How to print Pinterest board – Complete Guide

How to Print a Pinterest Board

There are so many reasons why you want to print your Pinterest boards and if you’re the type of person who needs things printed for walls, your business, or any kinda work. However,  someone wants images on their phones or some want them printed for various reasons mostly for designing meetings. Here we are going to tell you a great guide about how to print a Pinterest board.

Some people just don’t want to bring and show their phones or laptops in meetings. It looks weird, right? Instead, you can bring your documents printed.

And I am someone who loves seeing things printed rather than on the phone.

Therefore, instead of getting images and dragging and dropping them into a word doc,  and dealing with that long and tiring procedure, I have brought some easy and simple ways of printing your Pinterest board. Though there are a few steps, this will allow you to print your entire board pretty easily.

So no need to do any foolishness anymore like wasting your time and energy on a thing which you can do easily in just 5 to 6 minutes. So hurry up and follow the guide given below.

How to print Pinterest board 2021

Printing board procedure:

Step 1

First of all, you gotta pick a Pinterest board to make sure that it’s not so huge because it will take much time to print. So let’s suppose,  you are going to print the board of motivational quotes or jewelry.

So you gotta type motivational quotes then click on the board and you’ll see a ton of images of motivational quotes. Make sure you choose only those photos that are really helpful for you, do not select all photos.

Step 2

So once you have created your motivational quotes board on Pinterest by selecting some images, now what you’re going to do on your Google Chrome, you’re going up on the top right-hand side corner and go on to the 3 little dots. Then scroll down to more tools and click save page as.

Step 3

Then you can keep the file named as the Pinterest board or whatever you want. And it’s going to automatically have the web page complete. Then click to save that file.

Step 4

Then Next,  come to the desktop where you saved that file. And by the way, you don’t have to go to the chrome launcher that will be on your desktop because it will take you back to that Pinterest board and you don’t have to go there.

But what you will want is that file or folder you saved as the Pinterest board or motivational quotes.

Step 5

By opening the folder you will see all the images and other icons so you will have to click on sort by type. with that,  all the JPEG images you want will be in one section. However, You have to get rid of every other junk file by deleting them that are not JPG.

Step 6

Now, what you are going to do with this folder is right click and highlight everything, then click prints and then come through the right hand side and pick sizing.

Step 7

Now a couple of things to notice, if you want 4 images on your A4 size paper then you can select the 9 by 13 size, you can also go the small or super small sizes in which you’ll get a lot of images on one paper. It’s totally up to you.

Step 8

Now, as you scroll through, uncheck the box here and there where you want your images to be, then you will exactly get the images, moreover,  you can set or remove the layouts. Now you’ll see everything is exactly as it should be.

Step 9

Then all you have to do is click the print button. And that’s it. That’s literally how you gotta print. No individual foolishness. Did you know how quick it was? How quickly it rocked your world without spending time on copying and pasting images on the doc.

Additionally,  you can make different boards of 20-25 images of different boards like health,  fashion, food, words, etc. Make sure the images you are pinning are actually meant for you.  And that’s it. Wasn’t it magical?  You will see the printed images on paper.


Q1. Is it legal to print pictures from Pinterest?

Ans. If you have a license from the owner of the picture, or you are having their permission to copy their image from Pinterest, then it’s illegal. If not and yet you’re printing and copying their image without any permission, it would be illegal and can cause Infringement of copyright.

Q2. Can I download pictures from Pinterest?

Ans. Yes for sure. You can download pictures from Pinterest from your mobile or computer, simply click the pin so that the pin close up may open, Next, click on the pin image. And then click to download. And the image will start downloading.

Q3. How do you tell if an image is copyrighted?

Ans. There are few ways through which you can identify if the image is copyrighted by the owner. These are:

  1. Check for the watermark in the image.
  2. Check the details of the image, if you get that image online then check the caption if it includes the name of the copyright owner.
  3. Do a Google chrome reverse of that picture research.
  4. If you have any doubt that there would be a violation of copyright, then don’t use it.

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Some people just don’t want to bring and show their phones or laptops in meetings. It looks weird, right?

Instead, you can bring your image documents printed to show everyone especially in designing meetings. instead of getting images and dragging and dropping them into a word doc, and dealing with that long and tiring procedure.

In this article, I’ve brought an easy and simple way of printing your Pinterest board. So just don’t waste your time and energy on the long procedure of printing the Pinterest boar, instead, follow this step-by-step guide that will definitely help you out.


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