How to Remove Waterproof Mascara like a Pro

How to Remove Waterproof Mascara

Waterproof mascara protects your lashes from sweat and keeps them curled for hours. For those days when you’re too busy or too tired to touch up your mascara, waterproof mascara is a great option.

The problem with waterproof mascara is that it’s hard to remove since waterproof makeup is designed to last for a long time and withstand anything. Waterproof mascara is hard to remove due to its ability to stay in place for a long time. 

That’s because waterproof makeup is designed to withstand water. Thus, washing your face is ineffective in removing it. Here is a guide on how to remove waterproof mascara effectively.

With the use of commercial and natural products, waterproof mascara can be removed quickly and easily. Your lashes can become brittle and damaged if you use waterproof mascara. Therefore, you should only use it for special occasions.

It may be possible to reduce some of these effects by first applying regular mascara, and then applying waterproof mascara on top. Check out these three methods for removing waterproof mascara.

How to Remove Waterproof Mascara

  1. Use Eye Makeup Remover

If you want to remove waterproof mascara, you’ll need a formula designed specifically for doing so. Using the eye makeup remover, moisten the cotton pad, and press it gently onto your eyelid, effectively removing all your makeup.

Then, use a cotton pad to swipe downwards toward your eyelashes in a gentle manner so as not to irritate the eyes. If necessary, repeat the procedure with another cotton ball.

After removing most of your makeup, clean underneath your eyes with a Q-tip dipped in the solution.

  1. Use Olive Oil or Coconut oil

Water is not compatible with waterproof mascara, therefore use oil instead. With minimal scrubbing and wiping, you can remove waterproof mascara using oil.

Make sure your eyelashes are thoroughly coated in olive oil with your index and middle fingers. Once you’re finished, remove your mascara easily with a cotton swab. If you cannot remove oil from your face with a clean, dry cloth, then you need to wash your face.

Cotton balls dipped in coconut oil can be used to wipe your eyes. Remove any oil that remains after removing the mascara with a dry, clean cloth.

  1. Use Baby Shampoo

It may sound strange, but baby shampoo is excellent for removing hard-to-remove waterproof mascara. You can use baby shampoo on your lashes and around your eyes because it is hypoallergenic and gentle.

You can use a damp cotton ball to apply a few drops of the product to your closed eyes as you would with makeup remover. To remove the shampoo and mascara, wipe them away with a wet cloth or cotton pad after removing the cotton ball.


The advantage of waterproof mascara is that it doesn’t budge. The downside is that it’s harder to remove. It is very important to avoid pulling your lashes or irritating your skin. When removing waterproof makeup, it is sometimes necessary to be a little more aggressive.

The benefits of waterproof mascara are incredible, but sometimes they can be a bit too strong. Try something stronger if this is the case. If you want to remove long-wear eye makeup, you can use oils and oil-based products instead of eye makeup removers. You can also remove waterproof mascara using baby shampoo.

Through this article, you will learn how to remove waterproof mascara. Hopefully, you will find the guide useful.


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