right?


Following the tips discussed herein can help you discover why water is not coming out of your water cooler (1). You should also frequently visually inspect your appliance to prevent the issue from occurring.

Following the tips can help you avoid costly repairs and ensure that your family has unlimited access to clean and refreshing water at all times.

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