How To Read the Candle Flame (Complete Method)

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How to read candle flame

Want to learn how to read a candle flame? Here is a small guide for you.

In Greek, candle reading is a tradition and it is called pyromancy.  In Greeks reading flame is common practice because flame has some spiritual importance in their religion.

The candle flame is read by its type of flame, the color of the flame, the intensity of the flame, and how the flame produces wax. These are some criteria on which candle flame can be read.

This article will let you know a little about the candle flame reading depending upon the criteria we have mentioned above.

Let’s get into the article.

How to read the candle flame?

  • Flame color: different flame color pronounces different things when it comes to flame reading.
    • Blue flame means there is a presence of spirit. This spirit can be good and bad both.
    • The yellow or red flame indicates there is mundane energy somewhere around the candle. The blue flame is considered the power of all flames.
  • Type of the flame: Different types of flames have different meanings in pyromancy. Let’s explore these also.
    • Strong flame: In the candle magic this strong flame predicts that the flame is strong enough that it can make everything around it the weakest and it is tall enough to reach the highest of the goals.
    • Dancing flame: This flame indicates that the goal is near but one can’t reach the goal without facing some obvious hurdles.
    • Flickering flames: Some oldest traditions said that flickering flames announce the arrival of spirit. Or this indicates that the spirit is coming your way.
    • Crackling flame: The crackling and sputtering of the flame indicates communication. If their intensities are high then this indicates an argument.
    • Popping flame: The flame that pops frequently indicates negative communication.
    • Dual-flame: The dual flame means there are two energies around or the energy is split into two.
    • Self-extinguishes flame: The self-extinguish flame indicates that your work is going to end soon.

Frequently Asked Questions:

What holds the candle flame on the candle?

The candle wick holds the flame on the candle.  The wick is originally a twisted cotton thread. The candle wick gets the flame by the capillary action.

What a flame made of?

A flame is made of carbon dioxide, oxygen, water vapors, and nitrogen. The flame will get hot enough and then ionized the ions these ions then impart colors to the flame.

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Let’s end the discussion with a brief conclusion.

Flame reading is a tradition of Greeks. Flame has a spiritual value in the religion of Greeks.

The flame reading is a little complex. There is a proper course on flame reading.  In this article, we have given you some basics about flame reading.

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