How to remove eyebrow tattoo?(Home remedies)

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How to remove eyebrow tattoo

When you get your eyebrow tattoo removed, you oftentimes choose to go to a laser technician who is an expert to remove tattoos from someone’s back, someone’s chest, or leg but eyebrows are a very special case. Because the skin on your forehead is a bit different than on your body.

The reason is that skin is different on all your body parts and the skin below your eyebrows is especially sensitive. There are tons of nerves running through that area of the skin. And they are very sensitive.

The reason is that because of evolution, humans have to protect themselves from all kinds of insects. Whenever there is an insect crawling your eyebrow area then you immediately have to know it because that’s also a life threat.

So because of the evolutionary process, the human body has developed an extreme amount of nerves so that you can immediately notice any sensations on your skin. 

How to remove an eyebrow tattoo?

Thus getting an eyebrow tattoo removed can be very painful, to be honest. But by following these steps given below, you will exactly know what you can do to lessen the pain and remove the tattoo as well.

Besides, don’t look at stupid stuff on youtube about removing, that’s all garbage and can be very risky and harmful for you. 

Now the method I’m going to share with you is a simple way to remove eyebrow tattoos at home.

The method contains the use of certain herbs which you gotta use, and by consuming them, the two layers of your skin will flush out the ink naturally from between the layers of your skin.

If you eat certain foods, you can start certain body activities. It’s similar to when you are eating nuts, you are consuming healthy fibers and some fats, and nutrients that will help you think better.

Similarly,  there are herbs that activate a body flushing effect. And this body flushing effect will literally cleanse the layer of the skin and naturally fades your tattoo. 

You will also notice the fading of tattoos in just a few days. It takes between 2 weeks to 7 weeks to completely remove. This method will avoid damaging your skin and is completely natural, which means 100% safe.

Effective home remedies:

  • Aloe vera:

Aloe vera is good and effective for almost every skin issue. It is a good treatment that you must try for removing unwanted tattoos. Apply the aloe vera gel into the specific tattoo area regularly.  It makes the ink stay typical into the skin. 

  • Honey:

Honey is the second natural home technique to remove the tattoo effectively.  

Mix 2 tbsp. each of yogurt, aloe vera juice, salt, and honey altogether till you have a thick paste. Then you gotta rub it gently on your tattoo area. Leave it for half an hour and then wash it off with warm water.

  • Grinding stones and sand powder:

Go and buy some household grinding stones and sand powder to permanently remove the unwanted tattoo from the sensitive areas of your skin. Sand powder and grinding stones detach the skin cell which is linked with ink.

All you gotta do is blend them thoroughly and add the juice of aloe vera to make the paste thicker. Rub the tattoo areas with that paste gently and you will notice your tattoo fading away after using it on a daily basis. 


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